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This outstanding documentary is available again for a limited time online. If you missed it last time, here is another chance. Or watch it again like I will. Please share this opportunity with family and friends. SETTING BRUSHFIRES OF LIBERTY   5 years in the making, filmed in 25 states with over 40 patriot super […]

by Chip Murray  May 27, 2018 Innumerable confusions and a feeling of despair invariably emerge in periods of great technological and cultural transition…The global village is a little town where everybody is maliciously engaged in poking his nose into everybody else’s business. You don’t necessarily have harmony. ~ Marshall McLuhan Nothing like the musings of prognosticators […]

It’s hard to imagine what the Control Freaks in the California Assembly actually want to do. Is this a move to Ban the Bible?  Whatever happened to Free Speech and Religious Freedom? Of course, this is the People’s Republic of California, so such things are to be expected. They are so far down the totalitarian, […]