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Stewart Rhodes: ‘He Has a Duty To’ Invoke Insurrection Act

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WASHINGTON—Stewart Rhodes is the founder of Oath Keepers, a non-partisan group of former military, police, and first responders who on Saturday helped with security detail in Washington for Lt. General Michael Flynn and others at a large rally supporting the President Donald Trump. Rhodes was one of the speakers himself.

“I’m just going to tell people the reality is, President Trump, as Commander in Chief has one last chance,” Rhodes said. “He has the absolute power to declassify anything he wants to, he should declassify all the dirty secrets in NSA, CIA, FBI files, and expose all the traitors in this country, all those who are bought and sold to communist China.”

Tens of thousands gathered to join marches and rallies in Washington on Dec. 12, petitioning the government for fair elections and transparent counting. Similar grassroots protests took place every Saturday since the general election at capitols across the 50 states.

Rhodes was in favor of the president invoking the Insurrection Act to fight treason. “They accuse us, like yesterday I saw a CNN report saying it was seditious behavior to file the case from Texas and for other states to join it, that was sedition. So they project on us what they’re doing, it’s massive gaslighting,” he said.

“President Trump has to use what the founders gave him. He is the president. He’s the Commander in Chief. And in their wisdom, they gave him all the tools he needs right there in the Constitution itself,” Rhodes said. “And he has a duty to do it, he must do it now.”

If the president doesn’t, it’s in the people’s hands, Rhodes said, adding that people like him will end up fighting against an illegitimate government.

“It’s very much like the American Revolution. They were dealing with a foreign power through its proxies inside the United States,” he said.

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  1. We must all be willing to stand and fight for our country and the rule of law under our Constitution. There has been a coordinated assault on President Trump and the United States of America since before he took office and this is the culmination of their efforts to illegally undermine our sovereignty. If we are not willing to defend our Constitution now, there will not be a tomorrow to do so. Let that sink in. Many of us have been sitting on the fence hoping for a better outcome, praying that the courts would at least give an ear to common sense and standing to legitimate concerns, but that has not happened. IF the election was legit, WHY are so many opposed to ensuring that questions of fraud are addressed? There is only ONE reason. They are afraid that they will be found out, and found out they must be. The mainstream media and multiple social platforms are complicit in this attempt to undermine our nation and MANY foreign influences are involved. Its not just the likes of George Soros, the Clintons, Bloomberg etc… this is a concerted effort of those who wield power and influence over the minds of millions of Americans. THIS MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. We are at a crossroads America, what we do over then next days and weeks will have implications for years and decades to come. Election integrity must be established, 1 legal person, 1 legal vote. If libraries require ID to check out a book, we can require ID to vote. The mainstream media must be held accountable along with all those who have subverted our laws and attempted this overthrow.

  2. Good for Stewart Rhodes! The Left accuses us of sedition for having an opposing opinion and taking evidences of obvious crimes to court. Their tactics are not American.
    As Mr. Rhodes said, President Trump should “declassify anything he wants to, he should declassify all the dirty secrets in NSA, CIA, FBI files, and expose all the traitors in this country, all those who are bought and sold to communist China.” Then all Americans could download the secrets, save them on memory sticks, study, and distribute the information to other patriots. That way the evidence of the treasonous acts of the traitors will not disappear, but will be known by tens of millions of us throughout the country. No future “leaders” would be able to deny what has been perpetrated upon the American people during these past several years. Preserving and distributing the truth would help Americans to be salt and light and to uphold truth, righteousness, justice, and judgement in this world.

  3. I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but I think executions are in order. The Constitution prescribes this punishment or 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. This does not seem like a fitting punishment. We need to send a message to those who would seek to destroy America, subvert the will of the people, and force Socialist and Marxist ideologies on the ones they want to rule. This includes those that delude the public into thinking that the people who want truth and justice are somehow fascist. I dont know much about guns or how the military does things, but at least I am a warm body willing to give it up for a cause I believe in.

  4. I totally agree with Mr. Rhodes. The left has exposed themselves as who they are and what they represent, COMMUNIST. This is a concerted effort by other communist countries to attack us from within. Main stream media, social media and all other media is complicit in this attack for a communist takeover. These people MUST be held accountable. President Trump has the DUTY to invoke the insurrection act for the will of over 70 million voters who voted for him. I, myself fully support him if he chooses to use this powerful tool. Lets make this a George Washington moment when he crossed the Delaware river on the night of Dec. 25th-26th, 1776. That would certainly put President Trump in the history books for years to come. When he starts his second term, he needs to totally dismantle the education system and STOP with indoctrination our children. They must bring back classes that teach our kids history, civics and other classes that teaches them to be proud Americans.

  5. And someone needs to look into the birthright of Kamala Harris, as she actually has no constitutional right to become vice-president in the United States per the Constitution.

  6. There is a petition that asks the President to implement the Insurrection Act and also to utilize military tribunals, now that the courts have proven themselves to be corrupt from top to bottom. Please share this petition. This is an official petition. Please get it up on your site. Contact me if you like. I am the author.

  7. I am grateful to Oathkeepers for getting out there and defending our Constitution and this great nation! God bless all of you and I pray He keeps you safe!

  8. The Insurrection act is the only thing left to use. This stolen election must be stopped. Biden has already violated the Logan act by talking to China and other foreign nations before being sworn in. Same stuff they went after general Flynn for. The Dems don’t want to follow any laws, and don’t! Not to mention Ukraine and Hunter.

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