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Oath Keepers Critical Message to Patriots on Election Day – and After

Oath Keepers Critical Message to Patriots on Election Day - and After


Oath Keepers and fellow patriots,

As you know, this is the single most important election in our lifetimes, and possibly in American history.  We face an open, now obvious insurrection against our Constitution being waged by the American Marxist left; by the Democratic Party which the radical left has captured; by their many Deep State allies; their Muslim Brotherhood led Jihadist allies; their foreign allies such as Communist China; and globalist elites such as George Soros.  All of these enemies, both foreign and domestic, are now engaged in an assault on our Republic, intent on its destruction.

GOOD!  As iconic Marine General Chesty Puller put it:

“All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right,
they’re in front of us, they’re behind us.
They can’t get away this time.”

It is a GOOD THING that our many enemies are stepping out of the shadows, taking off their  masks, and revealing their America hating, totalitarian natures.

Because of this, millions of Americans – including millions of black and Hispanic Americans – can finally see what we’ve been sounding the alarm about for over a decade, and they are now not just walking away from the Democratic Party, they are RUNNING away as the Democratic Party lurches wildly to the left, truly becoming the American Communist Party.  Because of this, President Trump is garnering record-breaking vote levels from Black and Hispanic Americans, especially among black and Hispanic men.

Those millions of newly red-pilled Americans can finally see that we are in a fight for our nation’s survival, a fight for the survival of human liberty and Christianity in the West, and a fight for the survival of human liberty worldwide.  As President Ronald Reagan said:

‘If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.’

This election is part of a deeper, ongoing life and death struggle between liberty and a totalitarian nightmare future.  It is now our turn to stand in the breach, to take the torch passed to us by generations past, and to defend the light of liberty entrusted into our hands.

The good news is that in an honest election, President Trump wins hands down, in a massive sweep.

The bad news is that the Deep State, the Marxist controlled Democratic Party, and all their allies, are pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to steal the election, take power, and destroy this nation once and for all.

We overwhelmed their vote fraud in 2016, but they learned from their mistakes and this time around they will not only commit even more massive vote fraud, they will also refuse to concede a Biden loss, no matter the outcome of the election, and they will seek to foment unprecedented civil unrest and violence nationwide in a “color revolution” uprising designed to cause as much confusion, chaos, and distrust in the outcome as possible, and especially to influence, intimidate, and coerce local and state voting officials, state governors, state Attorney Generals, state legislators, Electoral College electors, state and federal judges, the U.S. Congress, etc, and ultimately even truing to convince the U.S. military to side with them.

They will demand that Trump concede the election immediately after the polls close, and any refusal to do so will be characterized as a “coup.”  In fact, no matter what happens, the left will label anything other than a Biden victory a “coup” and they will engage in nationwide riots, violence, and strife in the name of “stopping the coup” (a Trump victory).


Today, Oath Keepers has undercover members watching at polling places nationwide, to guard agains fraud, just as we did in 2016.   We are also watching for possible leftist violence and intimidation against conservative voters (the clear pattern of leftist violence against Trump supports makes that a necessity).   Today, many Oath Keepers members will also be official poll watchers, right along with other patriotic Americans.   We salute you all!

And we encourage all of our members, supporters, and readers to do likewise- assist in your local areas in keeping an eye on the election today and in the days to come, to keep it as clean and legitimate as we can, in the face of expected widespread fraud by the left, and likely attempts at intimidation and violence by radical leftists.

You must understand that it will likely NOT be all over tonight.  The left will drag this out as long as they can, through all of the steps I outlined above.   This will likely drag on for weeks, and in all of that, violence and intimidation will be used.  Be prepared to defend against that terrorism in your neighborhood, town, county, and state.

However, it is CRITICAL that all who will be watching out for attempted vote fraud and/or intimidation be undercover and NOT in visible Oath Keepers gear and also NOT be open carrying weapons.   We urge other patriot groups to do likewise.   Go “grey man” today.

The left (including the left dominated mainstream media), is very good at projection – at accusing us of doing what they are in fact doing.  They would love nothing better than photos or video of visibly armed, open carry Trump supporters standing outside polling places – or anyone standing around in military uniforms.   Even if you are not open carrying, and not wearing military clothing, if you are identifiable as being a member of Oath Keepers, a Three Percenters group, militia, etc., you can expect the media to play that footage over and over as they accuse us of intimidating voters even though we would be there for the exact opposite purpose of protecting people against unlawful violence and intimidation.  The core leftist strategy is to accuse Trump and his supporters of suppressing votes and declare his re-election illegitimate.  They will certainly do that no matter what we do, but don’t make it easier on them by giving them the photo op they want.   Don’t take the bait.

In 2016, the skilled LEO and military veterans of Oath Keepers went “grey man” undercover at polling places nationwide.  That helped to keep down blatant vote fraud, as bad actors could not know if they were under the observation of trained eyes.  Our members coordinated closely with local law enforcement, and reported all suspicious activity to them.   We also complied carefully with all local and state laws and regulations on activity at or near polling places.   We will be doing the same today.

Please support our work by donating what you can (every little bit helps).  We have an amazing, broad and deep talent pool made up of incredible military, police, fire, and EMS personnel (both current serving and veterans) who put themselves into harms way FOR FREE as unpaid volunteers, but they can’t do what they do so well without your support.   You can help provide the fuel for our efforts here:


Oath Keepers and partriots, as you stand watch today, you will be under a microscope, so be sure you are in strict compliance with the rules.   But be on-guard and wary, as the domestic enemies of our Constitution don’t care about clean elections, truth, fairness, or the right of the people to actually chose their own leaders.  They care only for power.

If you are an official poll watcher, stick to your guns whenever anyone attempts to stymie your duty to make sure the rules are followed.

Watch for vote harvesters/people trying to drop off large numbers of mail-in ballots.  Again, enforce the rules, and don’t let anyone try to brow-beat you into doing otherwise.    Be ready to report suspicious activities to law enforcement and voting officials.

Watch for attempted voter intimidation and violence and report any incidents or potential threats to law enforcement.   Be aware of the danger and risk of an active shooter/terrorist incident today.   Yes, it may be a statistical low probability event, but that is cold comfort when it happens and you are there.  So be psychologically and physically ready.   Keep your head on a swivel, watch for threats, be aware of your nearest cover, and have a plan (and a plan B and C).

Our first line of defense is simply being additional eyes and ears to spot and report for law enforcement and/or election officials.   But obviously, if you must act to defend an innocent person against unlawful violence, by all means do what you have to do.   Nobody expects you to stand by while someone else is beaten or killed.   But have your cell phone set up to record, and put it in your shirt pocket so it can be used as an improvised body cam, to at least catch all audio, and hopefully also video, of exactly what you said and did.   Expect the enemy to lie, so be able to back up your testimony with video/audio.

It is best if you are part of a buddy team.  Two is better than one.   Both for your own security and also so you have a built-in witness.   Both should be filming/recording audio during any potential incidents (unless your local or state election rules prohibit filming/recording in the particular location/function you are in).



We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can judge a possible future by looking at the past.   The nationwide, escalating systemic violence by the radical left over the last four years, which went into hyperdrive this year, points to more of the same in the future, and a possible full-on kinetic (guns and bombs) violent communist revolution.   There are now millions of brain-washed Americans who have been indoctrinated by teachers, professors, and media talking heads, to see the world through a Marxist lens.  They have been conditioned to hate their own nation and to actually believe any American who is not a far left radical is a “Nazi” and a racist.   They truly believe it.  And they are being tricked into desiring the destruction of our Constitution and our way of life.

It is possible that these brainwashed cannon-fodder leftists will actually go full-on “Weather Underground.”   They have already murdered patriots (one in Portland, one in Denver), and have attempted to murder others, such as the black-clad Antifa who pulled a gun and shot a Provo, UT motorist who was simply trying to drive home.   Sometimes, such as in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the leftists’ attempts to murder patriots hasn’t worked out so well for them.   Same for the armed Antifa/BLM radical in Austin, TX who pointed his AK at the wrong man (an armed Uber driver who happened to be a current serving infantry NCO with several combat tours under his belt).

But they may be foolish enough to believe that they can actually win a full-on war in the streets against patriots.    They may set off bombs, attack police homes and families, and also attack known conservatives and Trump voters at their homes or in the streets.   Be prepared for that.

You should also be prepared for possible interruptions in power, phone service, social media, and the internet as a whole.   Don’t be surprised to see big tech take drastic measures to shut down the ability of patriots to communicate.   If you don’t already have a dual band HAM radio, get one ASAP.  At the very least, grab some FRS radios from your local Walmart or sporting goods store, so you can have short range communication with your neighbors, friends, and family even if the phones go down.   Close range comms is better than no comms.

Be prepared to stand up an emergency community watch.  If violence comes to your neighborhood or town, you will need to come together with other patriots to defend against it.   It would have been best to already have this sorted out and an armed neighborhood watch, town watch, and county watch all sorted out and established.   But reality is, most of you don’t have that yet.   So be ready to do it on the fly!   Be prepared to step up and lead, to organize your neighbors for mutual defense and defense of your community.

  1.  Have extra FRS radios to hand out to neighbors.   Buy as many as you can afford today.   Communication is critical.  If you don’t have comms, you don’t have jack.  Comms are hard to improvise.   So buy extra radios.
  2. Have bright flashlights.   Best to have both hand-held lights and lights on your rifle or shotgun.   It is also very useful to have rechargeable spot lights the can be charged up by plugging into your cigaret lighter outlet in your vehicle.   If the power goes down, it will be DARK at night.   You will need lights.
  3. Have extra fuel for your vehicles (and even more for your neighbors).   You will need it.  When the power goes out, the gas station pumps don’t work.  You and your neighbors will need fuel to conduct vehicle patrols to keep the peace.
  4. Stock up on extra food.  Be prepared for disruptions in deliver of goods across the nation.   The radical left is preparing to block and interrupt major supply hubs and if there is widespread violence, you can expect truckers to stay home to protect their families.  Buy bulk food such as bags of rice and beans, oatmeal, etc that can be cooked and eaten by simply heating up water.   Stock up on canned food, which can even be eaten cold if necessary.  Best would be the Mormon/LDS standard of three months worth of the groceries you will eat anyway, and then a year’s worth of long term storage food.   But if you can’t do that, do what you can, just like you would do if there was a hurricane coming.
  5. Have emergency power, heat, water sorted out.   If you haven’t done so already, do what you can now.
  6. Be prepared for breakdowns in 911 dispatch and in police response.   We have seen many instances this year of police being totally overwhelmed such that response times expand to an hour or more, or sometime to the point of the police never coming.   Be ready to be your own protection and response for your neighborhood.
  7. Stock up on ammo!   Likely it’s too late, and your local gun-shop shelves are bare.  But you can often find ammo for sale in local want-ads or from a local who is selling online at websites such as   If you have a decent supply of ammo, be ready to share some with friends, family, and neighbors who are willing to pitch in and help with security,
  8. Make sure your weapon is sighted in properly.  Confirm the zero on your rifle (both your backup iron sights, and your optic).   It may seems silly to say that, but I’ve seen many people who slap on backup sights and never bother to actually zero them.   If your red dot optic or scope goes down, you need those iron sights sighted in so you can still be effective.
  9. Be prepared to protect the homes and families of your local law enforcement officers.   They cannot project out to do their jobs if their own family is not safe.  Same is true for your local fire fighters, emergency medical, as well as your local doctors and nurses.   None of them will leave home if their home and family is not safe.  So you must commit to protecting their homes and families.  In Oath Keepers, we call this “family safe.”   A family safe program is the first step for any community watch.
  10. Establish a ‘home guard” in your neighborhood that will commit to protecting the homes of all who are committed to projecting out to protect the town or county.   You can’t leave your home to go do your critical job of backing up your town PD or your county sheriff unless your family is safe.   So establish that home guard.   That may be the older veteran next door who can’t run and gun, but he can certainly stand watch over your home, and he can be part of a community watch that patrols in vehicles or mans blockades and checkpoints at the entrances to you neighborhood.   Having the less- fit or older patriots watch over you homes allows you do project out at the town, county, or state level to suppress the communist insurrection.
  11. Let’s all keep cool, calm, and use  wisdom in the days ahead, even as we stand up to defend.  Remember, the radical left wants their “Kent State” moment where they can point to armed patriots gunning down “unarmed peaceful protesters,” just as they antagonized police all year long, trying to get them to fire on “protesters.”   You must still defend yourselves and your community, but be aware of that manipulation.   Which is why cooler heads must prevail, with discipline, so you are on the side of the right if/when you must use force.  And again, make sure EVERY potential encounter is filmed.   You will need that footage in the aftermath.



If you are an Oath Keepers member, please log into our online forum, which you can access by signing into our main org website at  We will be using that forum to communicate critical information to our members, along with emails.   We also use several message apps at the local and state level.  Connect with our state and local leaders on the members forum and they can get you plugged in on those message apps (it is best to have several different ways to communicate – email, phone text apps, online forums, and radios).

We have members who are on HAM radio networks nationwide, and if you are radio savvy, you can connect with those members on the forums and then on HAM radio (in case the internet goes down).   It is critical that patriots establish resilient HAM radio comms at both the local and state level, and then at the national level.   FRS, MURS, CB, etc channels can all be used without a HAM license.  And a good dual band HAM radio can access those channels even before you get your HAM license.   So get that radio and plug in with our HAM savvy members and leaders.  They will help you learn to use it right.

You can also plug in with local Oath Keepers leaders and trainers.  They are standing by to help you get yourselves and your community ready.

If you are not an Oath Keepers member … please join!   Go to:

You don’t have to be prior service to be a member (we welcome all patriots, and those who are not prior service can join as associate members).   Once you join, you can communicate with Oath Keepers members and leadership across the nation.

Even if you don’t want to join just yet (or can’t for some reason), you can also talk to us and other patriots for free on our Defend America forums:   That forum is specifically for non-members to connect with us and ask our advice (keep in mind it has a wide open public forum, so please practice prudent personal information security, just as you would on a public Facebook or Twitter page.

In the coming days, we will be putting out additional detailed guidance on community security, using all of our considerable domestic operational experience.   We look forward to helping you help yourselves and each other.   Please consider a donation to support our work.


It is a common desire of the bad guys to cause fear, despair, and a doom and gloom mindset among the people.   Don’t fall for it.  Be ready to defend, but also keep your spirits high.   They cannot win if we stand together.  So prepare to stand!

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Excellent article Stewart. Thanks for all that you do. Its now up to us, the members, to implement the plan and grow this organization. Thank you for the clear, concise, consistent message and direction.

  2. @Ronald Yelton, If Biden/Harris win, there is still hope. Republicans picked up some seats in the House and retained all in the Senate. This means there’ll be hell to pay for any ridiculous stuff Biden tries to pass–he’ll even have trouble confirming administration officials if they’re too extremist. Who in their right mind would confirm Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to State Dept., right? So don’t lose all hope. Even if they tried to pass extreme gun control legislation, there would be SCOTUS challenges to face. I certainly hope President Trump gets reelected, there is still a lot that needs doing, but I’m trying to be realistic about it. Just don’t lose hope–all is not lost!

    For the Republic!

  3. Glad you mentioned what we older Patriots can do to participate in saving our nation, and helping Oath Keepers. Prayers for Stewart and all Oath Keepers. Thank you so much. God’s guidance be with us, I pray.

  4. Stewart.I have gone ghost since i have become a member. The only sticker on my truck is a small knights templar flag. I was a poll inspector in the general election in south florida . The inspector next to me gave out 260 ballot s and i only gave out 150.why? Because i checked id and signatures and sent many people packing with out a vote due to their fraudulence. If more oathkeepers took up similar jobs we wouldnt need to defend towns and be labeled as extremists which we are not. Glad to have oathkeeper id in my wallet. Ps their should be a easier way to renew by the way your prepper letter was great already in practice on my block.
    Yours truly

  5. Stewart.I have gone ghost since i have become a member. The only sticker on my truck is a small knights templar flag. I was a poll inspector in the general election in south florida . The inspector next to me gave out 260 ballot s and i only gave out 150.why? Because i checked id and signatures and sent many people packing with out a vote due to their fraudulence. If more oathkeepers took up similar jobs we wouldnt need to defend towns and be labeled as extremists which we are not. Glad to have oathkeeper id in my wallet. Ps their should be a easier way to renew by the way your prepper letter was great already in practice on my block.
    Yours truly
    Josey Carreiro

  6. Trump has advocated to prepare for just the type of times we are in. As during the bath house Barry days many are already ahead of the game. Of the people I know, their is an anticipation that the streets will be bloodied which is what the leftist want so they can use it to lock down, take guns, and prosecute patriots. It’s not the street antifa and blm thugs that need a rope, it is their backers and support from higher up. The puppeteers.

    In Washington State it’s been obvious for decades of the election fraud. Several of us worked in the “new” data hall in Olympia. We had access to info.

    Read this:

    I picked out a red county in Washington state. It’s obvious that support for Trump has risen in the last four years, yet the election results for Trump in a very red Okanogan County, WA declined by 5 percent in 2020 from 2016.

    I don’t have time to view every county and it’s not proof of the fraud, but any clear thinking half wit knows the fraud.

    Stuart’s item 11 point is important. Stay vigilant. Keep your head. Keep up the good work.

  7. Also consider that Trump set up the CISA arm of DHS. In January 2017, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated the infrastructure used to administer the Nation’s elections as critical infrastructure. I suspect the criminal aspect of this election have assumed no action will occur from DHS. It’s 20 years in the jail for each count of fraud.

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