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Open Letter to President Trump: You Must Use Insurrection Act to “Stop the Steal” and Defeat the Coup


Open Letter to President Trump:  You Must Use Insurrection Act to "Stop the Steal" and Defeat the Coup


The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” – General George Washington, Address to the Continental Army Before the Battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776

President Trump,
We now face a moment of peril as great, or greater, as what General Washington and his men faced in 1776.   The very survival of our nation as a free Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance.   We have but one last chance to save it.   The fate of unborn millions will now depend  on your conduct, the conduct of the current members of our armed forces, and the conduct of we the many millions of American veterans and patriots who are still loyal to our Constitution.
When you were sworn in, you took the following oath, as mandated by Article II of the Constitution:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

It’s time to honor that oath by defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
This is your moment of destiny.   Will you take your place in history as the savior of our Republic, right up there with President Washington and Lincoln?   Or will you fail to act, while you still can, and leave office on January 20, 2021, leaving We the People to fight a desperate revolution/civil war against an illegitimate usurper and his Chicom puppet regime?
Here are the facts:
We are already at war with communist China and its willing American agents, puppets, and co-conspirators who seek to overthrow our Constitution, as well as the international elites and other foreign enemies who have aided and abetted this war on our nation.  They have infiltrated and taken over every branch of government at every level, state and federal.  War isn’t coming – war is already here.
Communist China could never defeat us in open battle, so instead, it infiltrated and subverted our institutions, bought and blackmailed American elites, and made allegiance with willing domestic enemies of our Constitution, to defeat us from the inside out, without having to fire a shot, by using what is commonly referred to as “Fourth Generation Warfare” doctrines and methods.   This is war by other means, but it is war nonetheless.
Through well-orchestrated mass vote fraud, the Communist Chinese and their domestic enemy allies are about to install their illegitimate puppet, Joe Biden, and his equally illegitimate puppet running mate, Kamala Harris, into the White House, with their treasonous fingers on the nuclear launch codes.
You must act NOW as a wartime President, pursuant to your oath to defend the Constitution, which is very similar to the oath all of us veterans swore.  We are already in a fight.  It’s better to wage it with you as Commander-in-Chief than to have you comply with a fraudulent election, leave office, and leave the White House in the hands of illegitimate usurpers and Chinese puppets.  Please don’t do it.  Do NOT concede, and do NOT wait until January 20, 2021.  Strike now.
If you fail to act while you are still in office, we the people will have to fight a bloody civil war and revolution against these two illegitimate Communist China puppets, and their illegitimate regime, with all of the powers of the deep state behind them, with nominal command of all the might of our armed forces (though we fully expect many units or entire branches to refuse their orders and to fight against them) and with their foreign allies also joining in to assist in the suppression of American patriots.
Without clean elections, we no longer have a Republic, and you are charged by the Constitution with preserving a republican form of government wherein the people actually elect their own representatives in clean elections.   Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution clearly commands you in this, when it states:
“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.” 
“Shall” is command language.  And that command applies to all three branches of the federal government, including the executive branch which you run.   And that command applies directly to you.  You are commanded by the Constitution to take whatever action you must to ensure that we have a Republican form of Government – and that means clean elections.  In the current dire circumstances where complicit traitors have been put into place in every branch of government (legislative, executive, judicial) at every level (local, state, federal), through fraudulent elections over many years, it means YOU will have to fix it, with the full support of loyal military service members and millions of military and police veterans, as well as millions of patriotic average Americans who stand with you 100% in doing what must be done.
 It won’t be fixed by corrupted legislatures, Governors, or the courts.  The recent refusal by all but two of the Supreme Court Justices (including all of your own Supreme Court picks) to hear the Texas election fraud case shows that the cancer of cowardice, compromised officials, and treason has spread even to the Supreme Court.   The disclosures of the corruption and blackmailing of Hunter Biden and the corruption of Rep. Swalwell by a Communist Chinese Spy, as well as the blackmail ring run by Jeffery Epstein, are the tip of the iceberg in how the deep state and its Chicom allies have taken over our establishment elites.
That corrupted establishment won’t fix it, but We the People shall, one way or another and we need you to lead us in this great battle to save our Republic.
Further, the US Constitution states in Article I, Section 8 that Congress has the power:
To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions
 Congress long ago provided for just that by passing the Insurrection Act which delegates that decision and power to you, as President and Commander-in-Chief.
The Insurrection Act, 1o U.S. Code, Section 252- Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority, states:

Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.

Section 253 of the Insurrection Act then states:

The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it—


so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection; 
(2) opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws.
In any situation covered by clause (1), the State shall be considered to have denied the equal protection of the laws secured by the Constitution.
Section 254 then states:

Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.

Clearly an unlawful combination and conspiracy in multiple states (indeed, in every state) has acted to deprive the people of the fundamental right to vote for their representatives in a clean, fair election as is required in a free nation, striking at the very heart of what it means to have a republican form of government, and disenfranchising them.   You, and you alone, are fully authorized by the Insurrection Act to determine that such a situation exists, and to use the U.S. military and the militia  to rectify that situation.   And the militia includes not only the National Guard units of each state, called into federal service, but also includes the body of the people, age 17-45, and especially us military veterans, who are by federal statute subject to call up for service as the militia until age 65, due to our prior training and experience.
As Article II declares, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.”   You must call us up, and command us.

We urge you to do the following simultaneously  as both the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, and as the commander in Chief:


  1.  INVOKE THE INSURRECTION ACT:   Issue a Presidential Proclamation, directly invoking the Insurrection Act, declaring an insurrection, rebellion, and coup to be in effect by domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution and traitors who are in collusion with and/or acting as agents of a foreign enemy (specifically Communist China, but also other known or unknown foreign enemies) and to call up the militia (including the National Guard, us veterans, and patriotic Americans of military age) and US military to suppress the insurrection. That proclamation should declare that domestic traitors have conspired with a foreign enemy, specifically Communist China, and have been either bribed or blackmailed by that enemy, and together they have subverted our electoral system from top to bottom to rig elections at every level, and to steal elections with the intent of overthrowing our Constitution and our way of life.

A.   Order the data seized:  Pursuant to that proclamation, order SOCOM and other trusted military units, to seize all databases of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DNI, etc and the records held by all state electoral systems and administrators.  And order them to take possession of and preserve all evidence of the insurrection/rebellion/coup wherever it is housed or held and to counter and suppress any attempt by the insurrectionists to prevent the seizing of the data.

B. Order a mass declassification of the dirty secrets:   Order SOCOM Intelligence officers and other trusted and loyal patriot intelligence officers to carry out your orders to declassifying ALL the dirty secrets and evidence of crimes by all the corrupt and compromised elites (in both major parties) to expose them all, and especially to expose their treason and their willing service to communist china and other foreign powers, as spies, agents, and puppets.  Of course, those loyal intelligence officers should not declassify and disclose data that could put at risk loyal American operatives and allies in foreign nations, who are on legitimate missions that are related to our legitimate national interests.  Only disclose data on traitors and their treason.

C.  Within all that data will be the evidence needed to expose the vote fraud and who is behind it, as well as expose all the corrupt judges, state Attorney Generals, governors, legislative leaders, election officials, etc.

D.  Order a massive public “Wikileaks” style data-dump to put all the dirty secrets of the compromised elites on display to the American people.  Those secrets are the very “swamp water” that the DC swamp creatures swim in.  Those dirty secrets both control and shield them all.   Throw the doors open, and dump all the skeletons out of the closets and onto the streets for all the people to see, and for all the world to see.

E.  Pardon and free Julian Assange and ask him to assist in this massive data-dump public disclosure.  He is a hero who has dedicated his life to battling the deep state and deserve our thanks and a chance to serve not just America, but all humanity by assisting in this great cause.

F.  Fire Barr and removed him from office immediately (UPDATE: Barr has resigned, but needs removed immediately.  Don’t let him run the clock out even a day more).  The replacement should not come from within the beltway.

You must appoint a REAL patriot Attorney General who will actually fight and actually clean house.   Look outside the beltway for a real patriot.  We will help you find one who will actually fight for the Republic.  This is a populist movement, and the people are still being locked out, which is why you keep getting betrayed over and over.   Appoint REAL patriots who are outsiders.

E. Appoint a special prosecutor and task force.  The new Attorney General should appoint a special prosecutor with a full task force to investigate and indict all those involved in the vote fraud and to go after the Deep State from top to bottom, including within the DOJ, prosecuting all traitors in all branches, and all levels, to root out all who are actively committing treason, and who have been compromised, blackmailed, or bought out by Communist China and/or other foreign enemies.

F.  Fire Wray and put a patriot in place as FBI Director to clean house in the FBI and to actually do their jobs.


2.  Order the U.S. Military to go to Defcon 2, or even Defcon 1, to defend our nation from external threats while we suppress this internal insurrection.   It is imperative that we maintain strict control of our nuclear arsenal in patriot hands and that our armed forces stand ready to repel foreign attack and interference while we handle this necessarily drastic domestic house cleaning.

3.  Call the militia into federal service.    Pursuant to you powers as Commander-in-Chief to call forth the militia, call up all National Guard units into federal service, and likewise call up all military veterans up to age 65 into federal service as the militia to assist in keeping the peace here at home.   Also call up all able-bodied Americans between the ages of 17-45 who are still loyal to the Constitution to likewise report for duty, bearing their own arms.   You have the power to command them and order them to report for duty at their nearest military base or National Guard armory in their state.   All of the above, as the militia, can be used to keep the peace in our local and state communities, under your direct command, to suppress the expected riots, terrorism, and armed insurrection by the radical left in the United States (who have been armed and equipped for months now by our foreign and domestic enemies).


We will post advise on this shortly.  Stay tuned.  It is both simple, and very complex, given the advanced cancer of corruption in our voting system.


There is no way out but through.  And we will NOT submit to a Chicom puppet regime.  You must stand tall and use your constitutional powers to fight this war against enemies foreign and domestic while you are still President and Commander-in-Chief.  If you fail to do so, we the people will have to fight a bloody revolution/civil war to throw off an illegitimate deep state/Chinese puppet regime.

You must use both your authority to invoke the Insurrection Act and your absolute power to declassify any and all secrets.

Because of the machinations of the complicit mainstream media,  most Americans are ignorant of just how corrupted and compromised the establishment has become.  They have no idea how many political, legal, media, and business elites are now compromised puppets of Communist China with the aid of the deep state traitors within our own intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies.   That is why you must use SOCOM and other loyal military units to do a mass data seizure, declassification, and mass data-dump to throw all the skeletons out into the streets, exposing all the dirty secrets that are used to control American elites, and show the American people all the evidence that will show them who is dirty, who is a traitor, and who is a criminal.   This will destroy the credibility of the traitors and make it far easier to defeat them, with the people themselves being the judge, and with our military service-members also clearly seeing who has turned traitor and who must not be obeyed.   It is critical.   You must do both.   Expose them all, and then bring them to justice.

Know this:  millions of American military and law enforcement veterans, and many millions more loyal patriotic American gun owners stand ready to answer your call to arms, and to obey your orders to get this done.

For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes
Yale Law 04, Army Airborne veteran
Kellye SoRelle
Texas attorney and former prosecutor







Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. I applaud you for this letter and for what you folks stand for. I will be joining as soon as I can after the holidays. We can not allow our freedom and our country to be stolen by the socialist or anyone that seeks to weaken us or to change us to a socialist or communist country. If it means fighting, so be it. Our for fathers and many soldiers have given their lives for our freedoms and we must not lose them on our watch !

    David A. Lee
    USAF Veteran

  2. Sam Ibghy
    December 15, 2020.

    I am Canadian , but i am 100% Republican.
    And i am absolutely infuriated by the STEAL.
    I agree totally with what you wrote in your letter..
    In order to fix this situation , few people need to be punished.
    People broadcasting fake news, people corrupted , and BIG TECH BOSSES.
    They need to be reminded with the utmost severity ,that they live in America….they don’t OWN America.
    I wish you Luck and much more…..

  3. Thank you for your service and this letter to the President. I am not military but I am a Patriot and I will not let America just get taken away. I will fight til the end and I hope and Pray President Trump will stand with us. But if not we must still go forward.

  4. I don’t have military experience, and over 45, but I will join you guys to fight for our Constitutional Republic. I escaped Communism China 25 years ago, and I do not want to live under any Communism regime ever again. So I will fight. I will buy my 2nd amendment supply and learn to shoot.

  5. I don’t have military experience, and over 45, but I will join you guys to fight for our Constitutional Republic. I escaped Communism China 25 years ago, and I do not want to live under any Communism regime ever again. So I will join the fight. I think beside shooting, there must be something I can do to help.

  6. You are 100 percent correct Stewart, the North Carolina Oathkeepers are in a two day a week urgent train up, we ask that all who proclaim to be patriots in North Carolina to join our states Oathkeeper militia. We need all combat veterans, especially those who served in a combat arms military occupation skill ( MOS ) . We are looking for leaders for all 100 counties in NC, If you are compelled to stand up for the constitution you can contact me at 910-840-1556. Or email me at rangersmith483@yahoo. George D Smith. State coordinator,, North Carolina Oathkeepers

  7. The cyber attack on us and our government agencies is the modern day attack on Pearl Harbor. This is now the 3rd coup’ attempt on our country and the president.

    It’s time rise above our own, personal lives for a higher cause. I had two ancestors fight (one died) in the American Revolution. It’s in my DNA to ‘take a stand’ so that the next fourteen generations can live in a free country as they did for us.

    Each of us are now a part of American history.

  8. Senior Chief Petty Officer (Air Warfare) United States Navy, Retired…..and ready to fight! Say the word and I’ll see you at muster!

  9. Please use your powers to uphold the Constitution of The United States. I hope and pray that the election results will be investigated and the results will undo the wrong! Our children and Grandchildren deserve better!!
    Continue to fight!! We’re on your side for whatever is required to protect our country!!

  10. My grandfather was a Marine, my father retired from the Air Force, and my son is active duty in the Army. I’m not a soldier but I am a patriot, and I support what you guys are doing. Stop the Steal, and Save the Republic!!!

  11. Ok, So if we get into a fight where is the organization, the chain of command? I looked at Ohio (group) not much going on. I’ve seen info about movement in D.C and locals
    but no real follow-up. I’ve contributed money but really don’t know how it is being used. Back to the question, where is the organization and who is it that I would be joining when (not if) we get into this fight? One really can’t just show up (armed) without having a very good idea that they won’t be arrested, or even shot. I need to know where and with whom (not names) but units, team/squads I’m going to be placing my trust and possibly my life. The men at Lexington knew and trained with one another. What is here at OK?

  12. Absolutely correct. I have wanted to join for some time but kept putting it off. We are on the threshold of freedom and tyranny. I felt if I did not subscribe to an organization and have my name on the roll as a patriot I have no conviction or conscience. Five year infantry veteran of the 82nd abn. Div. . Good luck and Godspeed brother. Ready to pledge my life , fortune and sacred honor .

  13. Stewart,

    Outstanding Letter!!! I totally agree and support all of your points…

    Your letter prompted me to join OATH KEEPERS today, Thank-you…

    Just have 3 words – I WILL DEFEND

    Dave Powell
    U.S. Navy (Ret.)

  14. I trust in Donald Trump, the great American President.
    He will do it right. He will save the great American Nation.
    God bless him.

  15. I would rather die free than live under an out of control government. Mr. President, I support you no matter what. Please save this country from the deep state and China.

  16. I am a 70 year old Vietnam era vet who has seen our generations change every decade, and it was not all pretty to look at.
    Most of the college kids of today have been brainwashed by the liberal professors and have no common sense. They want everything given to them without working for it. This is what Democrats represent in today’s society.

    We ARE being beaten from within if we allow this farce they called a fair election go unchecked. A new election needs to take place after Marshall law is in place.
    I too can shoot a gun well even at my age with accuracy. I won’t hesitate to defend my life, family and country.


  18. Is there a person in charge at each state level who we will unite under? That is, if President Trump does not do what is listed above.

  19. Thank you Stewart and Kellye, These criminals have no fear of punishment so they and their crimes are in the open. They mean to dictate every aspect of our and our families lives. At 60 never in military but in top shape and willing to help right this country for our children and grand children. Bad actors are in both parties and all media both Social and LSM. They all need to be routed out. This is Trumps moment he either steps up or he has been a waist of time. May God be with us all.

  20. Our Two Party System for years has been Democrats and Republicans..It began to morph during the Obama Regime to What I would call DemonCrats and RINOS with a spattering of Republicans. Today I believe it’s become very Clear Our Two. party System is Divided between TRAITORS VS. PATRIOTS. Decide and take your Stand because the Great Awakening is at War with the Global Reset..God Bless the Patriots

  21. I am a 77 year old Viet Nam Vet, I also can pull a trigger as fast as anyone! Viet Nam Vets were never given credit, but have as much patriotic duty as any American! I volunteered for duty in Viet Nam because I wanted to serve my country, I still want to save my country from the domestic enemy!

  22. It is my family’s hope and mine that President Trump does in fact do what has been suggested in this and other articles. Unfortunately, time is running out very quickly and for that I am sad, hoping within the next few hours this change will happen.

    I believe President Trump is the only person who is able to stand against what has and continues to happen. For three and a-half years President Trummp and his family have walked an endless gaunlet and are still standing strong and firm in their beliefs.

  23. Thank you for your service. Please do anything you can to protect our country and President Trump. I wish I could join you but I can’t. However I will help by donating .

  24. The President must use these powers to protect America and our people. What we know thus far is probably just the start of all that is taking place.

    Thank you for the letter.

  25. Say the words Mr President. I’m 64 and an Air Force veteran. Like others my age i can move pretty good. Us old guys can guard and engage locally in our areas to protect the people from riots. We are armed to the teeth and will not give up our beloved country we served to keep it a free . We are ready !

  26. The Constitution will win, if We The People stand strong. President Trump should heed the advice presented by Oath Keepers in this article. If he does not, then we know command of the forces to defend the Constitution will come from an individual who is not the president. Surely there is a “George Washington” within our nation who is able to inspire hope, lead troops and defend our nation. The Founder’s pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor when they fought to end tyranny and birth this nation, what is the modern patriot willing to pledge to preserve it?

  27. Our Republic is in peril. Freedom must be fought for in order to ensure it remains. I stand ready and so do many patriots around me here in Texas.

  28. I am one of you. We are many. We must have leadership and a plan. Whatever it takes. I pray the plan is ready because I know I am.

  29. American Patriots it is now for everyone of us to stand up and support our President in America’s biggest time of need. The coming times will be as difficult as we have ever had to face, but absolutely necessary. Please God give us all the wisdom, strength and fortitude to accomplish this “draining the swamp”. God bless you all and be well.

  30. The President must declare a National Emergency! The People’s Republic of China is about to take over this country. We must support the President to the death. The perpetrators of “Crossfire Hurricane” and “stealing the 2020 Election” must be arrested and brought to justice using Military Tribunals!

    John Titor II

  31. “Mr. Chairman, a worthy member has asked who are the militia, if they be not the people of this country, and if we are not to be protected from the fate of the Germans, Prussians, &c., by our representation? I ask, Who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.” — George Mason, Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 16, 1788

  32. I’m ready to assist in any way I can to save our amazing Republic. These people will stop at nothing to destroy what we’ve built. It’s atrocious what these twisted communists have already done and it cannot continue. We the People do not consent to mob rule and tyranny. Our government has been infiltrated by foreign and domestic extremists. Can feed and house in FL and PA.

  33. Oathkeepers national member here,
    We will by all means protect our republic.
    This does not mean we will fire the first shot or throw the first punch. Most of us are ex-military and we follow command and orders with respect. This war has started it will first be fought with pen and paper. Our children and our children’s children need to know what our constitutional freedoms have to offer and as blood born Americans we all have these freedoms. Those who do not lead, follow and those who follow die on there knees.

  34. This letter is uplifting and encouraging!! We must get our towns and cities ready, and we must begin our plan to Rise Up. This infiltration and terrorism (foreign and domestic) can not be accepted. We have to fight. It’s our only chance at letting the World know, we do not stand for THIS.
    Thank You, and we would love to join..

  35. Thank you for coming forward and showing us Patriots that we are not alone in this fight! We all are behind you and ready for go time!! We must show the world that we will never stand for this corruption in our country and make an example out of the swamp, the deep state and their predecessors!!!

  36. You had me 100% except #1E: what about publication of Afghan Logs by Wiki? And other publications that seem to target or harm US and US interests? Help me understand.

  37. I tried to share and got a warning that my information was not save if I shared. I wonder if they blocked this from being shared.

    I am very happy to see this letter come out. It is about time someone is taking a stand for America! I stand with you 100% President Trump needs to do this as soon as possible!
    Again thank you to all involved !

  38. I 100% support you. I escaped from Communist China and Joined this country for freedom, I hope we can help Chinese people to get the freedom they deserved long ago. Sadly I find US will become a country like communist China after this election if we let the deep state steal the election and implement their agenda. We need to try our best to fight them, so let’s fight!

  39. Forgive me for used fake internet name, our land is still under the control of CCP (Chinese communist Party). What you said about CCP China is 100% real. You don’t need to know how us normal Chinese are living, Just take a look at Hong Kong, How the CCP treated Hong Kong people, You would understand we are in Hell ( Venezuela is another example)

    Yesterday i discussed with others about what Mr Trump had done to deserve such a hatred from Elites of USA, We found all Trump’s deeds were for people and his nation, The only thing that get harmed was the connections between CCP & U.S elites. For over 30 years, such an connection almost sucked USA dry, but normal Chinese are still every poor, The secret is they use normal Chinese as slaves to produce cheap goods which thing caused a lot of jobless Americans. You may ask where is the money, well, in wall street and CCP leader’s hands, seems the money is enough to buy U.S officers to betray their people as well.

    It is so clear CCP and U.S traitors had consisted a unholy union to deal us people, I know it is very hard to both American people and Mr Trump. But i can only put hope on you guys, We Chinese are powerless they deal us with tanks we have but empty hands (They also brainwash and mislead us so ppl don’t know what to do & How to do). But Americans are different, you still have a fighting chance! This time only USA’s creators can save her, Fight! dear Bro and sis before too late, struggle hard for your freedom.a thing only people without it fully know its value. Once you lost it, you will be poor Chinese or Venezuelan people, No honor, no moral, no hope. Please don’t forget us once you guys regained freedom, Help us getting rid of CCP the evil. You have to wipe it out or it will corrupt your homeland… You have seen this with your own eyes.

  40. To whom much is given, much is expected.

    Integrity. Say what you mean, and do what you say. For the right reasons.

    It is not just Trad America, and what it stands for, calling for what is right to be done for the right reasons…..

    But God Almighty Himself.

    President Trump, stand up and do what is right for this nation. Yes.

    But more importantly stand before the same Lord as those great leaders before you stood. And make the stand they did.

    And do what is right for the same reasons. Kingdom principles. His Kingdom principles.

    The light this republic represents in this world is not ultimately for us. But Him. And we must stand for Him, what is right, and the principles that tie us to that.

    The world depends upon it, because the world needs His light. Let the nation die, and the light dims. And for reasons you could prevent. You do not want to be responsible for what you could have prevented before Him.

    Stand for what is right, and you stand for His Kingdom, and His Kingdom will still have light in this dark world from our nation.

    You stand before Trad America. And we wait for you to do what is right.

    But you also stand before Him. The same Lord that gives authority to whom it can be trusted.

    And from whom, He expects much.

    Do Trad America proud.

    But more importantly do the Lord’s Kingdom proud.

    Bring justice as He sees fit. Not man. Not you.

    But Him.

    And be the great steward of the responsibility entrusted you.

  41. It’s truly great to see so many patriots willing to make a stand against socialism (aka communism). The great people of this free nation have fought and died for generations to keep these EXACT kind of things we see happening right now from coming to be. Someone commented above about having a clear plan to follow and I completely agree, if our lawmakers continue to disregard the constitution we the people must force them to. If all patriots in this country band together it’s my belief that some true change can happen- make no mistake folks the time is rapidly approaching where we ALL need to make a stand. The choice is simple-capitalism or communism. I prefer to die on my feet then live on my knees. God bless America and all of its patriots willing to stand up.

  42. I, as a Three Percenters – Original member and Officer, would like to thank you for writing this message to POTUS Sir.
    Remember, we 3%ers have your 6 and are your willing and extremely capable allies in the fight to preserve our Repulic.
    I pray Mr. Trump has taken your message to heart and mind. God help us and bless us all.

  43. AMEN! President Trump has an historical opportunity and an obligation to defend the Constitution and our Constituttional Republic. I pray to God that President Trump join us and takes chare; however, if not th Patriots will fight and it will not be poretty, so all of those who are willing to give up their freedomn for safety, you will have neither and the nation will suffer even greater destruction.

    Join us – stand and fight for our liberty, if not ours, how about our children and grandchildren’ liberty? It is time to stand up, load up and preapre to fight for our freedom. Better to live free and fight for our freedom than to become a slave. If you want to be comfortable and avoid this fihght, trust me no one will avoid this fight. Think and use our God given minds and defend our God given Soul. Thank you for standing up! God bless you and God bless America!

  44. If you are listening to Simon Parkes, Juan O. Savin or the X22 Report (and so many others on Bitchute and other altenative media) you would know these efforts are underways as we speak. The time is not right (but soon are to be) when the Patriot’s plan will happen that is to accomplishe these things. I welcome and aplaud your message because it is just one more part of awakening the masssive number of Americans who have no clue about what is really occurring….enlightening the unenlightened who would be resistant and unbelieving of this dangerous and monumental thing. Never stop relating your message to all who would hear. Stand patiently and in great strength amd resilience. Peolple like you will speak the truth will always be an important part of the solution.

  45. Excellent paper Stewart. This recommendation has gone to the President from several different sources including General Flynn and Sidney Powell although yours is the most detailed analysis of the law. I believe the President has the courage to do this but needs to know that a significant number of Americans are with him and willing to fight to save the Republic.

  46. Statement on the current situation of The United States.

    China Communist Party(CCP) is currently the greatest threat to the United States and the free world. Since the Communist China leader Xi Jinping ordered the PLA(People’s Liberation Army)’s female chief expert on biological and chemical weapons, Major General Chen Wei, to take over the French-aided Wuhan P4 advanced virus laboratory in early February 2020, the most direct danger to the United States has loomed so large, just like a race against time.

    Back in February of 1999, PLA had published a popular book in China “Unrestricted Warfare”, this book just like China’s master plan to destroy America.

    As early as in 2014 while I was still traveling in China, through a special channel I obtained PLA’s plan of smuggling minimized nuclear bombs into the United States. Once the U.S.-China war was inevitable, that’s an important component of PLA’s “Unrestricted Warfare” . I submitted a confidential letter to the United States Citizen & Immigration Service(USCIS) in Tampa in May of 2014 to report it; Later, again in China after I further learned that the PLA would use Cuba-Bahamas-Florida as a transit route for minimized nuclear bombs, I immediately made a trip in March of 2015 to the US Embassy in Beijing to report that; In July 2018, I went to FBI Sarasota office to report the CCP’s infiltration in Florida; In January 2020, I reported to Homeland security about communist agent use wechat in Florida intervene in the U.S. election. Unfortunately, none of my above-mentioned efforts have received any positive response.

    I believed that the PLA is now working overtime in Wuhan P4 advanced virus laboratory to produce the super virus. After getting the super virus, PLA will immediately produce the super virus vaccine; Once PLA get the vaccine, they will use the same Cuba-Bahamas-Florida route to bring those super virus and vaccines into Florida with no hesitation. Furthermore, transfer a tube is much safer and easier than transfer minimized nuclear bombs. Finally, the CCP will use those vaccinated communist agents to spread the super virus throughout the United States.

    Please watch a video link

    According to this dated on Nov. 28th 2020’s video, CCP has actually fixed the Biden family a long time ago, but they can’t fix and control president Trump. The policies and strategies that president Trump has adopted in the past four years in response to the Communist Party China have been proved fruitful. That’s why CCP cheer and hailing on Biden’s election in theat video.

    Unfortunately, this year’s election has suffered interference from various factors, especially in Georgia a surveillance video of illegal ballot counting at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County was shocking. Recent report indicate Dominion voting machine error rate as high as 68%; CCP recently owned a big portion of shares of the Dominion voting machine Inc shortly before the U.S. election, that indicate with no doubt that CCP had intervened with U.S. election; It also indicate president Trump’s sanction had hit CCP hard, and without intervene in U.S. election, CCP has no other choice to off the hook. Beside, widespread various illegal ballots was counted for Biden. Biden’s 47 years of weak political ability and soft attitude towards the CCP, indicate Biden would unable to cope with the CCP’s aggressive challenges; Biden will unable to destroy the CCP agents network in the United States; On the contrary, his immigration policy will allow more CCP agents to enter the United States and make the American people’s life worse than death. All Floridians could be the first shift of victims of CCP super virus.

    After Trump administration announced that it would impose sanctions on CCP members and their families in the United States, a China internal anti-CCP organization had released a namelist of 1,957,239 CCP members of Shanghai city in Aug. 2020, among which, at least 79,000 of them were send to all parts of the world, including Boeing Inc in California; Considering the total CCP member are more than 92,000,000, how many of them were send to the United States? It would be a astonish number. Guo Wengui(or Miles Kwok), a billionaire who broke with the Chinese Communist regime said in an interview: “Up to 25,000 Chinese intelligence personnel and more than 15,000 recruited intelligence personnel have intensified their offensive espionage activities in the United States since 2012”. That’s why president Trump would initial an anti-CCP wave, but Biden won’t, rather, he will turn the tide back.

    The American people have now reached a critical moment to make a historic choice.Therefore, this year’s election is actually a battle between patriots and traitors. The United States has reached a crossroad. The major medias in the United States do not let the public know the truth. The traditional elites, political elites and establishments are only pursuing their own profit, and even the Supreme Court judges had shrink back from their duties. However, the final decision is still in the hands of we the people.

    If all the patriots’ efforts failed on January 6th 2021, let us(We the people) call on president Trump to follow the example of president Lincoln at this critical time, take urgent action in this extraordinary period to defend American democracy, freedom and legal system, resolutely resist the infiltration and infringement of communism into the United States, and protect all American people’s interests. Only in this way, a statue of a great patriot will be added to the president hill, and make America great again!

    God bless America!

    Rui Wan (Michael)

    December 16 2020

    First version


    The infiltration and influence of the Communist China in the United States today has greatly exceeded the scale and the time span of the McCarthy period in the 1950s, and the facts many years later have proved that those people and things accused by Senator McCarthy that related to the Communist Party’s infiltration and subversion of the United States were accurate.

    As early as in 1990s shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CCP(China Communist Party) had begun to send agents to the United States in a planned way to form an intelligence network. At that time, the total number of agents sent to the United States were estimated more than 1,500, with an average of at least 30 agents per state. After the new leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, came to power in 2012, those number of Chinese agents in the United States became far more higher than that in the 1990s. At present, this huge network of CCP agents affects the U.S.’politics, economy, military, diplomatics, technology, culture, and education in various ways, including the recent U.S. election.

    In fact, the COVID-19 has already begun to break out in Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market (actually the largest illegal wildlife sales center in Hubei Province) on December 10, 2019, and at least on December 30, 2019, Xi Jinping had already known the COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan; Considering China and the United States will sign the first phase of the economic and trade agreement on January 15, 2020 in Washington D.C., Xi Jinping decided to block the COVID-19 news to the whole world.

    Five days after China and the United States signed the first phase of the economic and trade agreement, CCP finally announced the outbreak of the coronal virus in Wuhan, actually at this time, about 5 million people had already left Wuhan, and COVID-19 was completely out of control in entire China. Then Xi Jinping only blocked Wuhan city on January 23, 2020, but he did not even lift a finger to prevent any Chinese traveling out of China.

    Xi Jinping’s consideration of letting a large number of COVID-19 infected Chinese go abroad:

    1, China’s vaccine research ability was weak, need huge investment and long period of time. If COVID-19 spread to other western country, especially the United States, will speed up the process of high quality vaccine and save money.

    2, Taking advantage of China’s low human rights, controlling the mass media, exaggerating the number of epidemics infections and deaths of abroad, and extremely reducing the number of infections and deaths in China, in order to deceive the domestic and international people and maintain the rule of the CCP.

    3,The trade war launched by President Trump has severely hit the CCP. Xi Jinping hopes to let the virus ravage the United States, affect the US election, and make president Trump lose the election.

    4, China is a major manufacturing country in the world, after the COVID-19 spreads to the world, the CCP can export large amounts of medical supplies to earn foreign currency.

    How can CCP use the COVID-19 hit the United States and president Trump hard?

    The CCP government has had the SARS coronavirus experience in 2002 and knows the essence of wearing a mask to prevent COVID-19. Utilizing the CCP’s consulates and agents networks in various parts of the United States, they organized American Chinese from all over the country to purchase all masks and anti-epidemic protective equipment in the markets of the United States. From the US coast to inland area, regardless of price, online or offline, all were collected and sent back to China, leaving the American people have no any mask for use, greatly increasing the number of infections and deaths, expanding the COVID-19 dramatic to strike president Trump.

    Take Yu Peng, a key CCP agent in San Francisco, for example. He collected 800,000 medical masks, more than 10,000 protective clothing and 2,000 boxes of disinfectant from all over the United States within two weeks of the outbreak of Covid-19.

    To be continued

  47. I am committed and look forward to President Trump, as well as this organization leading the effort. I am a Canadian Veteran, who moved to the States 20 yrs. ago and became a citizen. I worked hard to create a home for myself and jobs for others. I am appalled by the corruption I see, and am ready to stand with my brothers and sisters here to protect my adopted country and constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I am not a US veteran so I hope you will have me. Otherwise, I will have to try to oppose these corrupt idiots by myself. Just say the word …

  48. I have also, personally emailed President Trump, to suggest the he use the Indirection Act and I suggest that all right thinking people, including those on this site do likewise. My letter was of course much shorter but I totally agree with you. We must all stand together and do it now or we will all most certainly hang separately!

  49. Remember your oath
    I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; . . . .'” 5 U.S.C. § 3331.

    Democratic Party are domestic enemies

  50. I made comment earlier and it showed posted and looking again, it’s gone. Why?
    I’m all in and have honored my oath for 50 years.

  51. All Trump voters support invoking the insurrection act to avoid a bloody civil war.Though one is called for.Enough of this NWO Communist Dem party assault on the freedom of America.Arrest the treasonous traitors and dispatch them from ever attempting this again because they eill not stop until lthey are stopped. permanently.

  52. Amen brother. We must stop the ‘steel’ -the murder by curette of thousands of children across the country.

    Just say the word, brothers. if our Leader does not give the signal for us to mobilise soon we MUST ACT. President Trump MAY BE STRONG, HONEST AND SELFLESS but he is beholden to the GOPP (Grand Ole Party of Pussies), and the rule of law so we must help him. We know MSM is against us and is in bed with the socialist radical liberals, transgender activists and other globalist evil doers. We need sources of free speech like this site and to spread the word.


  53. You don’t seem to have much faith in your President. I am pretty sure President Trump knows the severity of the situation and doesn’t need to have the constitution quoted to him to remind him of his duties. You have absolutely no idea what he is doing behind the scenes. He has a plan. He loves this country and doesn’t want it to fall into the hands of the enemies foreign and domestic either. As he watches the enemies identify themselves, he has time then to get the whole nest of rats and not just a few. We voted for him to drain the swamp and I believe he is doing just that even though we don’t get to see what is happening just yet. I believe we will be shown everything soon. I fully support President Trump in has handling of the situation.

  54. Excellent letter! Very well worded. Thank all of you for your service, dedication, and caring for America and her citizens.

    Might I make a suggerstion? Give President Trump a dealine. Let him know that if he doesn’t, then you and us most certainly will.

    I’ve been a military wife, my daughters and thedir husbands all served in the military and at present 1 grandson is in the AF. I’m a senior citizen and frequent a lot of internet sites. People are more than fed up and chomping at the bit, you might say, to get this show on the road and put an end to the tryanny we, especially in blue states are living under. This has all dragged on for far to long.

    Masking our kids in school iwear masks is child abuse. The discrimination shown to elderly and handicapped is beyond anything I ever imagined could happen in our country. The rudeness even of people in retail towards us is a slap in the face anytime we go out. Depriving us of church is definitely an ungodly act. Keeping older people in olong term facilities from seeing family is criminal. Many have died alone. Having a daughter in a hospital job who’s been told she’s not allowed to be around me is heartbreaking.

    This whole Covid thing is a farce to say the least. It’s also part of the take down of our country and Faucci and Gates and all the others involved, the pharmaceurical companies is criminal and extortion. We, as a country are wasting billions of dollars with this vacine that seems to be harming many people, is untested and for which the companies making this, and the doctors injecting it can’t be sued or held liable.

    We, many of us may be senior citizens, but we too have the right to pursue a happy life. We have been around long enough to know when to stay home if we don’t feel good. We’re also aware of past history and know there are cures that are not invasive and harmful.

    I ask: is there any way that President Trump was somehow compromised while being teated for Covid? Many of us wonder about that.

    We value our boys and men in the military and law enforcement. GOD bless you all. GOD bless the USA and GOD bless President Trump and his family

    Sincerely, Sharon Peterson

  55. Amen brother. We must stop the steel-the murder by curette of thousands of children across the country. Just say the word, if our Leader does not give the signal for us to mobilise soon we MUST ACT. I love our president we are blessed he is POTUS.We know MSM is against us and favours liberals, abortionists , transsexual activists etc God bless you Oathkeepers! . ?????⚒???????

  56. My Winchester M-1 Garand speaks with great authority. It is ready and chomping at the bit. I make my own rounds, including quite a few with once-pulled tracer bullets that start burning at about 120 yds. Any enemy combatant who catches one is in for a short, hot ride out of this world. Pres. Trump, you have nothing to lose. As Stuart said, the war has already begun, and if you were to concede the “election” to the Chi-Com Biden crime family and their Chi-com compromised criminal politicians, media and big tech personnel, not only will there never again be a fair election in America, but you and your family and supporters will be arrested and probably executed by the Democrat Communists, just as the Czar and his family were executed by the Communist Bolsheviks. So again, you have nothing to lose by declaring war on these deep state Democrat Communists right now, not tomorrow or next week or on Jan.19th. The longer you wait the more difficult will be the effort. Those with us greatly outnumber those against us. What are your orders Captain Trump?

  57. Until someone actually fires even one bullet, I expect that things will be as they always have been.
    Nobody will ever get arrested.
    Nobody will go to prison.
    All involved will be given Government or Corporate Office Positions.
    And when China lands it’s ships and planes on our Military Bases, they will tell us it’s the Russians.

  58. Always fight for freedom – never let Democratic Evil (with China money) to take over USA!!!
    Better to die fighting for freedom then live in slavery!!!
    I will be surprised how many people will join you in this fight…it’s GOOD AGAINST EVIL war and GOOD will win!!!

  59. These things should accompany a nationwide formation of a constitutional Militia: this would be for training both Men and woman to understand our Constitution so we can get rid of the phoney Supreme Court where Roberts gave the best example of just how useless they are there when he voted to pass Obamacare admitting that it is UnConstitutional so instead, he suggested it was then a Mandatory tax. ( Roberts Violated his Oath to defend the Constitution right there.

    A National Militia would set up new system whereby these criminals would be pput on trial by the People and their crimes would yield penalties instead of the mind games the FBI and CIA and Justice department have been playing. : we have video of people counting hidden fraudulelt ballots and they have yet to be arrested when they should already be imprisoned for ten years. A National Militia would take care of the trial and perform swift Justuce. It would already have put Joe Biden in Prison for several counts of selling out our country in treasonous acts. Hillary CLinton and many people involved in the Trump witch hunts would also be tried and sent to prison for Treason.

    Benghazi would seek answers from Hillary, Huma Abbedin and Weiner.

    Giving taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants would stop and those found guilty would be sent to prison and assets seized to cover the taxpayer losses including the cost of the prison.

    In many states and county’s we have a genuine insuresction going on and we need a foce that would not be able to be bought: A National Militia would be such and could be started immediately

    PS. this is not a call to violence because I believe in the idea of security thru strength…….such a force would understand the U.S. constitution as well as our rights to defend our nation against all enemies, insurgencies and attacks both foreign and domestic.

    WHile we are in all of these shutdowns we could be taking action to sieze our government and toss the deep state treasonists into prison where they belong

    Bruce Wayne

  60. So perfectly expressed. I stand behind every word of it. Thank You. I hope our President heeds it well. I will support this in every way I can, including giving up my life if it comes to it.

  61. The Battle of Long Island referenced @ the opening to your letter is also called The Battle of Brooklyn. George Washington had 10k men in Brooklyn that became overtaken and surrounded by a British army many times as large. With their backs to the East River, the British decided to wait one day for the kill, whereupon their ships would be sent up the East River to encircle the snare and strike the final blow.

    Seeing that time was spared, Gen. Washington summoned as many ships as he could and ferried all of his troops, horses and arms from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the dead of night. As dawn rose troops still remained in Brooklyn needing evacuation. At that time a thick fog moved up the East River, providing camouflage to complete the mission.

    Right now we are the patriots stranded and surrounded in Brooklyn, waiting for rescue. One can only hope that God grants the wisdome, courage and pathway to President Trump as he did to Gen. Washington.

  62. Someone needs to give the call and we’ll assemble on the city streets like our ancestors did on the Lexington and Concord greens. We need to take back this country and purge it of all globalists and leftists once and for all.

  63. Without a valid election process, without courts of justice, without a supreme court to enforce the constitution we have no recourse but to fight. I cannot stand by and watch while my children grow up in a communist country. I have moved 89 times and been to 35 countries and 33 states. This is the last country on earth that is still standing as a beacon. If we fail there is no where to run. This is the last stand. It is no longer time for chatter and prognostication. If there is nothing worth dying for then even life becomes cheap and meaningless.

  64. We have no choice. There is a wall everywhere the president tries legal action. Well folks this is the ultimate LEGAL action. If we want our children to be slaves, then do nothing. If you want the freedom that was paid for in the blood of of patriots and tyrants to be for not, then we know what to do. President Trump…. give the order as commander and Chief. We stand millions deep.

  65. No one in their right mind would want a civil war but it looks like it has come down to that to save this great nation. We have way more than ourselves to think about here. Children, grand children are the ones that will suffer if we don’t stop this coup. I am ready and willing to go the distance when the time comes. Locked ready and loaded.

  66. Boy, I’d love to know that Trump will drop the hammer, however, apparently we live in a lawless country with no justice and nobody goes to jail for crimes. Our so called lawmakers (millionaires) give us crumbs while helping their conspirators with our money. Hoping to make a difference on day.

  67. We cannot let the Democratic Party destroy what a lot of our American soldiers have died to keep which is freedom we cannot allow them to walk in and take over so they can pay two other foreign companies their debt with our money we have to stand and overthrow what they say is right when it really is wrong all they’ve tried to do is brainwash us we have to fight this until it’s resolved with truth and Liberty according to the Constitution of the United States of America

    1. Sadly, it’s not just the Democratic Party (though they are now really the American Communist Party). It’s also Republicans. Look at the vote on the so-called stimulus bill to see the breakdown of patriots vs. sell-outs. Only a handful of GOP Senators voted no to that absurdity. Those are your patriots.

      And we saw much the same thing in all the GOP controlled swing state legislatures. Only a handful of true patriots stood up for vote integrity and opposed the steal. The rest? Either cowards or traitors.

      the GOP, nationwide, is now dominated by traitors and cowards. And no surprise, since most all politicians are lawyers and lawyers are, as a class (with a few notable exceptions), both cowardly and self-centered, caring only about themselves and their prestige and power. And the same can be said for businessmen, bankers, and media “celebrities.”

      I have had the great honor to know some truly outstanding patriot lawyers, and they know who they are, so I need mention no names. But they will also confirm what I say here. I saw it at Yale Law School (and it’s the same in all other law schools). The law students, both left and right, were risk-averse (afraid of taking risks, and seeking safe, cushy jobs) and were all obsessed with their status – where they ranked compared to their peers. Even at Yale Law, which intentionally had no grades in the first term (just pass or fail and everyone passed), specifically to try to get the students to NOT obsess over their grades or their rankings, the students still found ways to compare themselves to each other and compete for status.

      But then they sought safe, comfortable jobs, and most of them, including the so-called anti-capitalist social justice warriors, became cogs in the corporate defense machine at big corporate defense firms, defending the very same Wall Street they condemned as students. It was sad, really.

      You will not be saved by politicians or lawyers. You will have to save yourselves, just as the Founding Generation did.

      The few patriot lawyers who do exist will help, just as John Adams, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry were patriot lawyers in their day who pitched in to help, but it will still be up to the veterans and the patriotic gun owners to get this done. I have known this from the start, which is why I founded Oath Keepers, and why we accept patriots even if they are not prior service. It will take all of us. – Stewart

  68. I have a very simple response, you obviously have a much deeper understanding of the current situation than I. I’m a poor family man from Oklahoma, I don’t have the educational structures behind me that you have been blessed with. I live and guide my life and the lives of my family members from a very obscured point of view. But hear me now, I have watched how the travesties of afar in this country that I love have had a significant impact in my own life and the lives of those around me. I as well as many around me stand more ready than ever to act on what we know as human beings to be foul play from the so called “Elites” that dictate our very being from a cushy leather seat in D.C. The moment of Justice is close at hand wether by the stroke of a pen or the blunt of a dagger. I was willing to stand by your side in D.C. in a peaceful manner not so long ago, I am willing to do so again to try and accomplish a peaceful resolution. Sadly though I do not believe peace will be heard loud enough to stop what we know with reasonable certainty is coming VERY soon. Thank you for all you do Sir, I look forward to standing beside and with you yet again. III%

    1. Thank you brother. Well said. Remember the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson in his immortal poem about the fight at Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775:

      By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
      Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
      Here once the embattled farmers stood
      And fired the shot heard round the world.

      It was the farmers, as militia, muskets in hand, who fired that shot heard round the world, not any lawyers. In the end, it will come down to the people, to all the patriots, each doing their part. Take heart, and prepare.


  69. I fully agree with everything said here and as an Army vet I am ready to stand up for America and keep the oath I took when I joined.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…Tim

  70. I am a Libertarian and former Special Forces Group (18D). Thank you for your letter. I hope the call to duty is heard by both President Trump and the Military as I crossed party lines to vote for Trump. He is our last hope short of civil war. Unfortunately, a significant number of Republicans are also corrupt. Will they effectively block the President to stop all of his efforts?

  71. FB wont allow me to post a link to your website.
    It “goes against their community standards.”
    I think its high time we destroy that community

  72. We as Patriots must do whatever is necessary to maintain our Republic. I don’t want my son and grandchildren to be forced to live under communist rule. All of the traitors ,deep state, have to be eliminated. I pray that our Commander-in-Chief will stand firm and utilize the powers granted to him to lead our nation to victory and liberty. Freedom is worth fighting for.

  73. I am canadian but support the freedoms of the constitution and fair elections . I wish you all patriots Great Victory over injustice thats being imposed ..

  74. I would warn that fiery rhetoric about open conflict is dangerous in the extreme. Immediately I see a huge opportunity for the Oathkeepers in providing protective details for those legislators and executives who will make their own stand on behalf of the President.
    Our communities and neighbors need to have confidence that they will enjoy peace and stability in their homes.
    Bad actors can be detained but then turned over to the proper civilian or military authorities for prosecution.
    I fear that many potential hot-heads will cause more harm than good for the Patriot cause.
    There are many elected officials who might welcome the reasoned protection and response that the Oathkeepers can provide to society as a whole, and support their involvement if asked.

  75. I could see this time coming and now it is here. WE THE PEOPLE , will now longer set back and what. President Trump will be our Commander and Cheif, and I hope the military will tell Crazy Joe and Kamala they stole the election and it will not stand
    Great Letter and i am still a Combat Medic inside.
    Herb Steffen

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