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President Trump’s White House summit aims to air our grievances over political bias on social media platforms. Some of those present have been banned, de-platformed, de-monitized, etc. Conservatives appear to be singled out by social media platforms for discrimination and denial of service.  Featured Photo: Diamond and Silk have been especially hard hit by social […]

by Anita Untersee Only a President like Trump could have pulled off the spectacular Independence Day Celebration in Washington, DC. All the detractors’ criticisms came off like sour grapes compared to the grand show we witnessed beginning with a no holds barred parade and capped off with a glorious fireworks celebration accompanied by the 1812 […]

The guilty verdict for Keith Raniere is the start of a mass justice process for the Deep State — and the media assets who help to cover up its crimes. By Martin Geddes The conviction of Keith Raniere on all charges as the operating head of the NXIVM sex slavery network challenges a common belief: that […]

  Please go to our national facebook page to watch our Livestream of this awesome event! All times are Mountain Time. Along with the dynamic Couy Griffin, Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes will be speaking in Hobbs, NM tomorrow night at the Cowboys For Trump viewing party of President Trump’s campaign announcement.  Stewart Rhodes will […]

Livestreams by Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes at the Privately Funded We Build the Wall “People’s Gate” near America One Dam (IBWC managed) With Foreman Mike. This is the gate that IBWC locked open for 30 hours. Livestream at the Privately Funded We Build the Wall “People’s Gate” near America One Dam (IBWC managed) With […]

Watch Oath Keepers Live-stream of Cowboys For Trump Riding into DC for ALIPAC Immigration Protest, Sat., June 8 Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes will be live-streaming, beginning at approximately 9:30am Eastern, Saturday, June 8, as Couy Griffin and Leo Portugal of Cowboys for Trump ride horses from Arlington National Cemetery into Washington DC over the […]