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Heritage Foundation expert serves up FACTS on the assault weapons debate. Amy Swearer is a Senior Legal Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Amy Swearer to Congress: No, Banning AR-15s Wouldn't Make Americans Safer WATCH: Heritage expert Amy Swearer serves up FACTS on firearms to the House Judiciary Committee. While many House Democrats are trying […]

By Matthew Vadum  – September 19, 2019   Facebook’s 2.4 billion monthly active users will soon be able to appeal takedown decisions to a new “oversight board” that its CEO once likened to a “Supreme Court” that will have the power to override the company’s own content-moderation decisions, Facebook announced Sept. 17. “If someone disagrees […]

…It’s time we start teaching them. Another school year, another year of protests, “no platforming,” and other affronts to free expression on campus. Should we be surprised? Probably not. A majority of students now believe that “hate speech” – which is not defined under U.S. law and, thus, is subjectively conceived – does not deserve […]

Professor says ‘contractors are building pretty fast’. By Jack Phillips – September 12, 2019 Construction started along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona as a small crew works to put up a towering, 30-foot-tall border wall, according to The Associated Press. The construction started just south of Yuma, and the Trump administration is still planning to complete […]