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Southern Prepper 1 describes his prepper group’s journey through various comm choices. This video is 5 years old, but much of what he talks of is still pertinent. There are other brands of radios that do what their final choice was, but they all do pretty much the same. – [ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

In northern climates, such as we have in northwestern Montana, there is always a risk of frost, even in the summer months. We have covered our raised beds with sheets of plastic, but that is a hassle. This year we plan on some raised bed covers. An easy way to extend the growing season in […]

Here are two videos about water filtration. The first is a DIY Emergency 5 Gallon Water Filter / Filtration System for $35. This system removes particulates, but not bacteria or protozoa, so bleach will need to be added (4 drops per quart of water). [ot-video type=”youtube” url=””] – The second video is from PreparedMind 101, […]

This article comes from Waste disposal when living outside of the mainstream can be easy with the proper preparation. There are several sanitary and practical approaches to human waste management off the grid. It becomes second nature it is once set up and maintained. Toilet paper wasn’t commonly available in the U.S. until the […]

Background With the General Election only a few days away, the globalist establishment and their Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, have become cornered.  The reopening of the investigation into the illegal private email systems used by Secretary Clinton to avoid compliance with Federal recordkeeping laws has sent the globalists into panic. Of course, other Federal laws […]