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Being prepared is about having skills that support you, as well as having stuff in storage. Just as having the skills to use your weapons, to grow your own food, raise animals, hunt or build your cabin support you in being able to survive in SHTF scenarios, so does having a useful skill that can provide you with the means to trade with your neighbors in order to secure those things you cannot produce yourself.

Here is another useful video from Patriot Nurse. In this video, she takes us on a tour of her property and shows various trees that can provide food and medicine. Many of the medicines you buy at the store are derived from plants. Why not go to the original source? It’s cheaper! And you know […]

I had someone ask me about natural herbal pain relief, so I have gathered some videos that give a variety of natural remedies. Herbal pain remedies have far fewer side effects than pharmaceutical medicines, and are non-addictive. Should the SHTF, medicines probably won’t be available. You can store some in your Prep stores, but they […]

If things fall apart, where will you get medicines? How about from nature? Most pharmaceuticals are derived from natural plants and organisms. Why not go straight to the source? As an added bonus, it will be cheaper. First though, you need to learn where to look, and what parts of the plants to use, and […]

Hardtack has been around for hundreds of years. It is a food source that can be carried wherever you go, be it on a forced march, a sail across an ocean, or a hike into the woods. It lasts a long time. Christa Swartz, from, shows us how to make it. [ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

Hens lay plenty of eggs in warm weather, with longer daylight hours, but what about in the short days of winter? Well, they lay a lot fewer eggs. So maybe you get too many eggs in the spring and summer, and would like to preserve them for the times they lay fewer eggs. Caroline, at […]