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Who are the Oath Keepers, Three Percenters?

By Tom Kampert / Surprise, AZ / Opinion

A lot has been written about both organizations, most of it wrong. Let’s start with the Oath Keepers. If you believe the media, they are a “right-wing, white supremacist, anti-government militia.” If you listen to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they are all of the above plus they are a hate group.

If you really want the truth, do your own research. The Southern Poverty Law Center is itself a “hate group” in that they hate anything conservative, so I would rule them out as a source of accurate information and most of the media as well, print or broadcast.

The Oath Keepers is an association of like-minded people who, at some point in their life, took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. Veterans, police officers, active-duty military are what makes up their membership. They are not a militia. They are not white supremacist. Their membership is made up of all races. They are not anti-government. Their message is that there is no expiration date on their oath. That they will always honor it. They expect the same from government officials, both appointed and elected.

Does that sound sinister to anyone? Is that the reason for the media and their own government to slander and libel them? Has standing up for the Constitution now become un-American? I suggest, that if one has any doubts about who and what the Oath Keepers are, that you visit their web page and read their bylaws. Read what they stand for yourself. It’s obvious that the media as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center has not done so.

As a veteran myself, I, too, am an Oath Keeper. I love my country and the oath I took many years ago will only expire when I do. Don’t believe the lies being told by the media. They have an agenda and if the lies benefit that agenda, so be it. Find the truth for yourself. You will find it quite different from what you are being told.

According to the Anti Defamation League, the Three Percenters are anti-government extremists. Not true. They, like the Oath Keepers, only demand that the government operate within the confines of the Constitution as written. That our Constitutional Republic be preserved at all cost. That it remains a government of the people for the people. Does that sound extreme? Does that sound like it’s an un-American anti-government movement?

Some think that the mere idea of taking up arms against the government, for any reason, is an act of treason. To those who do, I would suggest they read the Declaration of Independence. One has only to look at the events of the day to understand why we need the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters. They remind us that we the people are supposed to be in charge. That the government’s job is to protect our rights, not attempt to alter them. That power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters have instilled fear in many in our government, and well it should. There is an ongoing unconstitutional assault being carried out against our rights. The First and Second Amendments are under attack on a daily basis. They want to remove our ability to receive or communicate accurate information.

We have witnessed that just recently with social media like Facebook, Twitter and others. The Second Amendment is under attack as well. A multitude of bills promoting unconstitutional gun control legislation have been submitted. They know what the Second Amendment is all about. They want it gone!

Instead of demonizing the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, we should be thankful that we still have people who love their country and are willing to stand up for what is good and what is right, even in the face of lies and attack from their own government. I’m old enough to remember some of what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s and I’m seeing it resurfacing here. Only Instead of persecuting Jews, they persecute anyone who questions them or has an opposing viewpoint.

It’s time to wake up America. Time to fight back.





  1. Tired of the snews media defining Who everyone is and What they should believe , along with radical Dem politicians….

  2. Just discovered your site. We the people applaud all your efforts to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America.

  3. All I hear is “Americans needs to fight back!” Or “Stand up and fight!” People write articles and have exposed the coup. Whistleblowers have come forward with signed affidavits and nothing happens. No one tells how to stand up, nor wants to take leadership or the responsibility for leading Americans to fight this coup. This is going nowhere fast!

  4. I am a new member of the Oathkeepers. I swore the same oath in 1979 and also believe that I am bound to it for life. I know that we have to be reasonable about our reactions to the attacks of our own government on our Constitution.

    But, when do we call enough enough. We know that our government is totally corrupt, all three civilian branches. The fourth is being called to protect our nation from those tyrants which we have yet to vote out of office. We have NO “commander in chief” in D.C., is it being commanded from elsewhere? When they tyrannically try to force the new gun control laws down our throats and become an enemy of the domestic type, what will our reactions be, to hand them over???

    Haven’t we suffered enough from this “farce” of an election, look what is happening out here. When do WE start to “form up” and resist?

    I’ll bet that there are a million vets out here afraid to ask these same questions. Anybody?

  5. Just saw the web site at least partially up and running. Great news! Vietnam era vet…infantry platoon leader…eager to meet my new fellow patriots in NC. Lets stay close and committed during this time f tribulation.

  6. Test of truth, it must be upon historically proven behavior, describing working ideas that are the same no matter which glass is used. It will pass the same test under a microscope or ancient history.
    Action based truths always work, same results. Success with no apology needed.
    Power stealing lies are always based upon Emotions, slick smooth talk-arounds that often sound good, feel good, look good, but historically let the speaker and cause behaviors to destroy people, nations, children, etc. Teachers who use emotionall foundations to indoctrinate others who scream and sputter the same mantras are proving what they espouse are untruths. Test these emotional statements against truth and the emotional power hungry systems always fail. The cloak of legitimacy, when looked at closely is always the same historically proven wrong garb of emotions. Since emotions are fleeting, instantly changeable, they never exhibit strength on the quiet truth. Spitting sputtering, eyes rolling, finger waving, gavel pounding against truth. Denying that others have ideas that need to be measured against truth. Power wielding positions of egotistical I’isms always reflect the hidden garbage of professed universal freedom ideas. Freedom is only useful and not wasted by those who have use the values of responsibilities.

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