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Stewart Rhodes, reporting from the ground in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico:  We’ve been here on the ground in Puerto Rico since last Sunday, Oct 1 and have only now been able to get online (we were able to send out one short message on Facebook from the Aguadilla Airport staff’s computer on Monday, but that was […]

Retired Police Officer and Soldier Brian Krogmann Standing Guard at Houston Relief Center Disaster Relief Center Protection Detail in Texas Oath Keepers and other patriots, We need “quiet professionals” who can provide protection for relief workers and truckers who are bringing in critical disaster relief supplies to Houston, Texas.  Oath Keepers has been asked to […]

  TODAY, SEPT. 17, IS THE LAST DAY! It’s time for our annual Summer membership drive and sale! In honor of the Constitution we all swore to defend; from now until midnight, September 17, 2017 (Constitution Day), you can join Oath Keepers, renew your membership, or give someone a gift membership at a great discount […]

Oath Keepers and supporters, Please join us in Washington D.C. on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the U.S. Capitol for the Rally for America, from 9am to 4pm.    This will be a great gathering of American patriots to celebrate our ongoing restoration of the Republic, and to express our support for our military.  The Facebook […]

Happy birthday America!  Today is a great day.  A day of celebration of our Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.    Earlier today, I received a text from a USMC combat veteran Oath Keeper that read: A very happy 4th of July.  Our republic needs a lot of help.  Semper Fi.  To which I replied: If […]

Oath Keeper USMC Veteran (from Vancouver, WA) Standing Guard in Portland, OR, June 4, 2017   UPDATE, June 5, 2017: James Buchal, the Multnomah County, OR GOP Chair, joined us for the Free Speech Rally in Portland, yesterday.   In fact he spoke at the rally, delivering an exceptional, heart-felt speech.   Oath Keepers provided him with […]

If you would like to support this effort, and help us cover travel expenses, please donate here. Oath Keepers will be assisting with security at tomorrow’s free speech rally in Portland, OR, on June 4.   That should come as no surprise, but I wanted to be sure you knew.   And yes, I will be there […]

“Black Rebel” and Fellow Patriots Standing Guard in New Orleans Dear Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, veterans, bikers, and other patriots, Our Louisiana Oath Keepers chapter is deploying to New Orleans to help defend free speech and also to defend the Civil War monuments from illegal destruction by Antifa and other radical leftists, who have threatened […]

Time to Stand Again in Defense of Free Speech [NOTE:  This is for those within driving range.  See detailed note below] Oath Keepers and patriots, NEW MISSION.  ANN COULTER SPEECH, APRIL 27, BERKELEY, CA It is now confirmed that Ann Coulter will indeed speak in Berkeley California on Thursday afternoon, April 27.  The exact location […]

New York Oath Keepers: The promise of an original poem about Ireland opened Kate Malone’s heart to open the door to the NY Oath Keepers to march in the 2017 Mid-Hudson St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and celebration of the 100th Birthday of our NY State Police! Thanks to John Wallace’s coordination efforts, and in spite […]