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How far does this go? China vs America…


Richard Grinell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, is interviewed on NEWSMAX TV by Grant Stinchfield regarding Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-CA and his relationship with a suspected Chinese spy.



How far does this go? China vs America…





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  1. I fully believe the people of the United States and the country itself are under a complete systematic attack by China and other Chinese allies. I fully acknowledge an unbelievable amount of top political figures, state governors, local & federal judges, big business heads, and many others have given to China, the central banks, and the globalist. This is battle is going to get more real and more serious as each day passes now. All patriots of this great nation must awaken and understand the seriousness of this situation. We must all stand together and fight in order to maintain our freedom. War, once again, has been forced upon our own land. The Oath Keepers and it’s members must be a defending force to confront this threat and defeat it. But, it will take large amounts of courage, dedication and integrity. I will due whatever I can to be a part of this American force. Freedom is never free. I know people are finally starting to see this. I pledge to fight and defend this phenomenal nation and its Constitution.

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