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America In Limbo Due to 2020 Election

America – United We Stand – Divided We Fall. I’m sure you have all heard that statement a few times in your lifetime.

Ask yourself- who benefits from a weak and fallen America?

We are at war folks. Plain and simple.

Civil War? – Yes

World War? – Yes

Bio-War? – Yes

Cyber-War? – Yes Most definitely

Silent-War? – not anymore!

However…this 2020 election is FAR from over. The Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet, and I doubt she ever will relating to our 2020 POTUS Trump.

That there are two Americas has never seemed more obvious. Each group has constructed its own view or perception of reality — of good & evil, right and wrong, political beliefs, faith & spirituality, of this election infection plandemic and so much more.

Do I think the Chinese Corona Virus is real? Yes. Do I think it was an evil communist Chinese, man-made bio-warfare tactic designed to depopulate and destroy a great nation, its booming economy and about to go through a very contentious Presidential election? Hell YES!

Quote: “Since when does the Lamestream Media call who our next president will be? We have all learned a lot in the last two weeks!” POTUS Trump

Lamestream News has no more right or authority to call an election than you or I or the man on the moon. 🌙 IF you believe what they spew than you are just a part of the sheeple herd growing bigger and bigger each day. Enjoy your pathetic socialist shepherd leader. 🐑 🐑

Wake Up America! Educate yourselves and your families. Realize what is happening right before your very eyes. We are eye witnessing the biggest and most corrupt attempt at a coup de ta the new world has ever seen. We are very close to losing our Republic and we MUST Stand now and fight! ⚔️🛡

Our POTUS will not go down without a fight. He WILL NOT concede. This election was stolen from We The People. We will prevail but we need your help! Or we lose our democracy. Our Great Republic.

America In Limbo Due to 2020 Election

Do something. Call your Senator, Congressman, Supreme Court Justices. Sign petitions. Donate to the Trump Legal Fund or to the outstanding Senate/Congress runoff elections. Join a local Patriot Group community such as Oath Keepers or 3%ers. Attend Peaceful Trump Rallies and Prayer vigils in support of our POTUS. Educate yourselves. Research or #StopTheSteal and many other support organizations standing up and fighting this voter integrity corruption. STOP watching lamestream news outlets. Check out OAN or Newsmax or other online journalists that speak truth.

Trump’s legacy won’t be easily reversed. He’s entrenched a solid conservative patriot majority on the Supreme Court strategically timed before the election in preparation for what is to come and he also totally re-shaped the federal judiciary. Thank GOD for that!

Trump also has built a large majority of the southern border wall to help protect Americans and secure our borders from the illegal alien invasions, the drugs, the cartels and gun smuggling. We are better for it.

For the first time, most Americans — more than 100 million — voted early, by mail or otherwise. All part of a very construed evil plan hidden behind a world-wide plandemic to manipulate the ballot. It’s backfiring on them now. Wait and Watch!

Fraud and corruption is rampant in Detroit, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Arizona, Lost Vegas, Nevada, and many other city/states reporting irregularities throughout out nation. Poll watchers and ballot watchers were forced to leave the ballot counting locations in many locations requiring reverse court orders, which took well over 24 hours to complete. Protestors are demanding an end to the vote count. In less than 22 hours before the Michigan count was shut down by a court order, a Facebook group called “Stop the Steal” attracted more than 320,000 followers before the Facebook Censor gods took it down. There are now organized rallies taking place at every state Capitol and county courthouse throughout the country. Get to them!

Nothing will stop what is coming!#WeAreTheStorm 🌪

Please continue praying for the truth to prevail and seek God’s face and ask for Grace and Mercy over our great Republic. Regardless what happens here, our 👑King of Kings and Lord of Lords is STILL on the Throne forever more. And we know who wins this fight in the end. ALL glory to God. ✝️🛐

Oh what a Christmas🌲we will have.

The Horsewhisperer


Editor: Please share this. Some Social Media and Mainstream Media organizations are blocking anything that does not fit their personal agendas.





  1. “Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing.” is a Q quote. “We are the storm” originates from the Qanon community.
    I’ve never seen where OKer’s actually acknowledged Q. Could allowing this article/email be that endorsement?
    That would be nice! I’m a staunch Qfollower, Qgroup owner (that was taken down) since Oct 2017.
    #IBelieveInQ #DigitalSoldiers #WWG1WGA

  2. Every American MUST watch Dinesh D’Souza’s DVD “Trump Card” to see how evil and corrupt our “deep state” government is. The crimes revealed in this DVD are beyond anything I ever imagined. The web of evilness by our government has to be stopped because we are all in terrible danger.

  3. 1. He said Hillary would be in jail. I think if he done that it would put him back on top 2- I know y’all are going to DC, I think if you could get all the patriots to do a,day of support where no one goes to work or buys gas or something like that would show just how many Americans support our president. I understand the truck drivers are doing something like that. Anyway, if all patriots would do something where everyone does the same just to show the support he has

  4. Rural America needs to have a co op for trading and selling its goods to fellow conservatives alike and not to The liberal blue majority in the cities that will force liberals to give up their agenda or starve it is that simple. The hunger games is becoming reality . Stop it from happening while we still hold all the cards. They need us, we don’t need them.

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