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Open Letter to President Trump, Part II: Act Now! Do NOT Wait for Jan 6

Open Letter to President Trump, Part II:  Act Now!  Do NOT Wait for Jan 6
            Thomas Paine – The American Crisis. Read to Washington’s soldiers on December 23, 1776, before the Battle of Trenton.


President Trump,

Today, December 23,  is the anniversary of the reading of Thomas Paine’s The American Crisis, Number 1, to Washington’s troops as they prepared their minds, bodies, and spirits for the critical battle of Trenton, which turned the tide of the war.  General Washington had suffered defeat after defeat, and both he and his men were worn down.   Many of his men were demoralized.  He needed a victory, and to get one, he needed to go on the offensive.   And he did.   He ordered Thomas Paine’s immortal words read aloud to his men, to get their minds right, and then General Washington penned a simple note to himself:  “victory or death” – which became the password for the operation to cross the Delaware and attack the Hessians.   At that time, there were many on both sides predicting his inevitable defeat, declaring that he was done, that the cause was lost.  Many turned against him.   But Washington did not listen to the doubting Thomas’s who were urging him to give up, to try to make a deal with the enemy.   Instead, he went on the offensive.   He attacked.   And he won.

Like Washington, you have suffered defeats, treachery, and people you trusted abandoning you, or even turning on you (modern day “Benedict Arnolds” abound).   Like Washington, you have people in your ear, urging you to give up, to make a deal.   Don’t do it.  Follow Washington’s example and attack.

In our last open letter to you, we urged you to invoke the insurrection act, declaring an insurrection to be in existence by domestic enemies of the Constitution who are in allegiance with, and doing the biding of, Communist China and its globalist allies, intent on stealing the election and installing their puppet.   We urged you to use SOCOM and other loyal military units to seize the data not just on election fraud, but also all data held by U.S. intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement that contain the dirt on all American elites who have been bribed or blackmailed by the Chinese Communist regime, or other foreign powers, or who are ideological fellow-travelers and willingly doing their bidding.

We urged you to use your absolute power to declassify ANY secret information and do a Wikileaks style data-dump of that information on the traitors, to expose them all (regardless of political party).   This will show the American people who has been compromised and who is a traitor.  And that will give you the credibility in the only court that really matters at this moment – the court of public opinion among the patriots, and among the military – to do what you must do, which is to walk the same path of decisive action that President Lincoln took.

We pointed out that this is a matter of duty, and is your final, last chance to save this Republic.   To that, we add the following:

You are running out of time.

The Deep State strategy had been, from day one, to do to you what they did to President Reagan:   Surround you with Deep State agents who will assist in containing you by giving you terrible advice and by refusing to take meaningful action in any of their posts (AG Barr is but one example) and then run the clock out on you, until you are gone (and stealing your re-election to avoid the risk of having you in for eight full years).  Right now there are still “advisors” around you telling you that you cannot use the Insurrection Act or do a mass data seizure/data dump to expose the traitors, or take other decisive action to defend our Constitution.   Or they are telling you that you must wait for various reasons  – such as waiting until after January 6, when the joint session of Congress meets to process the electoral college votes.  Do not listen to them.  That’s just part of the plan to run the clock out on you.   Do your duty, and do it now.   Recognize you are already in a war, and you must act as a wartime president, and there is not a minute to lose.

Do it now.   And don’t let the fact that it is Christmas stop you.

Remember, George Washington led his men across the frozen Delaware river on Christmas in 1776 to attack the Hessians at Trenton early the next morning.  Do the same to the Deep State traitors and ChiCom puppets.  Attack them now, using your most effective weapons – your irrefutable powers as Commander-in-Chief and the Insurrection Act of 1807.   Give American patriots a grand Christmas present by dropping the hammer now.  Attack our enemies and deal them a crushing blow while they sleep, wrapped in their arrogance.


Open Letter to President Trump, Part II:  Act Now!  Do NOT Wait for Jan 6

Remember our heritage.  Act accordingly. 


Why you should not wait until Jan 6, 2021: 

The Republicans in Congress, in both the House and Senate (with a small handful of notable exceptions) are very likely to stab you in the back, just like the GOP controlled RINO state legislatures did.   The Deep State wants you to wait till January 6, 2021 so their GOP puppets (such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) can betray you yet again, violating their oaths, and certifying electors for a fraudulent imposter.   And if you then take action, they will call you a dictator, accusing you of taking action only to stay in power.  Under those circumstances, more military service-members may mistakenly believe that Biden is the legitimate President-elect and more of them will unwittingly obey stand down orders from turn-coat Generals.   This does NOT mean that if you wait till then, that you should not still take decisive action if that comes to pass.   You should still invoke the Insurrection Act and do what must be done.   But it will be better for you to do it now, rather than after the 6th.

The GOP controlled state legislatures and other Republican officials in the swing states have already stabbed you in the back and betrayed their oaths, by certifying fraudulent elections that were not conducted according to the Constitutional mandate that “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors …”

Those GOP controlled state legislatures, executive branches, and judiciaries knew that the voting was not done according to actual state law, but was instead done contrary to state law in multiple ways, making the selection of the electors unconstitutional.  And they also knew there was fraud, all resulting the in the disenfranchisement of legitimate voters, who’s right to equal protection of the laws was violated.   And yet they still certified the fraudulent, unconstitutional results, and so far have refused and/or failed to decertify or overturn them.

And the courts, at every level, all the way up to the Supreme Court, have also refused to do their duty to defend the Constitution, and to secure the rights of the people, and have let this fraudulent farce go on.

Why should you expect anything better from even worse swamp creatures in the U.S. House and Senate?   You should expect the dividing lines to be similar to the number of Republicans in Congress who voted “no” on the latest Stimulus Bill.  Only a small handful of Republican Senators had any integrity.   It will be the same with the Electoral College slates.   The majority of them will join in with their Democratic fellow swamp creatures – even the ones you endorsed and helped get elected or re-elected.  They will protect and preserve the swamp instead of the Constitution.   They are loyal to the globalist oligarchy and to the interests of Communist China, instead of loyal to the Constitution or to the American people.

And you saw a similar breakdown on the U.S. Supreme Court, where only two out of nine upheld their oath and their duty to hear the Texas lawsuit against other states, despite it being clearly within their original jurisdiction to hear all cases between states.  All three of  your own Supreme Court nominees turned out to be swamp creatures who stabbed you and the American people in the back by shirking their duty.  Only Justices Thomas and Alito stood tall.

The same will happen in the House and Senate.  A small handful of actual patriots will stand tall.  The rest will fold, with Congress also rubber stamping and certifying unconstitutional voting, and unconstitutional selection of electors in the states, going along with the most blatant theft of an election in U.S. history, to knowingly, willfully, install a fraudulent Chinese puppet and his equally illegitimate running mate.

They could not beat you in a fair election, so they stole it, and now their establishment fellow travelers and/or cowards at every level of government and in every branch are supporting that theft.

Invoking the Insurrection Act NOW Will Pressure Both the States and Congress to Finally Do the Right Thing. 

You need to take decisive action now, calling all National Guard units into national service to keep the peace as you order SOCOM and loyal military intelligence units to seize critical data/evidence and begin exposing Deep State traitors (anyone who has been bribed or blackmailed by Communist China or other foreign entities), and any evidence of vote fraud that has not already been destroyed.   This is bigger than this election.  It’s about insidious subversion and take over of our nation from within by globalist elites in league with one of our most deadly enemies – Communist China.

This will put the fear of God into all the Deep State minions, including any of the compromised Republicans at every level, both in the states and in the U.S. Congress, and will embolden the patriot office-holders to again push for doing the right thing.   The states still have time to de-certify the elections/slates of electors, but time is running out.   Put the bad guys on their heels now.  They won’t be able to know exactly what you now have on them, with all the data seizures all over the nation. They will begin turning on each other, and will roll over, seeking “deals” in exchange for testimony against each other.   It’s very similar to how you take down a crime syndicate or cartel.

You should have invoked the Insurrection Act immediately after it became apparent that the election was being stolen.  Not doing so gave traitors time to destroy or manipulate evidence, covering their trail in the states.  As any investigator or prosecutor knows, you don’t leave evidence of criminal activity in the hands of the perpetrators – you seize the evidence as soon as possible to secure it.

You are already a month and a half behind, and now you have a crucial runoff election ongoing in Georgia, that is being stolen as we type this.


Invoke the Insurrection Act to Stop the Steal Going on Right Now in Georgia

Right now the runoff election in Georgia is being stolen.  Georgia is using the exact same election model as they used in the November election – same machines, same process.  And you can expect the same results.   They will steal this election as well, giving the Democrats control of the U.S. Senate, and removing any possible barriers to their socialist agenda.

You need to call the Georgia National Guard (and any other state as you determine necessary) into federal service to stop the steal.   Order them to monitor the voting, to secure the ballots and. the voting machines, and to maintain chain of custody over every ballot and all the machines at every step of the process.  Be prepared to relieve from command any commanding officer who will not do their duty.  Expect it.  The Deep State rot has unfortunately infested even the ranks of our military (as you are no doubt aware).


Appoint a true patriot as your Acting Attorney General.

Someone who you know will be a fearless champion for the Constitution and will take on the deep state and fight them tooth and nail.   Have that new A.G. appoint special prosecutors  and all necessary tasks forces to go after not just election fraud, but after all of the deep state and their treason and corruption.  It is time to truly drain the swamp.


White Hats have the Goods

There have always been a group of white hats around you, this group has provided you assistance before and are ready to be called into action. This group has meticulously collected and secured open source data pertaining to the illegal acts committed by the traitors within the government. Barr and many others have failed to utilize the provided information and there may be people still in your orbit obstructing today. Luke 10:19

You need to be working with Patriots from outside the beltway to accomplish the mission – this has always been the problem. Those within the beltway seek to maintain the status quo and have been working against your efforts to drain the swamp. The White Hats only need access to you to help you.   They/we stand ready to assist you.


Post January 6

If you fail to act before January 6, 2021, and Congress at that time fails to defend the Constitution and stop the steal, as we expect them to, then we urge you to immediately take the following actions:

Declare that Congress has failed to defend the Constitution by rubber stamping a fraudulent and unconstitutional election.   Further declare that the states also failed to defend the Constitution by failing to de-certify a fraudulent election and fraudulently selected electors.  Also declare that seven out of nine of the Justices on Supreme Court has likewise failed in their duty, by refusing to hear a case squarely within their original jurisdiction.  Declare that the American people are now being subjected to an extra-constitutional, illegitimate system that “rules” through systemic fraud, without the actual consent of the governed.  And declare that therefore, you will honor your oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

You will not concede to an unconstitutional fraudulent farce, you will not step down, and you will not leave the White House in the hands of an illegitimate, fraudulent imposter, who is a suspected agent of a foreign enemy.

along with the mass declassification and public data-dump (see below), the best thing you can do right now to show the American people, and the military service-members under your command, the reality of our predicament is to play the following videos for them, of a Communist Chinese professor bragging about how they control the inner circle of the American elite, at the very top:

Here is the full video of the Chinese University Professor’s speech:

You are Commander-in-Chief.   Order that those videos be shown to all current serving U.S. military personnel, immediately.   And also show them the below excellent documentary by Epoch Times, which goes into detail on how the CCP is engaged in unrestricted warfare against the United States and has, over decades, subverted and infiltrated our nation, conquering it from within, including being directly involved in stealing the election for Biden:

Those are three videos every American should watch, and then come to terms with the truth that Wall Street sold out long ago, and then our political class, our legal class, and all mainstream media likewise sold out, for personal profit and power.

We need to take our country back, and you, Mr. President, need to help us finally get it done.

Invoke the Insurrection Act and call all National Guard units into national service to keep the peace.  

Call all patriotic veterans into federal service as part of the militia.  

One of your clearly described statutory powers as Commander-in-Chief, is to call any veteran until age 65 into federal service as the militia, to serve right there with the National Guard, under your command.   Federal law provides for calling us veterans into service until age 65 because of our prior training and experience.   We are all trained, each according to his or her M.O.S.   Many of us are recent combat veterans of Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

You can order veterans to report to their nearest military base or their nearest National Guard unit to be put to work, likewise assisting in keeping the peace and assisting you in anything else you need done.

Call all patriotic Americans of military age into service.  

You can, and should,  also call into service all able-bodied Americans between the ages of 17-45 who are still loyal to the Constitution.  You need only issue the call and they will respond.   In fact, tens of thousands of patriotic Americans, both veterans and non-veterans, will already be in Washington D.C., and many of us will have our mission-critical gear stowed nearby just outside D.C., and we will answer the call right then and there, if you call on us.   Us veterans can quickly train, organize, and lead our non-veteran patriot brothers and sisters, to put them to work within their abilities (according to their skillsets and experience in civilian life that can be carried over into military service).

Again, be prepared to relieve from command all Deep State traitor officers in the ranks of the U.S. military and National Guard.  Be prepared to promote loyal patriot officers or noncommissioned officers, or loyal veterans, into command.

Immediately begin the mass declassification and Wikileaks style data-dump to expose all the traitors, freeing Julian Assange so he can assist in this vital task.  

You need to do this mass data declassification and public data-dump immediately, but if you do wait until after January 6, it will be all the more critical that you do it as fast as you can, and with as much evidence of treason being disclosed to the American people as you can possibly facilitate in the short time you will have to do it before January 20.   Again, the most critical court is the court of public opinion and the most critical portion of that will be the current serving military, and the veterans of this nation (to avoid as much bloodshed as possible).  They must know the truth, and all of the truth, no matter how ugly it is, and about both major political parties.  Do not spare the GOP traitors any more than you spare the Democrat traitors. Expose them all.  Dump all their skeletons  in the the street (all evidence of their bing bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise colluding with our enemies) for the people to see.   That will maximize your credibility, and will maximize the number of military personnel and federal law enforcement who will side with the Constitution and the rights of the people, and it will maximize the number of Americans who finally have the veil lifted from their eyes so they can see evil in high places among the principalities of the earth.

Remember, this is really a world war of the people vs tyrants and evil oligarchs.   The world is watching us to see what we do, just as the world watched the Founding Fathers to see what would happen, and when they shook off the chains of monarchy, the world followed their example, in one nation after another.   The same will happen again.  And it starts by exposing all the dark secrets.


Immediately order the U.S. military and National Guard units to conduct a new nationwide election that is an actually clean election using paper ballots.   Order this to be done ASAP.  

Do NOT concede to an illegitimate, fraudulent election, or illegitimate state and federal rubber stamping of that illegitimate election.  

Declare that no electronic voting is secure or free from being manipulated, hacked, or otherwise used to commit vote fraud.

There needs to be a new election, nationwide, for all positions that were to be determined by the November election (and the GA runoff election), that is actually a clean election, giving true respect to the right of the people to elect their representatives, so that the consent of the governed is honored.  And until that new election is undertaken, you must not step down.   You cannot concede to an illegitimate election and allow a fraudulent “President” to take office.   He must win by an actual election, if he is to win.

Carry out a clean election, as fast as is humanly possible, and honor the results, whatever they may be.

We recommend the following:

The new election will be conducted by the national guard and veterans as part of the militia, and/or the U.S. military over a two week period on paper ballots, with constant civilian observers and the public being able to observe at every stage of the process.

The paper ballots are to be assigned an ID number that can be given to the voter and the name and ID number should be registered in a live time voter database on a secure military server (creating a scrolling sheet that is constantly updating).  There should be a concurrent manual ballot count, along with the entry into the database, indicating voter ID number, and votes (maintaining voter privacy but also allowing the voter to audit their own vote).

The voter will put their thumb print on the paper ballot with purple ink (just like we did in Iraq) so nobody can vote more than once.   All voters must provided some form of government issued ID that proves identity and residency.   For federal elections, they must also prove citizenship in some way (by federal law, only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections. This law must be enforced).

The voter shall be given a photo copy of their ballot so they can audit it later at their command and discretion at any time during business hours at their local county clerks office to confirm that their vote was not changed, and that it was counted.

The paper ballots will be counted at the end of the two week period. All ballots are to be securely maintained during the voting period by the military and militia (including National Guard) under constant supervision by the military, by the militia, and by local civilian observers selected by lottery and will be counted in front of any other citizens who wish to monitor.  The whole process should be transparent and open to the public to observe at every step.  At the time of the count the ballot ID number will be acknowledged in the database as having been counted. The ballots will then be made available for audit by the individual voter.

We must also clean up all the other public offices from past elections.  All local communities are to hold public referendums on their elected officials with the support of the military and/or militia to decide if they should remove from office any or all of their other sitting elected officials, and/or to conduct special elections using the same protocols as above.
No party will be allowed to participate in such a referendum and only the citizens will determine if ALL other elected officials in their state are removed and a new special election held for all elected positions.  Any new election will be conducted in the above described manner.
If we fail to root out the deep state, root and branch, NOW, this Republic is dead.  We the People will not let that happen.   But we need you, President Trump, to stand up and honor your oath, and do your duty as our President and Commander-in-Chief.
Know this:  millions of American military and law enforcement veterans, and many millions more loyal patriotic American gun owners stand ready to answer your call to arms, and to obey your orders to get this done.   Our goal is to honor our oaths to defend the Constitution and ultimately to restore our Constitutional Republic.
President Trump, you must be as decisive, if not more so, than President Lincoln was at the outset of the Civil War, when he issued an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, issued arrest warrants for several members of Congress, for sitting state representatives and officials, as well as newspaper editors, as he suppressed an insurrection and rebellion that had spread throughout all branches of government at all levels.
If you fail to do your duty, you will leave We the People no choice but to walk in the Founders footsteps, by declaring the regime illegitimate, incapable of representing us, destructive of the just ends of government – to secure our liberty- and to be a mere puppet of a deadly foreign enemy.  And, like the Founding generation, we will take to arms in defense of our God given liberty, we will declare our independence from that puppet regime, and we will fight for our liberty.
There are millions of American patriots standing ready.  Do not forsake them.  Do not leave them to have to do it all themselves.   Keep your promise.   Drain the Swamp.  Do it now!  We will help you at every step of the way.
For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes,
Founder of Oath Keepers
US Army Airborne veteran
Yale Law 04
Kellye SoRelle
Texas patriot lawyer
Former Texas Prosecutor
The term “martial law” is nowhere in the constitutional text (go look.  You won’t find it there).  The power of Congress to provide for calling forth the militia to suppress an insurrection, on the other hand, IS in the constitutional text, and Congress did so, starting in 1807, in the Insurrection Act (and all its amended versions since).  Suppressing an insurrection and “martial law” are very different and should not be conflated or confused.
All the above recommended actions can be done under constitutional powers and authorities pursuant to the Insurrection Act, and pursuant to the President’s powers and duties under Article II.   President Trump does NOT need to try to step outside the Constitution to enforce it.   He merely needs to use his constitutional powers in defense of that same Constitution, and in defense of the rights of the American people, pursuant to the Constitution (such as the right to vote, as well as the right to equal protection of the laws).
So please stop using the term “martial law” to describe actions President Trump can and must undertake to suppress this insurrection.   You do a great disservice to the cause when you throw that term around instead of simply advocating his use of the Insurrection Act, and you only make it easier for our enemies to claim that President Trump is acting outside the Constitution and is a wanna-be dictator.   Keep the focus on the Constitution, where it belongs.
Further, the Insurrection Act allows for the President to make his own determination of the facts regarding the existence of an ongoing insurrection.  This is something else people seem to have a hard time understanding.  He can invoke the Insurrection Act, and then gather the evidence of the extent of the insurrection and treason committed by individuals, for later prosecution in trials for treason, sedition, espionage, etc.  He doesn’t have to provide that evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” up front.  But he does need to articulate, to the American people, what is happening and why, and then he needs to seize the evidence and do that massive declassification and data-dump so the American people have a sense of just how widespread the corruption, treason, sedition, and espionage really is.   Then comes the indictments, arrests, prosecutions, and public trials, before juries of We the People, as our Constitution requires.   And that is where evidence beyond a reasonable doubt will need to be presented to the jury.







Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. Fight Mr. President, by all means fight. As you know the Country is at stake. I’ll support you 100% as will over 74,000,000 people. Fight.

  2. I am a 68 year old retired police supervisor. I will fight alongside the younger Patriots, as long as there is a breath in me. I will do what my father did in World War II and my son did in Iraq, and that is to defend the Constitution of the United States. I am waiting for my call to arms.

  3. Mr. Stewart Rhodes

    I appreciate your clear and broad, detailed writing that puts into words expressly the urgency of the hour and exactly what Trump must do to break this dead pan silence of non action that is difficult and confusing for many patriots to withstand and observe. Personally I am not sure exactly “who” or “what” is directing and creating the strange energy that seems to be over our country regarding the election, but something feels off. I appreciate you bringing clarity to it, and calling it like it is, putting it in words, and straightening up the ambiguity of the mission facing us. We need the cohesiveness, focus, and action of the President. Thanks for kicking him in the derriere. I am concerned Trump is running a different agenda, wearing a 2 sided costume to somewhat please the patriots yet taking an entirely different path at the bidding of his owners. Am I the only one who feels this, fears this? I think multiple people are sensing this, based on the things I hear people expressing. So I appreciate you bringing crystal clarity and power, Mr. Rhodes, to what must be done NOW. Breaking the negative spell of the Quiet, wondering if he will seize his Power or will he just let America down. Thank you. I keep your organization in my prayers. Thank you to all Patriots who are still fighting and strengthening. You all mean so much to me.

  4. Well said, Stewart. I would only add that our Founding Fathers were not only shaking off the chains of monarchy, but more importantly, the chains of a Parliament (congress) that was compromised by Mercantilism (crony capitalism) in the form of the British East India Company and their monopoly on trade (tea, etc.). Reagan’s landslide victory in 1984 had the slogan, ‘It is morning again in America’. Well, we can now truthfully say, ‘It’s 1776 again in America’.

  5. Thank you. You couldn’t have made it any clearer. We are in a desperate time and need President Trump’s help now. As a Grandma I will do whatever I can to save my grandkids from the slavery intended upon us by the evil maniac forces. God keep us strong and courageous. I’m praying for all American patriots now!

  6. Thank for your counsel to our president, for your service to our republic, and for educating those of us without the legal background you have. This stands, as well , as a call to attention awaiting further orders. Idahoans support our nation and our president, duly elected.

  7. I support this 500% !!! If Trump should fail, it is time for all-out war. Unfortunately I am 73 years old and my health is not the best. I am not ex-military, just a patriot. But I am fully armed, with plenty of ammo, and am ready and willing to do whatever I can! I may not be able to run or keep up on a march, but I can sure as hell shoot straight! This out and out fraudulent election CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND. AT ANY COST! PLEASE do not hesitate to call on me if there is ANYTHING I can do!

  8. This should include a link for readers to srnd to: President Trump White House; and bcs his staff cannot be trusted to convey this to him, your article/letter should also include links to send to General Flynn and to Sydney Powell. Everyone shld send this to both their state legislatures and their US Rep and Senator. Inundate all legislatures with this as emails, postage, etc.

  9. Stewart, On behalf of all military and law enforcement veterans I want to thank you for your continued fight to save our Republic from the most egregious attack on our Constitution and our freedoms that this country has seen in my lifetime and beyond. I pray that President Trump is reading these “open letters” and that he is taking your recommendations seriously. We are short on time and we are on the precipice of losing the greatest nation the world has ever known to the unhinged Socialist/Marxist puppets that engineered and put into action the most massive election fraud in our country’s history. As you stated, there are many of us ready to honor our oaths and do whatever needs to be done to secure our freedoms and the freedoms of our children, grandchildren and their heirs for generations to come. I’m past the time where I can be called to duty (I’m 71), but I’m in good shape, and still capable of defending our country from “domestic enemies”, which is exactly what the Democratic Party and the Republican traitors are. I also believe President Trump needs to act now and I have sent him emails and letters encouraging him to take action to save our country as soon as humanly possible! I would like you to know that I am willing and able to assist in any manner needed. I am in Nevada, a state that saw rampant voter fraud, which I was personally exposed to through a very close friend’s experience. This election cannot be allowed to stand. Biden cannot be allowed to take control of this country through a fraudulent election that was orchestrated and backed by the CCP, Soros, and corrupt politicians and election officials in many of our states. We must convince President Trump to do what must be done. If he fails to take action now, I’m convinced that the only other option will be an armed rebellion by the patriots of this country. I never wanted to go to war again, but to save this country and our freedoms, and to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice, I will put my life on the line again, so help me God. I’ve said that if I was willing to go to a foreign country to fight for what I believed to be to protect democracy, what do these leftists think I’d be willing to do on American soil to protect our Republic and our freedoms? Looking back now I believe the Vietnam War was a tragedy that should never have been allowed to happen. We lost over 58,000 American patriots for nothing. But what most of us believed is that we were defending democracy. We must win this fight or the ultimate sacrifices that so many have made before us will have been for naught. That includes the men and women of our law enforcement agencies that took the oath to protect not only our Constitution, but our communities as well. These sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, regardless of whether it was military, law enforcement, or first responders, must not be in vain. We must stand as strong as our Forefathers did when taking this country from tyrants and giving us the freedoms that allowed our country to evolve into the greatest, most prosperous and most generous nation on the face of the earth. We must win this battle or our country as we’ve known it will be gone, replaced by the New World Order, the Great Reset, or whatever other God forsaken name these evil globalists concoct to take total control. God Bless America! God save America!

  10. I just joined a few days ago. I am of the belief WE NEED to start acting NOW! WE need OUR PRESIDENT TO START acting now…IMO. All the chin music is to no avail. WE NEED TO START MAKING THESE THIEVES BELIEVE WE WILL ACT? I am just a leaf on the tree, BUT we need to start somewhere. DJT needs to DIRECT US WHAT HE WANTS from US PLEASE! WE CAN NOT LET THIS STEAL go down…..I WILL do all I can DO. BTW, where are my PATCHES I ordered MANY DAYS ago?

  11. Met an anonymous Oath keeper a while back when Obama was in office. He was delivering packages we had ordered. He saw my flag flying out front of the house as my son and I were playing catch with the football! We had a good talk and he said that they were organized to defend the constitution and will lay down their lives if needed!!!! They are more organized than people realize!!!

  12. Charles Chaney… AKA, THE LAST STAND
    Vietnam veteran 1969-1970….. Americal division & 101st airborne.
    OATH KEEPER. Will do what I can. Old, but not a hot head.

  13. I support the president, but there are some questions on my mind why was Barr given the job why is wray still there Hillary is still spewing venom Brennon Susan Rice clapper caught lying totaly got away with it and on and on..The president had the power to crush these bugs . I can,t figure out in my mind why he didn,t. Thanks just my thoughts.

  14. I am calling for the arrest and prosecution of the demoncrats and republicrates that have sold our country down the river to China and other nations. Some of those that must be arrested are Maxine Waters for inciting riots against we-the-people and Chuck Shummer and Nancy Pelosi for treason and insurrection together with Dick Durbin, Nadler and Eric Holder, Lorreta Lynch and Obama and Joe Biden and all their demonic counter parts. It is time to support President Donald John Trump and help him take our country back. I have never seen such corruption in all my 79 years of life in America. We are no longer “One Nation Under God” as founded by our forefathers . We have been divided by the corrupt “DEMONCRATES” and their satanic followers . TAKE A FIRM STAND ALL YOU WHOM ARE TRUE AMERICANS”

  15. Stuart,
    God Bless you. I pray the President reads this. However, I have been told he doesn’t read. Just watches MSM. As we know from the Art of War… The battle is a very before it even begins… and this one is lost my friend. You have tremendous courage and wisdom. I pray that you can use it to help is form a strategy to win the next battle in this war. All the fools have been reading this Q garbage. If only any of that were true! Please publish national strategy before we face the full power of the state acting under color of law. They are coming for us. Trump’s inaction has exposed all who stood with him.
    God bless and God Speed to you and your Oath Keepers.

  16. Wow, great article. I am 61 and can’t believe what is unfolding in front of our eyes. All the crimes…where do I start! Geez. I just know I am reading and seeing so much that has always been in question and defined as conspiracy theories starting decades ago with the assassination of our President. Imagine, a 5 year old witnessing our President’s historic funeral service. That event is still embedded in my brain as if it were yesterday. If my father was alive he would be so ashamed of this country and the traitors that have sold out for profit. God does work in mysterious ways but I also believe true patriotic Americans do too. I have never needed a gun but just recently bought one because of what we are witnessing.

    I have never been in service but will gladly serve our President and my country to save it. I will gladly take an oath to protect the future of my kid. I would rather die an American hero than a coward.

    You can call on me. May God Bless the United States of America!

  17. President DONALD J TRUMP , Our last chance to save the republic is for you to invoke the Insurrection Act ! The courts and congress of both parties are out of control !, there
    are not enough just men in congress to make a difference . Please do not wait for the courts or congress to do anything ! you won the election , STOP THIS COUP NOW !

  18. I will probably be arrested, possibly drawn and quartered as well, but I forwarded the link to this page to the White House’s “Contact the President” page.

  19. I am an Army Vet and standing by. In the mean time can someone please push my membership
    through so i can access the forums?

    I am trying to get in contact with any oathkeepers in the Greenville, SC area.

    ANYONE ON HERE WHO HAS ACCESS to the forums, please have someone contact me in South Carolina at

    The call of duty is around the corner and we need to unite more than ever.

    Keep your head on a swivel!

  20. Any Politician that supports an election process that does not include voter identification and validation is indeed corrupt, and contributing to changing the USA from a Republic to a Socialist Nation. Josef Stalin is quoted; “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything”! While I clearly support President Trump to remain in office as our President, the more important task for him now is to ensure our voting process is secure. I see no alternative but for him to invoke the Insurrection Act immediately.

  21. Those Democrats and Republicans, those big tech companies, and media, who have sold out to China , in one form or another, need to be prosecuted under the Sedition Act, held for treason and tried accordingly. For those inciting riots, using ANTFA and BLM, tried and hung.

  22. Thank you for providing the direction and the course of battle that is upcoming. For those that may lack courage to stand and fight. It is to us that this burden has fallen. To keep our oaths as warriors of the Republic. Hold to our oaths and wait for the call to defend this constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. May almighty God grant us the ability and wisdom to overcome this evil. Mount up and God bless.

  23. USAF (ret) Combat Arms Instructor (75370) 1965-1995. I will teach,train and qualify all those who rise to the occasion and are willing and able to answer a ‘call to arms’ given by President Trump.
    Lifetime Founding Oath Keeper,#30
    Indiana Lifetime Oath Keeper,#002
    Indian region #2-coordinator

  24. Mr. President
    I will stand and fight for you tell my last breath. I am 65yrs old but can shoot good when needed. Have breathing problems but have gun and ammo. They all must be tried as treason. If there is anything I can do let me know. I’m not a veteran but a patriot and love my country.

  25. I lived under a totalitarian regime for many years then I escaped to this country.I know what’s comming in case the enemies of the Republic succeed in their plans.As it stands, I have nothing left to loose;I am ready to be called at any time.
    God Bless this nation and the entire world.

  26. Mr Rhodes Sir you have one real Problem only in your Opinion of what Potus Trump needs to do
    Sir it clearly defines WHAT must be done in The First Paragraph
    No election can be done due to both political bands installed the FEDERAL RESERVE
    Both Poolitical bands Are the Enemy within
    An fair elections must be put on hold ,no such thing
    Mr Rhodes the Potus must first follow our Declaration of Independence
    An why due to the Constitution is just plain to slow for this type of UNCIVIL WAR
    ALL ABLE AMERICANS will have Skin in this CONTEST and this little Rebellion at all levels will require BOOTS filled by AMERICANS to hold the Ground
    Sir soon the lights will go out an my hope while there is still time is you might get The Word to what maybe our only way to Communicate basic bands on CB so the few may broad cast at the local level or receive our orders .
    This is a UNCIVIL WAR and the rules for engagement due to the enemy within will not wear a uniform and adhere to a rule of warfare that is civilized
    So please Sir read this passage in the Declaration for it will be here again
    He has Excited domestic Insurrection amongst us and has endeavored to bring on the Inhabitants of our Frontiers the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of All Ages Sex’s and conditions
    The above quote Will be the case Sir due to EVIL is REAL so this must be ADDRESSED
    The Constitution is only for a Moral People and our Enemy’s has no Morals this is UNCIVIL WAR by its very Nature a GOOD FIGHT but Evil is at its full Strength and this is a Super Natural power that has found it way to light of day
    It must be dealt with No Mercy for it will show no mercy to those it captures for a very old type of WARFARE is here and it must be recognized now SIR
    The Colors SIR our Enemy will use them and being this is a uncivil war sir may I recommend Potus Washington flag to rally to
    My name is Michael Day Sir here in a little corner of the Republic behind the lines in Commiefornia
    My fellow Americans HERE will HOLD UNTIL RELIEVED by GOD


  28. As usual Stewart you hit the bullseye. We MUST NOT let this slide or we will be hunted down for our beliefs. Your advice to the president is correct and I pray he ignores the traitors within and does what is right for our nation.
    BTW I worked the security with you at the Tupelo Ms. Trump rally and know that You and the Oathkeepers are a stand up bunch of guys. Keep up the good work and call on me if needed.

  29. Mr. President
    I will have your back 100%. I’m a patriot and will fight till my last breath. Democrats should be charged with treason and hung in public. I’m 65yrs old and breathing problems but can fight if I have to. Have guns and ammo and ready to use them. I’m ready to fight for my country.

  30. Stand your ground and fight Mr. President. There are too many to count veterans who will rally to your battle cry. You can trust that we will run to the sound of battle, not from it.

  31. Mr. PRESIDENT, it is time that this nation under God should stand up and fight. But. We need a Leader to rally the troops, to show the wotld that we will not buckle under. We will fight for what we believe in
    . We must cut off the head of the snake. Mr. PRESIDENT , SHOW US THE WAY.

  32. I back our president and vice president 100% we need our country back if we as citizens did what Joe biden, hunter biden and hillary clinton and many more has done and are doing we would be sentenced to death. People better wake up God took out nations to protect his people and used them to do it just because we are God fearing people doesn’t mean we’re supposed to lay down and take this. Please Mr president invoke the insurrection act now.

  33. In God we trust! Where we go one we go all! I was never in the military. I love every single Patriot out there and what they stand for so I will back every single one of you up 100%. Im a single mother with three kids and I will do whatever it takes to protect them and all the children on this planet against our enemies. God bless the USA!

  34. I sadly agree with the assessment and recommendation. In talking with my son who is 41 and lives in Montana he has NO confidence that our system is interested in justice. He believes that to a lesser or greater extent everyone in politics is tainted. I told him that Patriots are waiting for the system to run its course; that we should allow all the people in government to go on record. That we should not assume they will all cave. That is the fair thing to do but it is not the strategic thing to do.

    God bless and guide you in His wisdom and continue to uphold you and give you courage.

  35. That was EPIC! Thank you.

    My great great great great great great great Grandfather Samuel Whittemore

    American Revolution War Hero.

    Would be proud.

  36. 65 year old very willing and able to have your six. If nothing is done now my kids and grandkids will never be able to live free. I prefer that not be the choice. Mr President you raised your right hand as did I to protect and defend the constitution from both foreign or domestic. To all my fellow soldiers it is time.

  37. President Trump….you better fight now before it is too late and you are betrayed by your advisors. If the fraudsters get you out of office expect to face never ending trials until they put you in jail. At the very least they will tag you with a felony conviction which will make you ineligible fir a 2024 presidential run.

  38. I support this effort. I support our President.
    This election was a continuation of a conspiracy that began 4+ years ago. Seize this opportunity by exposing the nefarious activities and jail the traitors of our Constitution.

  39. People need to realize “Freedom is never free – it is paid for with the blood of those willing to fight for it”. I am 55 and terminally ill but have been preparing for this for decades. I will fight to the death to defend our Republic and the Constitution.
    I was labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist” by friends and family since 1979. Well, those same friends and family are now begging me for help prepping, firearm selection and instruction, survival instruction, etc.
    The time has come to earn your freedom. Don’t rely on others to pay for YOUR freedom. If you are unable to fight, provide logistical support. Be prepared to feed and house warriors. Provide intel, Tend to the wounded. Any help will be greatly appreciated. We cannot allow this to continue! A life without freedom is a life not worth living.

  40. If any of our Founding Fathers were cowards … We would not be where we are today. POTUS must begin setting the table so that the Oath Keepers can defend the constitutional values of our great nation.

  41. The enclosed depicted cross of this Christmas message was erected in the desert of Southeast California……in a place of quiet contemplation.

    The cross being dedicated to the DEAD of all wars has special significance for us for family member PFC John I, was killed fighting Japanese aggression in April 1945, a few months after we celebrated our last Christmas together…….

    This Christmas America apparently has a new and equal crises……FRAUD AT THE BALLOT BOX which has been characterized by the American News Media as something like, NOT SIGNIFICANT. I disagree with this view for the known facts speak differently. Ah! the pen is an instrument of fraudulent voting and it has been asserted that “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD”.

    My brother fought our nation’s battle for survival against the Japanese armed with a combat rifle, ammunition, bayonet, and explosives all supplied by the U.S. taxpayer. Upon maturity I become a very competent criminal investigator fighting a similar war against those of our society who embrace crime and corruption……MAJOR FRAUD was my forte. My basic tools, also provided by our society, were a bit less lethal than my brother’s but just as effective……a Detective Shield, a Peace Officer Commission Card, a side arm, LAW BOOKS and jails. And yes voter crimes are addressed within these law books which books line court house shelves, however too political for our political judges.

    It is my position that one illegal ballot is one too many……with the thousands required to upset a nation’s apple cart, mind boggling. I believe that America is in dire straits as all future elections will be “blue prints” of this 2020 election.

    Do I remember Pearl Harbor and the Nazi death camps? You damn right I do and hope you do also. Any organization capable of upsetting the American apple cart is quite capable of mass destruction.

  42. Our Country is under attack by the WORLD…. The Globalists (Chinese Led) have an agenda and America is the only country ARMED to stop it…. Nationalism is gaining strength around the world. We do not want Globalism. Globalism led by Communist, Un-elected Politicans that know nothing of what is means to be American. To be Free…. The Nationalist movement around the World is watching us. Preying we don’t give up the progress our President Trump has made thus far. It will be a 4 year set back, just as President Trump set the Globalists back in 2016. As an American, a Veteran, a Patriot, a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather, I am compelled to set the example to my family, my friends and my Flag, how I am to respond to this emergency we face in our country and indeed the World. If President Trump doesn’t recognize his role as our leader, we must show him, we must assure him, we must gather around him as lay our arms at his feet and demand he lead us in this World War. We must assure him as Washington needed assurance of the right course to take. When we, the Militia show up in Washington D.C. armed and prepared to fight, I can assure you the National Guard will also show up, as well as the Quick Response Team from Fort Stewart, Ga. We can call out to our leader and demand he lead us, “Give us our Marching Orders or bid us farewell, to return home.”
    We, Americans, must do something, The Chinese has said it themselves, they planned, coordinated and executed their attack and called it Elite Capture… Capture the Elites of America’s strength, finances, communications, education and culture. Divide them, so they may fight among themselves. They did it, but we recognize it now and we must cut the rot out of our garden. Anything less will be for not. For I will not live under Communist/Socialist/Globalist rule. I am an American, a fighting man, a FREE man…. I will not bend nor tolerate anything less. Everything in life has a cost. Freedom will cost me my Life, my Liberty and my Wealth. Without Freedom, Life, Liberty and Wealth means nothing anyway. Mr. Rhodes, call the President and tell him to put his boots on, we are on our way.

  43. Release the information now to the public. The public can ask for resignations and we can then deal with these issues within our existing framework with a special prosecutor. All broadcasters should be required to broadcast actual hearings only (less any hearing breaks) without comment as a public service.

  44. I agree the time is now , actually your bound to act . The law and precedent is clear. At the very top of the constitution WE THE PEOPLE. That is the precedent the lawyers who say otherwise are likely communist . Enough of the candy -ss think they know the law lawyers. Men and women died fighting for this country – the Country is ours not some dime
    Store lawyers who give advice – Ask and get a answer from the 9 over rated dummies who sit on the highest court – Ask them why the first part of the constitution is larger bolder and clearly spelled out that way . Ask them what it means and what their duty is and to whom it’s to. We’re under communist attack and it’s time to ferret out the communist and send them to gitmo. If that’s hard to grasp fire whom is telling you not to do what the founder here at oath keepers is telling you to do. After you fire them arrest them and send them to gitmo- enough is enough – also stop all incoming trade from China – that will wake them up .

  45. I agree the time is now , actually your bound to act . The law and precedent is clear. At the very top of the constitution WE THE PEOPLE. That is the precedent the lawyers who say otherwise are likely communist . Enough of the candy -ss think they know the law lawyers. Men and women died fighting for this country – the Country is ours not some dime
    Store lawyers who give advice – Ask and get a answer from the 9 over rated dummies who sit on the highest court – Ask them why the first part of the constitution is larger bolder and clearly spelled out that way . Ask them what it means and what their duty is and to whom it’s to. We’re under communist attack and it’s time to ferret out the communist and send them to gitmo. If that’s hard to grasp fire whom is telling you not to do what the founder here at oath keepers is telling you to do. After you fire them arrest them and send them to gitmo- enough is enough – also stop all incoming trade from China – that will wake them up . God bless America

  46. Do we know if this letter actually got into the President’s hands? There are people in the White House trying to thwart his plans and actions. Can we make sure the President sees this letter? He needs to appoint Sydney Powell as Special Counsrl, Mike Flynn as Chief of Staff and Rudy Guiliani as Advisor to the President then put into play the Insurrection Act. ASAP.

  47. I`m here to support President Trump to the end. Just say the word and millions of great Patriots will have your back. We the people need to take back the home of the free the United States of America.


  49. I agree that all the Militias should be contacted and on the same page, otherwise we might kill each other. The veterans and National Guard will probably be easy to spot but will they be able to spot “The Civilian People” on the ground? Don’t know what the foreign troops / enemy uniform will look like but its important that can identify each other, We need to Rally/Assemble state by state, and have a color or code word or special flag, the enemy does not know so we can know our enemies.

    I hold The Safe Zone in Missouri, All Patriots Welcome, other states and Missouri Patriots please Assemble and give contact info so we can get on the radio and get ready to fall in in units by state. No time for Disorder! There is not much time.

    President Trump we need you now more than ever, please stand with us, do not Abort! Please do not Abort! You have been through hell and back we know and God Bless you and know we believe in you and we know you can do this. We are counting on you! God is counting on you! We will not stand down!

    Yes what we are facing is a tough enemy, Cyberwarfare, and Spiritual warfare should never be underestimated and remember …. No matter what it is our sacred Honor and Duty to secure our Inalienable rights; Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed; It is our right to Abolish Tyranny, Espionage and get rid of those bearing False Witness. and usurpations, perusing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. Footnotes—- The Declaration of Independence .

  50. What a great letter sir! I must say how sad it made me to hear how disrespectful his own chief advisers are to him as reported recently from the four hour meeting he had with general Flynn, Powell and others who witnessed it firsthand. He needs to be constantly reminded by people like you that supporters are more numerous than he could ever know and are more than ready to prove that fact.
    I believe with you that the time to either put up or shut up has passed and thank you so much for so tactfully presenting this reality to our president.

  51. I’ve read the comments and replies to your post Mr. Rhodes. I see there is significant support for the President, and for your proposed actions to be taken by him as well.
    I see several posts asking to be led. These people are saying they will follow the President if he asks them to. Most responses indicate that the writers anticipate an armed show of force will be required to do what will probably be a very nasty bit of business for things to be put right because of what appears to be very obvious and open election fraud.
    That being said, if the President were to need the Oathkeepers, do you have a command staff in place to assist him?
    Lacking that most basic preparation, neither the President nor the patriots have a central point of contact.
    January 6th is almost upon us. Do the Oathkeepers have any troops in camp drilling? I’m not talking about people forting up in their back yards. I mean do you have an action plan, a command structure, and troops in place? Next, do you have any planning officers writing O-Plans for any actions? Are there logistics in place?
    I came to the Oathkeepers website to see if you do have any of these in place, because I anticipate if they are available this would be the group to be pulling these needed resources together.
    I am not writing this to discourage anybody. Time is short. There is no time left for dithering. If you need help, I stand ready to do my part. Obviously, you will have my e-mail address for me to send this note to you, so I will standby if you respond. As a former S3 (J3) I know that an operational headquarters company is required before anything else can happen. Without a functioning HHQ, it’s just individual voices making very little noise and totally ineffective.

  52. I will be boots on the ground in support of our system of Government and our President.
    I think if he pulls the trigger, he should also initiate an Article 5 Convention of the States and amend the Constitution to set term limits on Congressman and Senators, establish a mechanism to impeach rogue Supreme Court Justices & give the President the line item veto. I implore you President Trump to do this and be the man I believe you to be and save our Republic.

  53. I’m with President Trump to the end — I will not accept the traitors – I didn’t serve 20+ years to give this land to these criminals — Jan 6 can’t come soon enough — we need action with the words –The letter said it all and ready to move at a moments notice – I can’t believe the country has fallen this far — and the Foreign involvement makes me more concerned- My fellow countrymen must believe the election is fair or we have nothing

  54. Thank you Sir, for your service to my country. Only recently have I discovered your website. Like my father, I served in the United States Navy for a time, though not as long as my father, and not in combat as my father, who served throughout World War II. In fact, while in the merchant marine in the Atlantic, with Nazi u-boats about, he saw what was coming, and proactively enlisted in the Navy, arriving in Pearl just prior to December7th. He knew what he was getting into; he was not taken by surprise – not that he knew about the Japanese attack, but that he knew war was inevitable. He loved his country, and at Guadalcanal he proved that love in what has been called the most savage naval battle in history. Though many died on his ship, my father, and many others survived because they were, all of them, men of courage, men who were willing to forsake themselves for the sake of their shipmates, for their country, for their wives, their children. That was what I learned from my father’s experiences. But I learned another quality, or trait, that hand in hand with courage won the fight – and that was love of God and the humility to recognize that his life was in God’s hands. If I may, I would like to illustrate what I mean, and I think it reflects, to a great part, the devotion of all those who love their country and who recognize that freedom is never free of charge.

    Just before the naval battle of Guadalcanal, his ship, flagship of Adm. Callaghan, came under attack by torpedo bombers. He was one of several helmsmen. Another man with seniority requested to take his place, but the duty officer told my father he could stay, to which my father replied: “There’s enough animosity between us and the Japanese; we don’t need it amongst ourselves. I’ll take his place” The swap being approved, my father went down to the fourth emergency steering station, and very shortly after a bomber crashed into Battle Two where my father had just been. That’s one example of courage I learned, an act that saved his life, considering the plenitude of torpedo attacks that day, many that narrowly missed his ship. Another was during the night battle of Guadalcanal, where again he found himself at the fourth emergency steering station, surrounded by fire, flooding and smoke, navigating blind with only a phone talker to relay commands from topside. Fortunately the Hiei’s main battery was loaded with anti-personnel shot in preparation for land bombardment, rather than armor-piercing, or many other ships may have gone down that night. The courage to stay in that hellish fight that long turned the enemy away, though it came at great cost.

    It is a memory many could say of their own experiences, but I don’t share this story to draw attention to my father, but to illustrate the kind of courage that made winning the war possible. I read these comments and I am moved by the willingness of so many to defend their home.. There is courage lacking in the political sphere, while fear, cowardice and treason abound. I learned from my father that a true life lived cannot be divorced from a true faith in God. This battle, this effort to save the country will not be won unless God is first served and we keep faith, not only in each other, but foremost in God. When I was airlifted off my ship and taken to the naval hospital on Guam, an airman patted by shoulder as I was taken out and he said, “keep the faith,” and I have never forgotten those words, the memory of which always move me to tears.

    I would say the same to you, and to all who would risk their lives and honor to preserve their home and country. Keep the faith. But for faith and courage, many battles that were won would have been lost.

    John Hladky
    United States Navy

  55. A great and passionate letter Stewart Rhodes……. I’ve shared it with my friends and family, and will share it on YouTube, to hopefully get the president’s attention…Do you know if he has read either later?…Are you in contact with him?…if not, then we need to make a lot of noise, so he does read it…….And ACT NOW!!!

  56. Thank you for all you do Stewart Rhodes, I absolutely agree. The ridiculous notion that we have to accept the utter nonsense of this fraud that took place on November 3rd, 2020 has got to stop NOW.
    The Mainstream media is out of control, I was unaware the extent to which Abraham Lincoln went during the civil war, but clearly, that is called for now, as these Jackals in the media spew their sewage all over social media, the airwaves, and newsprint daily.
    George Soros running free is far worse than Covid 19. I do not have military service on my resume, but stand more that willing to do what I can, where I can, to help end the domestic enemies reign of terror. And that is exactly what the last 65 years of American politics has produced, a band of terrorists who have taken control of the great United States of America.
    God save the Republic, Sincerely, Guy Gutierrez

  57. Thank you for this great letter to the President. I do however think you are missing a few points…
    This is what We the People should demand for having to take our Country Back by force.

    >Paper Ballot Voting: All elections are done with paper ballots sequentially numbered, and the voter must present a valid photo ID and registration card.

    >No Government Unions: Absolutely no Federal Unions for any publicly funded position of State office.

    >Term Limits for Congress: Members of the House of Representatives cannot serve for more than 12 years, and Senators not more than 16 consequential years.

    >Term Limits for Judges and DA’s: Judges and District Attorneys cannot serve for more that 24 years, Federal Judges 20 years.

    >Abolish the FBI, CIA, ATF, TSA: Shut down these agencies and replace them with the U.S. Marshal Service and the NSA.

    >End All Special Interest in Congress: Eliminate Special Interest groups and Lobbyists from interacting with Congress.

    >All Federal Salaries cut in Half: Pay raises must be a national ballot initiative.

  58. All these notes are so encouraging; and, I pray the President is planning at this moment. I would agree with John Hladky that, along with preparation, we each appeal to our Creator. Gen Washington prayed fervently before going into battle. Passages in Samuel and Chronicles say, that preparation is made; but, the battle belongs to the Lord. He can provide wisdom, strength, courage, fortitude. Bless each of you for your willingness to protect our Constitution and to support this Preident. May right prevail.

  59. Stewart, You are a true Patriot and I believe DJT has something planned. He is a fighter. He is also one of the few in office that will stand for what is right.

    I have no military or law enforcement experience. but will help however I can to support you and our President.

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