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Tech Expert Shocks Georgia Election Fraud Hearing

He ‘Got Into’ Voting System With WiFi

By Victoria Taft Dec 30, 2020

The man who invented and patented the technology that lets you scan items at the grocery store, create an airport boarding pass, and generate authentication codes just blew the doors off the Georgia State Senate subcommittee hearing on elections.

Tech expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer claimed that to the extent there were election issues in Georgia, they could be explained by simply looking at the paper ballots. And he claimed to prove in real time that the system was susceptible to manipulation via WiFi because his team had broken in and were in it at the time of the hearing.

Pulitzer basically threw down, telling a Georgia Senate subcommittee looking into voter fraud to show him the ballots, give him two hours, and he’d show them if there was election fraud in Fulton County.

“I only care what that piece of paper tells us. The paper, the paper. Verify the vote, verify the vote.

[…] I can determine where ink comes from, where paper comes from, whether it was mailed, whether it was folded, the difference of a duplicated press” and a mass copier.”


Read the complete article at PJ Media

Photo: screenshot

Editor: This entire article is a very detailed, but also very understandable, explanation of some of what went wrong with the Georgia election. If everything is above board, why are the ballots still not available for expert examination?





  1. Thank you for posting the video here. This video was worth watching. The man would not back off from the science of detecting all the evidence that can be found on paper ballots. Please, someone let him, his people, and professionals like him, examine the paper ballots. If the election has not been stolen, why do those charged with running the election refuse to examine the paper ballots?
    Why should Americans forget about all this and let bygones be bygones this time? Why should we accept promises from our politicians and judges that they will be really watching carefully next time so that massive voting fraud doesn’t happen (again).
    The courts chose to drop the ball. I wonder if Congress will also drop the ball on January 6, 2021. Maybe the bosses of Congress (citizens of the United States of America) will have a lot of firing and hiring to do. What will President Trump legally do about it. May God give us the grace to know what is best to do.

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