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22 Explosive Election Fraud Allegations Revealed


In the fallout from the Nov. 3 election, numerous credible allegations of voting irregularities have arisen in the form of sworn affidavits and other evidence. This video and infographic from the Epoch Times below provides an overview of some of the information currently known.

Watch full episode here Special Epoch Times voter fraud allegations infographic:…






  1. This voter fraud cannot stand. It is like a cheating casino in which we are forced to play. No one plays with a card cheat or buys form a merchant with a weighted scale.

  2. With scotus refusing to even hear the Texas lawsuit I’m fast losing faith in this great country of ours. When is it enough? Enough proof? Enough video? Enough with the lies. I will not just sit back and allow these socialist scum to steal this election but what more recourse is there, what can we do?

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