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Choose Your Ground – Now is not the time…

Now is not the time for impotent tough talk and posturing with weapons at protests.

By Max Morton     March 9, 2021

In America, firearm ownership is a right—not a privilege. It is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and backstopped by the Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller. Traditional Americans view the Second Amendment as one of the most important in the Bill of Rights. It is a part of American culture; a unique individual right of self-preservation and protection that is now either nonexistent or heavily restricted in most other nations.

Over the past several years, as the woke cultural revolution intensified, conservative conversations focused on the Second Amendment as the final defense against the tyranny that may result as progressives march toward authoritarian-style government. In response, right-leaning and independent-minded citizens have shown up at protests to exercise those Second Amendment rights by posturing with firearms and assorted tactical equipment. Regardless of the prudence involved in such actions, we are now treading on new ground.

Following the November 3 election and subsequent January 6 protest at the Capitol, the current regime set out to eliminate political opposition by casting them as “white supremacists” and “domestic extremists.” They intend to use the legal authorities, tactics, and techniques that were previously employed against Al Qaeda and ISIS against those ordinary Americans who refuse to accept the ruling elite’s political ideology.

Simply put, the most deadly counterterrorism machine from the world’s most powerful country is coming for you. You, ordinary American, are the target. Now is not the time for impotent tough talk and posturing with weapons at protests. The Second Amendment, and all of our rights, are critical to a free society, and we should seek to understand how best to exercise and defend them from authoritarian factions of the ruling elite. This is the time to get smart on how to counter this assault on liberty and avoid falling into the traps the ruling elite are setting for traditional America.

The Biden regime is not a sustainable political entity. It cannot continue to exist in its present state because it will collapse under the weight of its own spectacle. As a result, it needs a catalyst to move its increasingly unpopular agenda forward. The catalyst they are trying to create is a defined internal enemy. A bogeyman they can use to justify tyrannical “emergency” actions, which mask the truth of the regime’s activities and enable it to eliminate any credible political opposition.

Since the national security apparatus is the primary regime backer within the permanent bureaucracy, you can expect it to use the provocation-reaction-counteraction template that is the favorite of organizations like the FBI. They provoke and harass the target until it punches back—at which point the target is labeled a threat and a counteraction is justified.

Traditional Americans need to recognize this tactic because they are the antagonist in this regime’s Greek tragedy. If the regime’s enforcers can get traditional Americans to look like they are about to commit violence, then they can justify the passage of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act and can implement draconian gun control policies. Once they’ve attained the legal authorities to neuter their political opposition, they can move to further isolate them under the guise of national security.

Keep in mind that agents provocateurs and government informants are now a part of the political landscape. The regime wants to restrict or eliminate constitutional rights it deems problematic, including the Second Amendment. Don’t make it easy for them by following their agents provocateurs. Those who continuously espouse violence are poseurs and provocateurs. Government informants are paid to lie for their handlers. Treat both of them like any other undesirable character and walk away.

Remember the old Russian proverb: “Three men sit down to talk about revolution. Two are police informants, and the third is a fool.”

Traditional Americans can win this battle, but they need to be smart about it. They should understand the tactics that the regime will use and not fall into the trap that is being laid. We, traditional Americans, can do this by using a layered defense-in-depth that capitalizes on nonviolent political action.

There is a certain kind of personality that is attracted to Washington, D.C. That personality may be vain, self-serving, power-hungry, and even psychotic, but the one thing it will always do is try to position itself next to the winner, the one with the power. If traditional Americans want Washington to do their bidding, then they need to look, sound, and act like winners. Traditional Americans need to demonstrate that it is the people who have the power and that the people are the ones to be feared . . . thus liberty.

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  1. Please let me know if you are helping oathkeeper arrested at Capitol? Full page newspaper article calling oathkeepers an extremist right wing militia domestic terrorist group. You should sue this paper. It’s out of Bushnell Illinois. I can mail you the article.

  2. Organized crime is in America’s congress mass attacking schools for intimidation and abducting children for pedaphile rings, intereferring in government affairs to prevent legal retaliation against the conspiring politicians or the street gangs they’re using to mass murder american citizens. Generals are being black mailed for their involvement in pedaphile rings and refuse to address corruption or make arrests, regardless of the numbers of children being murdered as sympathy killings. They’re attempting to disarm the american people and overthrow the Constitution. They intend to establish a criminal regime, that you can not oppose their crimes, including the rape and murder of your children. Everything you need is available to you, you just have to be Smart enough to put it in order and understand it.

  3. The UnAmerican KommieKrats who are attempting to destroy our tradition and values must be exposed as the evil force that has ultimately destroyed so many lives around the world during the 1900’s. After disarming the population of many nations, they then set upon them, murdering tens of millions of their own citizens. Historians lost count at close to 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million). Prior to the 1900’s, the tyrants made sure that the serfs had no arms with which to challenge their dictates. To disarm a nation, weapon registration is always implemented first, usually for “the safety of the children”. After that, confiscation and disarmament are a cinch. This is exactly what the Kommies are attempting now, with their push for registration of all firearms, not just the AR type. Their incrementalism is now speeding up to include every pea shooter in the country. And they care not a twit about the word “Infringe”, or about the Supremacy Clause in Article Six of the US Constitution, which states that all laws they write must conform to the US Constitution or else it is null and void and nobody has a duty or right to obey or enforce it. It is a sad day now, when we must realize that our leaders are a bunch of TRAITORS.

  4. Good stuff. It will come to civil war eventually I think, because the Establishment thinks they have won and they will keep pushing and pushing… but I absolutely agree that We the People should not be the aggressors until that time comes for us to defend ourselves.

    Resistance will center around secession.

  5. This is so obviously true.

    But often what is obvious to some, is not obvious to others.

    We have to think of the situation in America today, as one of ‘low-intensity conflict’. Not a
    shooting war in the traditional use of that word … but not traditional politics either, as we have experienced it for over a century, where Democrats and Republicans alternated in power, steering the ship of state a bit to the Left for a while, then a bit to the Right, with both sides compromising on most issues, and both sides ultimately loyal to their country.

    The radical Left is taking over the Democratic Party, and unlike their Leftist ancestors, now openly despise their own country and its ordinary people. In short, they want to destroy our culture. They don’t want to overthrow the state — they want to bore from within, capture it, and turn it against the patriots.

    We’ve now got to think in military terms. By this, I don’t mean literally — now — but in terms of defense and offense, splitting the enemy, uniting all who can be united on our side, undertaking both defensive and offensive campaigns. Politics must no longer be waiting until the next election, as important as elections remain.

    And right now is the worst possible time for impotent feel-good gestures. They’re just a lot of hot air — and almost certainly being helped along by people for whom English is not their first language (and I don’t mean Spanish-speakers). Google on ‘glavset’ to see what I mean.

    Organizations like the Oathkeepers will certainly have been the target of provocateurs, people who will join with the aim of goading members into committing, or doing things that can be construed in court as conspiring to commit, felonies.

    The FBI has gotten good this — they’re able to walk righ t up to the legal line called ‘entrapment’ without quite going over it. And the hot-air merchants waving their AR15s and muttering about ‘dealing with traitors’ are their biggest friends.

    This does not mean every FBI agent is a villain. Far from it. But at the top, they’re following orders, and they’re being used. The same hollowing-out is happening to the military. What honest patriots in these organizations should do about it, is not an easy question to answer.

    But in the meantime, we must avoid doing anything that could even look like planning aggressive, non-defensive violence. We must be as gentle as doves, and as wise as serpents.

  6. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact we have seen laws ignored, voting by states to change laws that they weren’t authorized change , Open defiance of finance rules. Miscounting of votes ,and we chose not to take 10 or so days to find the truth. Our hero #2 man did not have any Balls , States certifying PHONY results , who the Heck granted Maricopa Co. the right to stonewall inquiries . WHY did the supreme court Refuse to give us fair hearing .. Because the left ran a vicious attack for 5 years Magnifying every PHONY LIE and never crediting the greatest Pres. ever . No wonder Nancy is hiding. There are 79 million denied voters that want their LEGALLY elected President returned. As a result of all this I no longer trust elections or my government . a VERY sad state of affairs

  7. I went to a Trump rally in Salt Lake City ( 2016 ) and saw first hand the “Provocateurs ” in action. There were thousands of Trump supporters standing in line to get in and everything was going well, then suddenly 3 guys showed up who were calling us ” Pussies” and ” You guys are a bunch of cowards !” . They knew that if ANY Trump supporter lost their temper and started fighting , THEN the news media would have an excuse to claim that Trump supporters are violent .

  8. I agree with comments here. We must stay calm and non violent. The time the Treasonous ones make their move to disarm the population is the line in the sand! We must wait on the military to see where this will all play out. We already are the largest private army in the world, and the left/elites are very scared at this point. Trump showed the world we are being duped and the Deep State is very panicked about what had transpired in Trump’s term. This is all VERY obvious by the expedition of their agenda! The very best all Patriots can do at this time is be prepared, talk with like minded neighbors. Our forefathers in 1775 met in barns, on wooded hill tops, schools and local taverns to keep each other informed and on the right track to freedom. This is no different today , especially when censorship and eavesdropping is getting worse by the day. Keep ours heads in this and need not do anything to make us look like WE are the evil ones. Remember history and what it’s taught us. Let’s also not let those that died in wars for our freedoms not die in vein. We will all know organically when our time for force is needed!

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