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If we don’t get this right, our country is done. It’s over: Gen. Flynn

by Leo Hohmann   11-28-2020

Gen. Flynn’s warning to America: ‘If we don’t get this right, our country is done. It’s over’

“I do not believe for a second that our country will accept Vice President Biden as the next president.”

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, appearing on the Worldview Weekend broadcast with Brannon Howse in his first interview since being pardoned by President Trump, warned that Americans are living through a historic and dangerous period.

Flynn, who was immediately targeted for indictment by corrupt Obama administration operatives as soon as Trump took office, was pardoned Wednesday, Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving.

He said in the interview with Howse that America stands at a crossroads that will determine whether it survives as a free nation or becomes something “unrecognizable.”

“What’s happening in this country should never happen, and there’s no doubt in my mind we are going through a crucible of history, and if we don’t correct what it is that’s happening in the next couple of weeks, then I hate to really even think what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part of December and certainly into the next month.”

Some have called the current illegal drive for power in the United States a “color revolution,” or a bloodless coup.

The key to any color revolution is for the leaders of the coup to get the mainstream media on their side.

That the mainstream media and the Big Tech social media platforms were fully on board with the Biden campaign and that it is covering up all evidence of fraudulent ballot stuffing is indisputable by any objective analysis, Flynn said.

“But we’re in this sort of period of information warfare that is unprecedented,” he said. “I’m going to stand on my box here and say the President of the United States of America is being censored by U.S. companies. Think about that. I’m at a loss when I think about that. At a certain point in time, that has to stop being allowed. When a company says, ‘what you just said Mr. President is not totally the truth’ or there’s fraud involved here or fraud hasn’t been proven, I mean, how dare they do that to the President of the United States because he’s not going to get a fair shot going out [with his message] to the mainstream media crowd.”

Flynn said sharp questioning from the media is fair game and expected.

“That’s fine, and you may not like him, but the president, he represents the presidency of the United States of America, he represents our flag and our country. So what we are seeing right now is more than just an assault on President Trump. This is an assault on the American republic, on this great country that we have.  I know the people around the country are fed up with it and they’re not going to put up with it.”

If we don’t get this right, our country is done. It’s over: Gen. Flynn

Flynn said he believes most of the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump are waiting to see the outcome of ballot certifications by their own elected officials “to see if they’re going to do their job.”

“And just because CNN or Fox says it’s certified, and if there’s a legitimate legal challenge then they cannot sit there and certify it while there’s a legal challenge to it, and big media is not going to cover any of that for you, and it’s sad because they’re trying to shove it down our throats, and the American people, they see right through it.”

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  1. I firmly agree with General Flynn. This is exactly what I have been saying before and since the election of Nov. 3rd this year. Anyone who challenges the Big Lie is immediately shut down. This has been going on since the Obama administration. We need to talk openly of rebellion and the use of arms because If this election result is allowed to stand then the only recourse is for loyal Americans to take up Arms to maintain our system of government. People are talking all round this issue but it is like having a 500 lb gorilla sitting in the middle of your living room. It simply cannot be ignored, it has to be addressed. I believe now is the time for discussing the use of arms against the government and those politicians seen as obstructing Constitutional government by using their powers to aid insurrection, arrest those who dare to defend themselves and their property from the mob, and who use the police to further their own political agenda. In South American countries the military would step in and seize control, establish order, and purge the government of those mischief makers who formulate disastrous policies and turmoil. Can the U.S. Army be trusted as it once was to honor its duty to the constitution? Is the rank and file loyal and committed to their duty as members of the armed forces…are the generals only concerned with their careers and not the well being of the United States and the Constitution?

  2. Said it before and I’ll say it again.
    This is not going to end either way.
    President Trump wins and the left will go off the rails. ( as if they already haven’t)
    Biden wins and we’ll be looking over our shoulders for the rest of our lives.

    This is a war of political ideologies and whose will is stronger.
    To those willing to go where men fear to tread will be the victor.

    I believe in due process, but I’ve seen enough.
    Traitors are among us have been intrenched for decades. Yes…I said decades.
    From the Gov’t all the way down the ladder to the local level and schools are sadly indoctrinating our children.

    And this isn’t just an American problem.
    It is worldwide.
    Many Patriots worldwide are waiting with baited breath knowing if America falls it’s going to create a domino effect.

    President Lincoln, 1861 used Martial Law: Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution, which allows suspension of habeas corpus “when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it,”

    We are at war. Not just with ourselves, but other nation states have joined into the fray and that in itself is an ACT OF WAR…

    President Trump (I believe it was Sept, 6th, 2018) quietly signed into effect a “state of emergency” EO that went largely unnoticed and unreported.

    I would prefer not to see Americans killing each other and instead having President to the same bringing the ring leaders to justice in a Military Trial for Treason and Sedition.

    Sounds a bit far fetched, but I fear I see another Shilo, only a thousand fold if things aren’t contained and done quickly.

    Matters not.
    I’m a nobody whose opinions have never been and still are not important.

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