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Drifting away from our founding principles destroys the Constitution that most of you took an Oath to defend! Many of you fought and sacrificed for the rights most Americans now take for granted. If you haven’t seen REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government, it’s an eye opener! Click here to see it free, or send it […]

By Brian C. Joondeph – August 10, 2019 For the past two years, the left’s ‘go to’ words were “Russia,” “Mueller,” and “collusion.”  Mueller’s investigation and report were a big swing and a miss and not surprisingly these words have quickly been erased from the vocabularies of cable news anchors and their panels. On a […]

New Whistleblower Allegation: YouTube Manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ Search Results in Response to MSNBC Host’s Complaint Allum Bokhari  –  30 Jul 2019 Google-owned YouTube manually adjusted search results for “Federal Reserve” after MSNBC host Chris Hayes complained about the prominence of anti-Fed videos in the top results, according to a source who worked at the tech […]

Alana Mastrangelo  17 July 2019 Professor Robert Epstein told Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) that Google is manipulating voters “on a massive scale,” using tools that it has at its disposal exclusively, and that “no one can counteract them.” Epstein warned the Senator of big tech election meddling that he called “invisible,” “subliminal,” and more powerful […]

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon said on Wednesday it would send an additional 1,000 Texas National Guard and 1,100 active duty troops to the border with Mexico, the latest deployment in support of President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown. Major Chris Mitchell, a Pentagon spokesman, told Reuters that acting Defense Secretary Richard […]