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On the Occasion of the Jericho March – Michael T. Flynn

By Michael T. Flynn
Lt. Gen., USA (RET)
December 10, 2020

The battle we are engaged in cannot be fought with only human weapons: it requires the intervention of God because in a war against the forces of Evil, only the Lord can obtain the victory. And as American citizens, we must refuse to go to the funeral of our own independence.

We the people are proud to proclaim that the United States of America is “One Nation under God” – in this public profession of faith in God, we recognize his Lordship over our country, and we proudly stand beneath the banner of Christ and our flag in which millions have sacrificed their very lives for. In scripture through the strength and commitment of Matthew, he said, “Whoever is not with Me is against Me”.

We do not want a world governed by tyrants whom no one has elected and who want to have power in order to destroy us. We understand what their plan is: to eliminate dissent, subdue any criticism, and outlaw those who do not submit unconditionally to the dictatorship of the “New World Order.“ And if they do not succeed through the hammering persuasion of the mainstream media, they do not hesitate to resort to deception, betrayal, perjury, and censorship. Let’s not forget that by the crimes they have committed, they have violated our laws; they have betrayed our Nation and their oath to serve our Country, their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.






  1. Dear Oath Keepers,
    My name is Dan Sieg. I am a Vietnam vet and was a airborne pathfinder stationed in Anh Khe. I have been watching your organization for a while,and deciding weather to join or not. I saw that General Flynn has taken an interest in the oath keepers and I decided to make a commitment. I greatly admire General Flynn and see him as a great patriot. I have been following him and feel that he has been made a target of the left and deserves nothing of the last 4 years of strife that he has been put through by the people that are trying to destroy the Republic of the United States. If General Flynn has decided to join you I would say that my respect for him would give me the courage to walk through the gates of hell and battle satan himself if he would ask me. I have to agree with him that we have to ask God to help us to win. We have to find the courage to do what is right, and that can be confusing. I was a victim of that. In the bible it says , thou shalt not kill. When I started to read more, I discovered that when they translated the bible from the Greek version to the King James bible, that kill or murder was the same word in the Greek language. Kill is something you do in war, murder is an act that takes a consecrated plan to enact. So the commandment should say, thou shalt not murder. As to having God on our side,all we have to do is believe and pray that he will help us. And he guarantees that if you ask him he will answer your prayers. He promises this “, knock and I will enter. God does not lie. He has no lie in him. satan is the father of all lies. I have to tell a story. I always wondered why the Israelites wondered in the desert for 40 years, well When Moses came in to the promised land, he sent 1 man from each tribe to enter the promised land. When they returned,10 said that it could not be taken. Only 2 said it was possible. God punished the people for 40 years by making them wonder in the desert for not believing God when he said they could defeat the people of Cannan. God does not lie When Joshua became leader, God told him it was time to take the promised land.
    maybe you remember the old song ,Joshua won the battle of Jericho. Well here is something that every soldier has to think about in war. God told Joshua to kill every living thing in Jericho including the men, women, children, and all the animals and take no spoils. They only left a prostitute and her family that helped the 2 spies Joshua sent into the town.God said he wanted to rid the promised land of all idol worshipers] so they would not cause Israel to sin. We need to return to God , but I believe a war will be fought to return us to the correct path. George Washington dedicated the United States to God on the steps of a little church in New York near ground zero( at that time New York was the capitol of the U.S.) and said that if we ever stray from God we will cease to be a nation. 65 million babies murdered by abortion in the United States., And they called us baby killers. Marriage defiled. The bible says, if we believe in God, 10 men will slay 100 and 100 will slay 1000.

  2. General Michael Flynn wrote the above article? Wow! It is good to hear a person freely and correctly speaking about the Lord God, unafraid. I can see why the New World Order, the Marxists and the Neo-cons wanted him to be out of commission for the past four years.
    Remember in the Bible, before the armies of God’s people attacked the city of Jericho, General Joshua met with “The Lord of Hosts” (Hosts = Armies) with His sword drawn? Just as He said when He met with Moses , the Lord told General Joshua to take the sandals off his feet because the ground on which he was standing was holy. This was a theophany in the old testament of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Supreme Leader, our Creator and Sustainer. We must be “salt and light” in this fallen world and do as He commands throughout His word, the holy scriptures, old testament and new: Righteousness, Justice and Judgement. The Lord said “You will know them by their fruits.” We must go forth to do His will, repenting of our sins and believing in all He has said in His word.
    A fine book to read in preparation for the coming times is “The Christian Attitude Toward War” by Loraine Boettner, written during WW2 and updated in the 1960s.
    I have no desire to be led by the unelected New World Order or to be a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution where people are combined with artificial intelligence and medications in order to “improve” our output.
    Stealing an election is a crime, a felony, and in our desperate times, falls under treason.
    I am very glad to read what Gen. Flynn wrote in the above article.
    Lord God help us to protect Your people against enemies foreign and domestic, and in mercy grant repentance and faith to many of Your enemies, of whom I once was one.

  3. I just joined because I really don’t know how to help in this fight yo save our country from the left wing tyrants. I’m a mother, grandmother and I want my grandkids to live in a free country! I will not roll over and let this land I love be destroyed! God n country! I support our law enforcement and our military! ????????

  4. I recently joined the Oath Keepers and am PROUD to have done so. I am thankful for this organization and everything it stands for. I refuse to stand by idly while corrupt politicians, the CCP and the fringe left try to overthrow our constitution, country and the freedoms that so many before us of have fought, blead and died to protect. My mouth will speak true and the Lord God will invoke His will through my actions. Our God will prevail in this battle of good vs. evil. God is not done with this country and His power will be reveled by all. This is the NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1776. It is our time to stand against tyranny and the injustices committed against the American public. Thank you for this platform and Thanks you to the Oath Keepers Organization for carrying the light in a dark world! God Bless America and God Bless our Great nation!!!

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