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Was the Capitol Riot a False Flag?


The national conversation coming from both sides of the aisle is atrocious. Even prominent Republicans like Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, vice-chair of the National Governor’s Association, accused Donald Trump of inciting violence.

Based on evidence that is plentiful but not reported in legacy media, I have become convinced that the catalyst for people breaking into the Capitol building on Jan. 6 was a false flag. And if that turns out to be the case, every news report or regurgitated accusation that blames Donald Trump – including the sham impeachment charge – is a lie.

A fair number of people tell me they are unfamiliar with the term false flag, so by way of review, a false flag operation is best understood as a deceptive action that hides true intentions. Think of pirates wanting to lure in an approaching ship. They may fly a distress flag or the flag of a friendly country, and when an unsuspecting ship approaches, its crew is caught in the pirates’ trap. The pirates’ flag was false.

Dozens of examples exist but let me point out that the United States is not innocent in all this. In 1962, Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation designed to give the U.S. a reason to invade Cuba. The plan, cooked up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was for the CIA to shoot down a U.S. warplane or blow up a U.S. warship and blame it on Cuba. President Kennedy rejected the proposal, but the Joint Chiefs maintained a file of 12 possible false flag operations they could use to start a war.

Our most recent false flag?

I’m going to review some evidence with you, and you can decide whether ideological politicians cooked up yet another false flag. Three days before Jan. 6, a 12-page Capitol Police intelligence memo stated there was a likelihood of violence on the day of the Washington D.C. rally. Interestingly, the Capitol Police turned down offers of help from both the National Guard and the FBI.

Even as violence was breaking out at the Capitol, the Capitol Police again refused help from the FBI.

We have video of D.C. police opening gates for people.

We have video of police actively waving people past the security gates, indicating they should approach the Capitol building.

We have video of a rally-goer yelling at police to call for backup to stop people from getting into the Capitol. And yet, the Capitol police stood there, doing nothing.

We have video of Capitol Police letting people walk into the Capitol unimpeded.

The Capitol Police offered no resistance as people scaled walls, broke windows, and climbed into the building. It was so blatant, even Civil Rights groups complained, saying that if it were Black Lives Matter protestors, the crowds would have been treated very differently.

All this presents a question that must be answered: Why did the Capitol police act so passively and let all this happen?

Antifa, BLM, and other infiltrators

We know that after Jan. 6, law enforcement reported that, “Antifa members disguised themselves with pro-Trump clothing to join the DC rioting,” and that the “infiltrators were recognized due to their participation in New York City demonstrations.”

We know extreme Black Lives Matter activists were involved in breaching the Capitol.  One BLM activist, John Earle Sullivan, was photographed inside the building, and Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo reportedly showed a video of Sullivan and other BLM and Antifa members in the Capitol saying they were going to, “Burn this s*** down.”

That aligns with Sullivan’s previous behavior. In August of 2020, Sullivan spoke at a BLM rally in Washington D.C., identifying himself with a group called “Insurgence USA,” saying, “We f****** going to burn this sh** down.” He also said, “We gonna rip Trump outta that office right over there,” and, “We ain’t about f****** waiting for the next election, we’re gonna go get that m*****f******.  He then led the crowd in a chant, saying, “It’s time for a revolution.”

We know that Sullivan’s group, Insurgence USA, helped organize a rally on Jan. 6 in Washington D.C., just two miles from the U.S. Capitol.  The flyer for their event states, “Must have Tactical gear / bulletproof vest, bring first aid kits and water.”

We know that Sullivan “just happened” to be a few feet away from unarmed U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she was shot dead by a “plain-clothed officer” inside the U.S. Capitol.

Another question that should be answered: How did John Sullivan just happen to be interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper the evening of Jan. 6? Think for a moment. How does one just happen to be chosen to be a guest on CNN with Anderson Cooper on the night the Capitol was breached? And again on Good Morning America the next morning?

During Sullivan’s interview on CNN, he said one of the Capitol Police officers was crying as people entered the Capitol. “I remember just looking up and seeing one of them crying, saying they want to go home to their kids.”

“I ended up talking to a few of them,” Sullivan said. “I said ‘Hey, like, we can just make a path for you to get — by no means am I there on the Trump side – the MAGA side – but I don’t want to see people get hurt unnecessarily, especially when there should be a better way to go about it.’ So I told everybody to just let them go, they’re willing to go peacefully.”

We now know that Sullivan lied to Cooper. A video of Sullivan’s escapade into the Capitol shows Sullivan stirring up the crowd to climb up the wall and enter the Capitol, urging people to kick in doors, telling Capitol police that they need to go home, and warning Police officers that they are going to get hurt unless they let the crowd through.

Sullivan was a master manipulator who played both sides, and he did it seamlessly. When he wanted to stir up Trump supporters who became mixed in with the Antifa/BLM insurrectionists, he could be heard leading a chant of “USA! USA!” When police challenged him, he would claim to be part of the press and say, “I’m just recording.”

At one point, Sullivan told someone, “I’ve been to so many riots,” and then his voice became giddy after several obvious instigators rallied the crowd to push through police lines. Sullivan could also be heard yelling, “Push” when he wanted protestors to push through a police line, and he even offered the use of his knife to open locked doors.

When someone said they were going to be arrested, Sullivan said, “It’s just a little jail time,” and, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I do this all the time.”

The ultimate betrayal

Just before Ashli Babbitt was killed, it was Sullivan who told the police, “We want you to go home. I’m recording, and there’s so many people. They’re gonna push their way up here. Bro – I seen people out there get hurt. I don’t want to see you get hurt. We will make a path to get out.” Then Sullivan yelled for the crowd to make a path.  As the police acquiesced and started leaving, Sullivan yelled, “I want you to go home!”

Then, after the police left and the doors to the Speaker Lobby became vulnerable, Sullivan yelled, “Go! Go!  Let’s go! Get this s***!”

Immediately, two people started breaking the glass windows of the doors. These were the same people I previously described as instigators, and both were dressed in clothing typical of Antifa. As they continued breaking the safety glass, Sullivan saw someone on the other side of the doors holding a gun. Sullivan yelled out, “There’s a gun!” However, for the next 14 seconds, while filming someone’s hands holding the gun, Sullivan does not tell the two who are breaking the glass to stop. He doesn’t say anything to anyone. Later he says he personally wasn’t worried because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

After Ashli Babbitt was shot, Sullivan could be heard taunting the police and apparently attempting to stir the crowd at the same time. Sullivan said, “Are you going to shoot everybody?” Shortly thereafter, Sullivan again seemed to be trying to stir the crowd by yelling, “She dead! She’s dead!”

Additionally, in a separate snippet of video, Sullivan and video journalist Jade Sacker were standing in the Capitol, and Sacker was ecstatic that they made it in.  In reply, Sullivan told Sacker, “I was trying to tell you – I couldn’t say much.”

Why not? What couldn’t he say? What did Sullivan know and when did he know it? How much foreknowledge did Sullivan have that the Capitol would be breached?

Why did Insurgence USA schedule a rally two miles from the Capitol on Jan. 6 and instruct attendees to bring tactical gear and wear bulletproof vests?

Why did the Capitol Police turn down all offers for assistance?

Why did Sullivan lie to Anderson Cooper, saying an officer was crying and just wanting to go home and see his kids because of the “scary” crowd in the Capitol?

When Sullivan told the story of the crying policeman, why did he start describing the police officer in third person singular and then switch to third person plural – as if he were recalling a memorized narrative?

Why did Sullivan not tell people breaking the glass on the doors to stop after he saw someone pointing a gun at them?

Why don’t we know the identity of the plain-clothed man who killed Ashli Babbitt?

Why did “fact-checkers” immediately start marking as “false” all reports that BLM and Antifa were among those who breached the Capitol when evidence for making such a decision could not yet have been evaluated?

Why were BLM and Antifa members encouraging Trump supporters to commit acts of violence?

Why did BLM and Antifa members manipulate Capitol Police using veiled threats of violence so they would let crowds through or, worse yet, leave?

Why would Joe Biden deliver a well-crafted speech labeling what happened an “insurrection” so soon after the violence occurred?

Why, on the next day, would Nancy Pelosi call for Trump’s immediate removal from office?

Why would Leftist politicians and legacy media immediately start calling for all Trump supporters to be “de-programmed?”

Our government had no qualms about generating a false report of an attack on a U.S. warship in 1964 that resulted in the deaths of more than a million people.

Our government had no qualms lying to us about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction so they could invade and start a war in the middle east.

You, the reader, can think through the facts presented above – as well as consider how such an event might have been planned.

After pulling off false flag events like Vietnam and Iraq, coordinating a few BLM and Antifa members to infiltrate a “Stop the Steal” rally and goad patriots into storming the Capitol would be a piece of cake. And the icing on that cake is blaming it all on President Trump so they can quickly send up more articles of impeachment before evidence like what’s been presented above can be examined.

In closing, I urge you to consider again why Sullivan’s group organized a protest two miles from the Capitol on Jan. 6 that required bullet-proof vests.

Then watch Sullivan’s video, and be sure to consider carefully his changing demeanor as he moves throughout the Capitol.

Then ask yourself why Sullivan couldn’t say much to Jade Sacker before they breached the Capitol.

Then consider the likelihood of a false flag having occurred on Jan. 6.

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  1. Yes it was. I didn’t read your article, but let me say I was on the North side of the Capitol Buulding, which has received very little coverage. When we saw the tweet to remain peaceful, I ran to the door and told the rioters. The second response I got was, “Fuck Trump.”

  2. I was suspicious on Jan. 7 that neither Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell nor Capitol Police accepted the offered help in spite of it being offered. Saw videos of Antifa changing clothes, bringing weapons, while Trump supporters for the most part were still down the road. Immediately thought of the Reichstag. Dems have been using Hitler’s tactics since the 70s when Hitler’s speeches, etc. were released. (were sealed after WWII so nobody would ever do this again.) Commie/Nazi professors brainwashed college students; also used Nazi method of telling them that because they had a certain color skin, eyes, etc., they were superior to a hated group. Today, the superiors are brown skin, brown eyes. Hated group: whites, the cause of all the problems in the world, to be eliminated. (genocide). They are the educated elites who have the “right” to rule over the uneducated masses. Hitler used the Reichstag false flag to secure his regime. Likewise Biden. What I’m concerned about is their using the military brass to form a gestapo, cleansing the military of patriots. Yes, need to form a 2A militia before they confiscate guns, busting down doors at 3 a.m.
    Also, Pelosi had to rush the impeachment before the facts came out. I wonder how big a part she had in this. Was she the main organizer?


    This video shows a number of aspects to support the story above, in about the first 20 minutes … Go to @15:10 on the video for a real eye opener … I’m sure that Trump supporters did not get this kind of kid glove support

    This was a false flag action similar to the Reichstag Fire that Hitler pulled in 1933 and Biden like Hitler is making his move for power, with signing like 30 to 40 Executive Orders

    The Reichstag Fire was a dramatic arson attack occurring on February 27, 1933, which burned the building that housed the Reichstag (German parliament) in Berlin. Claiming the fire was part of a Communist attempt to overthrow the government, the newly named Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler used the fire as an excuse to seize absolute power in Germany, paving the way for the rise of his Nazi regime.
    The Deep State is using the same play book that they used for the lead up to WWII (Brown shirts … Krystal Nach … Summer 2020 “Peaceful Protesters)

  4. Finally found a source that asked the questions that have to be answered and confronted.
    I believed at the moment the Capitol uprising was happening, that it was preplanned by the Democrat leaders to “false flag” the Republican peaceful rally and creat a narrative to again attempt a impeachment of President Trump. It was so obvious.
    I wish to see Schumer and Pelosi properly, with all the evidence, impeached for four years of doing nothing but nasty lies, false claims, and waisting time that should have been work for the Country. The news networks and big tech should be hauled into court and put out of business for Lying to the Country.

  5. I watch Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel. In addition to Christian programming, they present news also, and they showed (just a few days after the “event”) a tweet by someone inside the Capital, screaming, “TRUMP SUPPORTERS STORMING THE CAPITAL!” The one problem is that it was date and time stamped at 9:33 AM, several hours before it happened! So, obviously, the one who sent this tweet KNEW it was coming, but was stupid enough to “jump the gun” and send their panic-stricken message well before it happened. On this same Victory Channel news, frequent guest Dr. Lance Wallnau commented that the tweet from inside was obviously from someone who was a very accurate Prophet, as they fortold the future! I forget now who the inside tweet came from, but it was either the Capital Police Chief, or Sergeant at Arms, or someone like that. Archives can be seen here:

  6. After seeing multiple short clips, as well as reviewing the above questions and facts, there is no doubt IMO that this was planned against our President Trump and our supporting patriots.

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