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What is really happening to our country? Find out here! REVELATION Dawn of Global Government stars Charlie Daniels, Special Ops General J. Boykin, G. Edward Griffin and Mark Collins as George Washington, along with dozens of experts battling for Freedom and Liberty. We’ve seen it and think every Liberty loving American should see it too! Beginning Now […]

UPDATE: EXTENDED ONE DAY ONLY – THRU SUNDAY, APRIL 29 Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes reminds us of our oath to the Constitution in this 5 star “must see” film. REVELATION Dawn of Global Government Veterans, Police Officers and all American Patriotsneed to see this movie! Register today to watch the movie for free thru April 28th. Sign […]

5 years in the making, filmed in 25 states with over 40 patriot super stars, REVELATION Dawn of Global Government placed 7th in the nation for box office. As a special gift to our Freedom Loving friends, we are offering this highly acclaimed film absolutely FREE from April 19-28! See the trailer and register here […]

On April 19, 1775, in Lexington, Massachusetts the first shot rang out sparking the American Revolutionary War. To memorialize that day in history, we bring you the critically acclaimed full length documentary film REVELATION Dawn of Global Government completely FREE! The free viewing will be from April 19 through April 28. Click on the FREE MOVIE banner to register. […]