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Recognizing the coordinated attacks on the First Amendment

By Patrick Wood   January 8, 2021

America’s foundational rights are set out in the First Amendment. Without the freedoms expressed in that amendment, there is nothing to protect us from totalitarianism. Yet we are currently in the midst of a very sustained attack on the right, and the attack is coming via methods too many fail to recognize.

The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights contains five separate statements that when taken together underscore the necessity of communication required to maintain a Constitutional Republic:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (1); or abridging the freedom of speech (2), or of the press (3); or the right of the people peaceably to assemble (4), and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (5).

Much has been already said about instances of “summary judgment” censorship by various Big Tech media players like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, but few have considered the more ominous asymmetric warfare being waged against the First Amendment in its entirety.

While America has almost 330 million citizens and well over half still have great respect for the Constitution, those who would destroy the First Amendment have launched an all-out stealthy, coordinated, and intentional high-tech attack against each element noted above.

In every revolution over the past 150 years, the first wave of attacks always focused on taking over communications networks: Radio and TV stations, newspapers, and public forums.

Thanks to the “Great Panic of 2020” driven by an invisible virus, this is exactly what has just happened in the U.S. Instead of being driven by thugs with guns and tanks, however, it was accomplished with high technology, pseudo-science, and misrepresented statistics.

The policies resulting from COVID-19’s fear and propaganda are the common thread in the communication takeover:

  • The free exercise of religion is impossible when you can’t go to church or freely worship. Many churches are permanently closed because giving and attendance have dried up. For those remaining open, mandates are dictating how services will be conducted: masks, social distancing, no singing of worship songs, no hugging or touching, etc.
  • Free speech is in tatters as people are forced to wear face diapers. You are not understandable and you cannot understand others.
  • Freedom of the press is virtually non-existent thanks to massive censorship by a juggernaut of Big Media and Big Tech companies who effortlessly suppress any person or narrative with whom they disagree.
  • Peaceable assembly is completely on hold thanks to social distancing, limits on attendees, and face mask requirements.
  • Petitioning the government for a redress of grievances is impossible when many government offices are closed and others simply don’t listen or respond.

America must not go down without a fight. The rapidly expanding national membership of Citizens for Free Speech is mounting its own counter-initiative to preserve and defend the First Amendment to rebuild its functionality from the bottom up. It could be too little, too late, but we encourage all Americans to join us to take a stand.

Indeed, if America is ultimately silenced by its Technocrat invaders, then all else will be lost.

Read more here: American Thinker

Image: by Norman Rockwell. U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.





  1. Wonderful post. Let the patriots never be silenced. While I no longer know my country and am grieved by both Demorats and Rhino’s actions I will not be silenced. NEVER.

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