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We are doing as much as we can with the manpower and funds available, in both Texas and Florida. There are neighborhoods that have received little or no help from government agencies or charities. Because of the devastation, clean water and food are a top priority. Those and other necessary supplies are arriving. We need help […]

Oath Keeper Alex Oakes and his team have been on the ground in the Houston area providing Disaster Relief since Hurricane Harvey flooded southern Texas. There are entire communities in Conroe, Texas that have been overlooked or ignored by major government agencies and organizations. In these trying times, a number of heroes have risen and […]

UPDATED: We now have two Oath Keepers disaster relief locations in Florida. South Central Florida Point of Contact: Scott Dunn   850-693-6166 (voice or text) Florida Keys Point of Contact: Ivan Chiplinsky   850-209-4019 (voice or text) Give them your name and brief list of qualifications.    You can also email  Oath Keepers and other dedicated patriots, Our Florida brothers […]

Oath Keepers are still providing security at the huge warehouse in Houston, Texas since the need for survival supplies is ongoing. Some of our members have used up their time off and had to go back to work. We have additional volunteers taking their place. However, there is so much more that still needs to […]

Oath Keepers provided a security team today for emergency medics. They needed to get to a location in South East Texas for a humanitarian effort and were concerned about going alone. Mission accomplished. [ot-video type=”youtube” url=””] .  

URGENT! Oath Keepers members are volunteering their time in Texas, but we still need donations to support our costs, including food, fuel, and necessary supplies for our various operations. With your donations, we can continue and expand our rescue, security and donation delivery efforts. The donate link on our website is here: Texas Hurricane Relief […]