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By Stephen Green August 26, 2019 In China, it’s becoming common for subjects of the Communist state’s growing digital apparatus to be denied air travel or business class train tickets, have their internet bandwidth throttled, have their kids denied admission to better schools, denied employment in certain sectors, or even have their dogs taken away. […]

New Whistleblower Allegation: YouTube Manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ Search Results in Response to MSNBC Host’s Complaint Allum Bokhari  –  30 Jul 2019 Google-owned YouTube manually adjusted search results for “Federal Reserve” after MSNBC host Chris Hayes complained about the prominence of anti-Fed videos in the top results, according to a source who worked at the tech […]

By Frank Miles  –  4/4/2019 Conservative leaders urge media: Stop citing SPLC Following the firing of a Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder amid accusations of harboring a sexist and fostering a racist workplace culture, conservative leaders are calling for tech giants to end partnerships with the organization. The leaders are asking the largest technology platforms – Amazon, Facebook, […]

Phillip Stucky  –  04/02/2019 Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton laid out his plan to end the tax-exempt status of the Southern Poverty Law Center, during a Tuesday interview with Tucker Carlson.   The non-profit recently had to replace its CEO for “inappropriate conduct,” according to a report from CNN. In addition to the recent workplace […]

by Gregory Noble   It would be clear to any Democrat, any liberal, there is something wrong in their tactics, if those people stopped to evaluate what it is they believe. For instance, do they believe every single person must agree with them or with their party, all the time? And if they don’t agree […]

For National Release | August 31, 2018 Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and Oath Keepers are announcing an unprecedented coalition effort to pressure Congress, President Trump, and the Justice Department to protect the civil rights of American conservatives and US elections from the pervasive pattern of censorship and shadow banning being conducted by Silicon […]