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How to Seek Help from Oath Keepers for Hurricane Michael victims Hurricane victims, we are entering our next phases of the #hurricanemichael missions. This will include the following for elderly, disabled veterans, special needs, single mothers, and any other special circumstances: welfare checks, debris cleanup, tree removal, deliveries of food, water, tarps, mold killing & […]

Heroes According to the Mainstream Media by James Jaeger Last week we had two more shootings. One assailant was stopped by “good guys with guns” and the other assailant was stopped by a “good guy without a gun.”  Who do you think is plastered all over the Mainstream Media as a hero? Here are some […]

After the school shooting in Florida, I asked some of our most experienced police professionals to work together to hammer out their recommendations for improving school security across the nation. They also had the input from some of our best emergency medical professionals. The document below is the final product. They did a great job, […]

How many more mass shootings have to happen, before we as a nation address these atrocities? Well, we’re making a movie right now that DOES address them.  The movie is titled GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny and Atrocities. An “atrocity” is like what happened Friday morning when 10 people, […]

Stewart Rhodes was interviewed on the SGT Report concerning a variety of subjects, but mostly on the recent attack at the Florida school where 17 young people were killed. While the gun-grabbers immediately screamed for more gun laws, few people had ideas on how to protect our children in school. Making them Gun Free Zones […]

1st Gear — First Responder gear review CATI Body Armor EMS Package AR600 with the multi-curve CQB lvl 3+ plates   Body armor really is one of those things that truly falls into the category of equipment and skill sets it is far better to have and never need than need and not have. Because the […]

by Eric Inman Ten years ago, a private security company in Texas posed a question to the TX dept. of public safety – whether churches were subject to the regulations of occupational code section 1702, which regulate and license  private security companies.  The resulting opinion was that, yes, they were. From that time forward, Texas […]