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Marco Rubio Wants To Confiscate Guns Without Due Process

Rubio’s proposal would create a database of people only suspected of being a terrorist.

By Sheri Dovale     Redoubt News     February 16, 2021

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is not a conservative, and never has been.

In 2015, during his failed campaign for President, he was the only Senator that chose to skip an important vote on a spending bill. Additionally, he went about a month without bothering to vote on anything, and thought it was perfectly fine to charge his constituents a paycheck all while he refused to do his job.

We could continue on for several pages talking about how Liberal Rubio really is, but let’s talk about his latest Red Flag Bill.

Bringing back this failed bill, Rubio calls it the “Terror Intelligence Improvement Act”, and says that anyone that is being investigated … not charged, or found guilty … just being investigated for a terror-related event will lose his Second Amendment rights.

When an individual who was the subject of a federal terrorism investigation within the last 10 years tries to obtain a firearm, allow the U.S. Attorney General to delay the purchase or transfer for up to ten business days and file an emergency petition in court to prevent the transfer.

Like other “Red Flag” bills, this one wants to strip away your Second Amendment rights without Due Process. That pesky Constitution just keeps getting in his way.

Rubio’s proposal would create a database of people only suspected of being a terrorist, and does not require that a person be convicted of any crime.

Add to that the multiple ways someone can turn in a person’s name anonymously, and it is obvious that this bill should never see the light of day.

However, Rubio and the other Marxists now controlling Washington DC have an agenda and are determined to disarm all of the people.

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    1. No doubt he is a great disappointment to many Cuban-Americans who voted for him under the mistaken belief that he is a patriot. Now his true colors are apparent. He is the worst form of quisling imaginable. Time for a political purge of our own within the ranks of what remains of the GOP – if that’s still even possible in such a rigged “banana Republic” style corrupted electoral system.

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