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Look at What’s Heading to Washington DC to Rally for Trump

Oath Keepers will be at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, DC. We definitely will have lots of company! These videos are only two examples of Patriotic Americans on their way to DC!

From: BonginoReport Published November 12, 2020


The Stop the Steal Caravan makes its next stop in Raleigh, North Carolina. The featured photo at the top is Raleigh Trump supporters waiting for the caravan in the rain.

From Infowars  at Banned.Video – November 12, 2020

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Look at What's Heading to Washington DC to Rally for Trump


Call to Action! March on DC, Stop the Steal, Defend the President, & Defeat the Deep State





  1. God Bless you all in this great endeavor, our beloved President will draw strength and encouragement from our efforts. I pray we cannot be deterred by any efforts to stop us, stay strong and draw encouragement from any efforts to stop us. We scare them when we act together in strength.
    David Foster

  2. I Hope and Pray to God that President Trump Gets Another 4 Years!! Come on We the People!! We are talking about the Preservation of the Republic of the United States of America and Our Countries CONSTITUTION and if You Love Our Great Nation We Better Stick up For PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE and Send Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden and His Druggie Ukrainian Money Grabber Hunter!! Where’s He’s Been?? 4 More Years!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

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