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HUGE Discount on Oath Keepers Memberships and Renewals During 25% Off Sale and Rifle Giveaway. Win a Daniel Defense M4 V11 SLW, a Lifetime Membership, or a set of CATI Armor Level IV plates in a 5.11 Tactical plate carrier. Join or Renew for only $29.95! JOIN HERE In honor of Oath Keepers members now standing […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – the Marxist/Black Nationalist/Reconquista/ SJW Alliance Please register and join us for an important Post State of the Union Oath Keepers Briefing on Feb 9, 2018 8:00 PM CST (9PM EST) at: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.   Please […]

The Three Stooges of Clinton/Obama Corruption: Comey, Mueller, and Strzok  Below is the complete declassified Nunes memo.  This memo reveals blatant FBI and DOJ corruption, collusion, and criminal conspiracy with the DNC and Clinton Campaign to falsely obtain a FISA warrant on Trump’s advisor, all to attempt to obtain or create dirt on Trump to […]

by Steve Warneke When I first heard the awkward, high-pitched, horn-like sound emitting from a bagpipe, I questioned the musical integrity of the instrument. I couldn’t exactly envision myself sitting back in an armchair, wearing my smoker’s jacket, sipping a fine brandy, listening to the LP of “The World’s Greatest Bagpipe Hits.” But after 15 […]

We are extending our membership sale and drawing through February 9, 2018. We had a SNAFU with our membership sale the other day with our system accidentally reverting to the full price before the sale was over.   We fixed it when members let us know, but we have decided to extend the sale another work week to be […]

Entry for the Oath Keepers Christmas/New Years Holiday rifle, Lifetime Membership, and handgun drawing ends January 31, 2018, at midnight.  All new memberships and renewals from Midnight December 16, 2017 to Midnight, January 31, 2018 will be included.  Drawing will take place on February 12, 2018.   Winners will be announced once they are notified.  Must […]

Oath Keepers Security Volunteers on Duty Outside First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas We still have Oath Keepers volunteers on the ground in Sutherland Springs, TX, helping provide security for the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs as they recover and rebuild after the horrendous mass shooting on November 5. A secondary mission for […]

Pastor Frank Pomeroy and his wife, Sherri, took the podium Monday morning to respond to the mass shooting at their church in southeast Texas during the service on Sunday, Nov. 6. They lost their 14-year-old daughter that day. [ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″] On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Associate Pastor Kevin Cornelius from First Baptist Church of Sutherland […]

TLDR summary: The communist inspired Refuse Fascism Nov 4 kick off of a massive protest “color revolution” to remove Trump/Pence will be a flop, just like their attempt to stop Trump from taking office flopped, but there is a short-term risk of lone wolf or small cell terrorism against police and/or high-profile conservatives, and also […]