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The Left’s Closing Argument to America: Shut Up and Obey


This election may be our last chance to save what’s left
of the country our Founders left us. Let’s make it count.

By Matthew Boose
The Left’s Closing Argument to America: Shut Up and Obey

Election Day is almost here, and the time has come for closing arguments. For the Left, four years of agitation have culminated in this proposal: join the revolution, or we’ll destroy you. 

You have to admire the simplicity of it.

Understand, removing Trump from power is only the first step on the road to true democracy. His presidency must also go down as a cancerous aberration never to be repeated, and he and his supporters must be consigned to the outer darkness, forever.

We have seen this peculiar pitch crystallize as the ruling class works desperately to crush Trump and crown Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). It was obvious from the start that Biden’s campaign was little more than a front for the establishment and that its success, if ever it came, would be a sleight of hand. We have now seen that effort reach its logical conclusion in a parade of open contempt for ordinary Americans and our most basic principles and institutions.

We have watched a presidential candidate lie to the people, with the help of the press, about an imaginary “white supremacist” threat and “mostly peaceful” riots. We have seen him tell Americans that we do not “deserve” to know whether he will pack the Supreme Court. And most alarmingly of all, we have seen “the news” and Big Tech engage in mass political censorship to help him win.

What would people like this do to America? It doesn’t take much imagination to get the general idea.

Under their rule, the things we find controversial today no longer would be controversial. All of “the science” would be settled—by them. There would be a short menu of policies and opinions, catered by activists and “experts,” that everyone would follow on pain of persecution. Everyone would accept that America is “racist” and support whatever redress that may require.

Moreover, anyone arbitrarily declared a spreader of “misinformation” or “hate speech” would be punished, and that would be that. Those targeted would be compelled to grovel, and the liberal mob would cheer their humiliation. We’ve already seen plenty of this, with a spring of lockdowns, a summer of “antiracism,” and the readiness with which seemingly moderate people went along with all of it. Most liberals still trust the media, and they won’t hesitate to have Big Tech do their dirty work for them in the name of “property rights.”

Yes, they will pack the Supreme Court, too, as they were always going to do the moment they lost control. None of this will be hard for them to justify, in fact they’ll do it all gladly. They’re on the right side of History, after all. They’re the good guys.

But there are still too many bad guys around, too many “QAnon cultists,” too many conspiracy theorists who don’t believe in science, too many who refuse to apologize for the way they were born. These people—unfortunately, as they see it—have a say in our system. What to do?

Well, why not just blow the whole thing up? All of that hokey rhetoric about the “consent of the governed” and “free speech,” do we really need that? The Constitution is getting to be pretty old by now. Weren’t the framers a bunch of racists anyway?

It’s not enough to enforce a revolutionary ideology from above, however. It’s much more poetic to create an entirely new people—a people more fit to inherit this better, more democratic America.

Their sense of rapture finds its fullest expression in the anticipation of a permanent new majority, whose arrival is to be welcomed as a comeuppance against that part of the country refusing to yield to their idea of “progress.” Their excitement at the prospect of this is palpable.


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