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Dr. Steve Turley gives an excellent warning about Hurricane Florence, which is due to hit the Atlantic coast somewhere between South Carolina and Virginia on Thursday night. Beware of the Agenda driven Corporatist Globalist Media! They will attempt to spin the story to blame Trump, or the anti-Globalists, in their reporting of what looks to be a bad situation for all in the affected areas.

It all started when Serena Williams’ coach was caught using hand signals in an attempt to coach her, which is a violation of the rules in tennis. He later admitted he was guilty of signalling her. She was penalized for the infraction. She later smashed her racquet to the court, which was another infraction of the rules, for which she was given a second penalty which caused her to fly into a tantrum and accused the umpire of being a “thief”, at which point the umpire gave her a third penalty, which gave the game in progress to her opponent. Serena went on to lose the match, and began virtue signalling in the press that she was standing up for women’s rights.

So, why has Colin Kaepernick been unveiled as the new face of Nike? Nike is a Globalist company, and toes the line in its promotion of the Globalist agenda, as do companies like Target, Walmart, Twitter, Facebook, Kelloggs, Starbucks, NFL, McDonalds, Disney, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Ford, Apple, Microsoft and Google. All these companies, and more, promote the Globalist Agenda, which seeks to turn us into Global Citizens, in a multicultural society that rejects National borders, destroys local customs and traditions, and promote minority rights over majority rights, even while dividing us into more and more select minorities that are meaningless.

Day two of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings began as day one began: the clowns took center stage. Protestors once again attempted to disrupt the hearings, with at least 36 being removed. Democrat Senators, meanwhile tried to gain as much TV face time as possible to promote themselves and their possible Presidential aspirations; re: Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. It was a sideshow worthy of P.T. Barnum.

It has begun. The seizure of white-owned land without, or with little, compensation, has started.

Zimbabwe 2.0!

Zimbabwe (once called Rhodesia) tried the same thing. It seized white-owned lands and turned them over to blacks, just as South Africa did. Deja vu all over again. We know what happened in Zimbabwe, and the chances are very high it will happen in South Africa.

Dinesh D’Souza delivered an excellent speech before the Young America’s Foundation, recently, in which he destroys many myths perpetrated by the Progressive Left.

One of those myths is that fascism is a philosophy of the Right. Fascism is a collectivist philosophy, which places it on the Left side of the political spectrum. The Nazi Party was officially the National Socialist Party. Socialism is a collectivist philosophy.

In eastern Kentucky, which is part of Appalachia, there is a project that has been ongoing for a few years. It is called the Kentucky Cloth Project. As a part of the Project, they are growing hemp, creating fabric from that hemp, and, as a project within the larger project, they are weaving American Flags. This project is also supported by an organization called Growing Warriors.

The Globalist minions are still in shock that Trump actually won. A year and a half after he swept to victory over the Globalist Hillary Clinton, they still plot and plan to vacate Trump’s win. Trump derangement syndrome is epidemic among the cultish Globalist “true believers”. They run to their “safe spaces” or gather in hordes to protest, often violently, because the reality is too unbelievable to them.

Why did Trump win? Could it be that Americans are waking up to the false promises of Globalism? No, that can’t be. The Russians did it! The Fake News Alternative did it! Anything but the cold hard reality they refuse to see.