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Nick Tamble shows how to make a PVC framed greenhouse. From the description: Step by step construction of a 14 x 42 foot temporary greenhouse structure using PVC piping and recycled materials investment about $300 and 14 Man Hours of work. If you are considering a structure to start your vegetables in late winter, consider […]

Pastor Joe Fox, from VikingPreparedness, has a good video on Crisis Decision Making. When a crisis is upon you, don’t let your emotions take control of you. Think logically. Pastor Joe spent 17 years in the military, mostly in Special Forces. – [ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

This video comes from Praxxus55712, on youtube. Gardens need to be refreshed with compost, as your plants take nitrogen and minerals out of the soil as they grow. This video gives facts and myths about composting. – [ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]  

Why not put in your own well? You can use it for your garden, your washing and sanitary needs. Before using it for cooking or drinking, you should get it tested. This video, by tigercreekfarm, shows how to use a hand auger to drill the well. In this video he went down 14 feet. After […]