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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – Unconstitutional Plans

“He’s coming for your guns” – Joe Biden promises to enact massive gun control on election eve

Joe Biden has an ominous message that he hopes will put him over the finish line tomorrow:

That’s right. With Beto as his gun czar, Joe Biden promises he’ll come for your guns if you make him president. Seriously, he just tweeted that yesterday, right on the eve of the election. He’s not even hiding it anymore.

Joe and Beto would rather take guns away from law abiding citizens rather than prosecute felons who lie in order to purchase guns illegally, which Cruz has highlighted before.

I’m actually glad he tweeted so Americans who haven’t voted yet can see what they’d be voting for if they vote for Joe. Hopefully even more people will vote for Trump because of this…

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Kamala Harris Goes ‘Full Blown Marxist’ in Campaign Ad

The Biden campaign is taking some heat after vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris unabashedly promoted the communist principle of equality of outcome in a campaign ad, rather than the American ideal of equality of opportunity.

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  1. I am extremely concered, as many are, about the elite corrupt Demorats who are destroying America and people’s lives. They are the cause of people commiting suicide, a rise in domestic violence, children suffering from not being able to attend school, the millions who have lost their jobs, marriages and famillies suffering due to the lockdown, drugs and alcohol abuse on the rise, depression, etc. If Trump does not win this election due to the Democrats blocking votes, stealing ballots, blocking social media from trump, blocking the the truth about Biden and the list goes on. COVID was a plan and Biden and China and the list goes on of all of the corruption and lies. I want to help spread the truth and make America great again. I hope that if Trump does not win, he will be actively involved in blocking the Democrats from taking the American rights away. To fight for our Constitutional Rights and ther right to protect ourselves and own guns. Kathleen Somers

  2. Thanks for your good work. God bless you and let`s hope and pray that the USA will be saved from these Communists who`ve stolen the election. Without militas and the 2nd Amendment, America would not have chance. As for Biden’s promise to take the guns, that’s what Communists always do. Stalin and Mao were all for gun control.

  3. I appreciate the above Nov. 5th comment.

    I, too, do not agree with Ms. Kamala Harris’ comment on the necessity of equality of outcomes, nor with Biden’s expressed desire to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms. Equality of outcomes and gun confiscation, as lefties mix the two ideas, provide assistance to the home invader, whether the invader be foreign or domestic. It seems to me that the left wants to insure equality of outcomes for the dangerous criminal. Lefties try to do this by defunding the police as well as by infringing upon the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

    Yet again, the left has said that American citizens have no right to private ownership of “assault weapons.” I don’t know of any soldier who would trade his or her M16 or SAW assault weapon for the citizen’s AR-15 when assaulting deadly forces. In saying the AR-15 is an assault weapon, Biden, Harris, and “Beto” indicate that they are either ignorant, cunning liars, or both. What else are knowledgeable citizens to think about their agendas?

    I am thankful to see that Mark Robinson has been elected Lt. Governor of North Carolina. He has become know to many from his speech used in the NRA ad broadcast during 2020. I pray that the Lord will lead us to have more government representatives who value the uniqueness of our U.S. Constitution with righteousness and good judgement to be salt and light for His glory.

  4. I look at this and compare it to watching someone grow up in front of you and not really seeing the changes and the seeing someone that has grown up at distance. You really don’t see the changes on a daily basis as it goes by day by day. Our country has been changing over the years in front of our eyes a little bit at a time. We are just now starting to recognize the majority of the changes. Love our country and always will. We are heading toward some challenging times and God bless the Patriots that hold strong in their own way.

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