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Stop the Steal ~ Atlanta ~ Security Volunteers Needed

Oath Keepers and patriots,

We will have teams on the ground in Atlanta, GA tomorrow, Saturday 11-21, for the Stop the Steal rally at the state Capitol from Noon to 5pm and to escort rally attendees after the rally (we expect to remain out after dark).

We have room for a few more good men (and women) who would like to jump in and assist. You don’t need to be an Oath Keepers member to volunteer – just calm under pressure and able to defend yourself and others. Must be disciplined quiet professionals.

To volunteer, email us at:

We will cover all your expenses – gas, food, lodging. We will provide a place to stay (details provided once vetted).

If you can’t make it, please donate to support those who can. We are protecting key whistle-blowers who are exposing the fraud and we are protecting all who are standing up. We need your financial support to get it done.

Click here to Support Our Mission

While we will be at the rally all day on Saturday, the primary focus will be on AFTER the rally is finished as people return to their hotels or to their vehicles. That’s when crazed leftist terrorists like to attack vulnerable Trump supporters (elderly, disabled, or lone victims).

This will be very similar to our many volunteer security ops outside Trump campaign rallies where we escorted people back to their vehicles after the rallies ended.

Do NOT volunteer if you are a hot head. We only need people who are calm, cool under pressure and competent.

We prefer military, LEO, Fire, or EMS experience but will also consider others (such as those with strong martial arts training or otherwise very capable).

Hands on security is primary mission but we always need more medics, and fire fighters are good to have on hand in case bad guys use Molotov’s or other fire weapons.

We also need those trained in logistics and intelligence.

You will be carefully vetted.

To begin that process, email us at:

If you have a long drive time, start rolling toward Atlanta and we will vet you on the way.

This is a concealed carry handgun op for those who have a concealed carry license good in GA (with reciprocity for your state or if you are former LEO with LEOSA).

If you don’t have a CCW, please bring your handgun anyway and we’ll find a role for you.

If you prefer to go unarmed, we will find a role for you depending on your capabilities.

Please DO NOT volunteer if you have a felony conviction.

Also bring a long gun(s) (if you have it) and gear. Most likely we will not be carrying long guns but we need to be able to in case needed.

Body armor is recommended – concealed or plate carriers.

Prepare to be flexible. Anticipate mostly concealed carry handgun but may also have a long gun open carry mission (unlikely but possible).

Bring any Oath Keepers gear you have (hats, shirts, patches). But also be ready to be in undercover “Grey man” mode in case needed (we always do both).

We will be doing some PSD work for speakers and at-risk VIPs, but primary mission is to watch for bad guys and escort rally attendees back to their hotels or vehicles when rally gets out.

In addition to your firearms: please bring the following (if you don’t have something listed, come anyway and we will find a way to supply you):

IFAK (ideal tourniquet, Cellox infused combat gauze or equivalent, pressure bandage, 2 chest seals, NPA, decompression needle, but bring what you can).

Bright flashlight.

Eye protection (ballistic glasses and/or chemical rated goggles)

Helmet (even a batters helmet or motorcycle helmet can work). We usually keep those in backpacks until needed.


Knee pads (recommend you at least have them in case needed). Concrete hurts.

Asp baton or equivalent.

Any hand-held radio you have.

Again, if you don’t have those items come anyway and we will sort it out.

Sorry for the short notice. We have MANY balls in the air and many security ops going on this weekend all over the nation as patriots stand up to stop the steal.

As far as other big rallies coming up, so far we WILL be in Dallas on December 5 and then back in DC on December 12, but you can also expect to find Oath Keepers continuing to help secure smaller rallies all over the nation. Please volunteer or donate to help us get it done.

This is a CRITICAL moment in our nation’s history. Every bit as critical as April, 1775 when the Founding generation stood up and fought back against the tyranny of King George. Our Republic is under attack by a deep State orchestrated coup, in allegiance with communists, using massive, systemic vote fraud and a rigged “election” to illegitimately disenfranchise millions of Americans and install an illegitimate ChiCom puppet.

We must stand against it.

Stand now, or kneel forever, but surrender is not an option.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers





  1. My prayers are with all my brothers and sisters in Atlanta today. Under such short notice, it is with regret that I will not be able to aid your security detail. I will be looking forts to assisting in any way I can with future rally’s to come. Please let me know it you are looking for volunteers for December 5th’s Dallas rally. I live in the metro area and it would be an honor to serve in any capacity. May God bless each and every patriot who loves freedom and our Republic. These are trying times, but with our faith in the Grace of God Almighty and Christ Jesus our Lord. We will be victorious! And God Bless America!


  2. As it is a short notice I don’t have the means to make the drive this time, I will plan ahead for the Dallas rally and hope that you all stay safe in Georgia. You have my prayers from the Oklahoma boy!

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