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Every day, children are being sexually abused. Sex trafficking rings throughout America, and throughout the world, “groom” children and force them into prostitution and sex slavery. It is an unpleasant thought, but it is happening, yet how often does the Mainstream Media (MSM) talk about it? Rarely. They choose silence. Why? Surely our children deserve […]

The much anticipated report of Inspector General Michael Horowitz has finally been released. You can view the 568 page report, in PDF format here. FBI Director Wray, in a press conference on Thursday afternoon, defended the FBI, saying the report “did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under […]

This article comes from by Bob Price Border Patrol Agents teamed up with local, state, and other federal law enforcement partners to shut down four human smuggling stash houses in South Texas. The raids over a two-day period resulted in the apprehension of 159 illegal immigrants. Rio Grande Valley Sector agents carried out raids […]

Black Pigeon Speaks has an interesting video about the shift in international dynamics brought about by President Trump and his America First Doctrine. The New World Order crowd is, of course, aghast at this doctrine, as it is in direct opposition to the Globalist One World view. Since the demise of the Soviet Union, the […]