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Why Trump Doesn’t Just ‘Send In the Troops’

Kurt Schlichter  –  September 03, 2020

There are a lot of solid conservatives frustrated and appalled by the Biden Riots, and a lot of those folks wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t just make it all stop – you know, sort of like Grandpa Badfinger implicitly promises he will do if we restore the garbage liberal establishment, except with military force. “Call up the Guard,” right? But what folks do not understand are the practical problems with Trump using troops (sending federal law enforcement officers presents similar problems, but also a unique and big one – there just aren’t as many federal cops as there are soldiers). The devil is in the details, and the devil here makes Trump pulling the trigger on the troops in the current situation a very bad idea. We should support his strategic patience and not do what the Democrats want by getting mad at the president for refusing to stumble into an ambush.

Let me share some background. After I got off active duty the first time, I joined the California Army National Guard. For the next 23 years I participated in, planned, and commanded during multiple civilian support operations. I was in the Los Angeles Riots, the Northridge Earthquake, and I commanded two battalions along with other forces in northern San Diego County during the 2007 fires. I planned ops from platoon to state headquarters level, and wrote about civil support ops in Infantry magazine and even in a first-of-its-kind law review article. So, I know a little about this stuff.

And what I know tells me that, despite our fantastic soldiers’ abilities, this is a bad idea.

But why? Let’s address the donkey in the room – Democrat governors, mayors and district attorneys do not want military forces deployed and will at least refuse to cooperate with them, if not actively hinder them. That makes a blue city like Portland a “non-permissive environment,” and the military is certainly designed to operate in them. That’s why when the military moves in force with, say, an infantry brigade combat team (IBCT) of 5,000 soldiers plus support elements (thousands more), we essentially deploy a small town with everything we need to survive – food, fuel, ammo, medical, maintenance, commo, power, transportation, even lawyers. Typically, in cities engulfed in chaos, it’s a permissive environment. The cops work with us. They take custody of arrestees, hold them, and the DA prosecutes them. Hospitals take in our wounded and sick. We use local government property to operate out of. We have access to the infrastructure of society. But what if the Democrat regime refuses to allow all that? Then the troops are on their own; it’s now an invasion, and while doable logistically, it takes a massive footprint.

A permissive environment solves some, but not all of the issues we will review. A non-permissive environment makes the whole thing exponentially worse.

First, let’s think through the force package. Who do we send, and under what rules?

We keep hearing about the National Guard, but few understand it. The Guard is a reserve force trained and equipped just like active duty troops and containing a large number of active duty veterans (I joined after serving in Desert Storm). It works for the state governor – the Democrat who hates Trump – unless it is “federalized,” in which case it becomes an active duty unit and Trump is its commander-in-chief. Now, federal troops are barred from enforcing civilian law by the Posse Comitatus Act, unless the president invokes the Insurrection Act. On state status, Posse Comitatus does not apply and Guard forces are not prohibited by federal law from enforcing civilian law.

Got it? Seems complicated, huh? Yeah, because it’s a giant cluster fark that only gets more farked as we dive in to the details of implementing the idea of sending in soldiers.

Oregon has the 41st IBCT. It has five “maneuver battalions,” the ~500-soldier or so sub-units that would actually be on the street (well, maybe two-thirds tops of those units’ personnel would actually be on the street with guns. All the rest are support, as are the IBCT’s other units). Only three battalions are actually in Oregon, and one of those is an artillery unit. The rest are in other states. What is the readiness of the 41st? Are elements deployed overseas? What’s their manning? Their maintenance readiness? Who knows?

And how are we supporting this rapidly expanding force package? Will local contractors serve the military, or be too intimidated to work with the military (they will still be in Portland long after the Army goes home). I guess we could bring in a support brigade. We’re over 10,000 troops now. Say, how do we get their vehicles there? Drive them across the country? Put them on trains? That takes time.

Where does this military force assemble if the state and local government are not letting them use local facilities? Maybe the military just moves into, say, a stadium parking lot to use as a base. And maybe a federal judge issues an injunction saying it can’t. Oh, we’ll need more troops to defend this logistics and command and control base. And we’ll need a combat support hospital in case the local government refuses to allow local hospitals to treat the sick and wounded.Please, try and maintain a straight face saying there is no way Democrat politicians in a blue city would forbid our troops from getting medical care.


Non-permissive environments suck, huh?

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  1. Pretty easy.

    10,000 Patriots occupy the streets of Portland without any of this restrictive BS hovering over our heads. Peaceful occupation, Kyle Rittenhouse style.

    The left will piss it’s pants and run home to their basements. Problem solved.

  2. Totally a crock! The reason why Trump won’t call in the military to restore order in our cities is because he is getting bad advice for number one and number two, our military is chicken to engage other Americans. The idea of our military having to possibly kill fellow Americans in these cities to finally restore order is appalling to them. The problem is that our military leaders are violating their oath. I was in the U.S. Army and I took an oath to defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic. That key word is domestic. BLM and Antifa are domestic enemies and if you won’t pull the trigger on them if you have to, then you have no business serving in our military!

  3. Unfortunately conservative media isn’t getting the full narrative of what is happening on the ground in the riots. In the last month I was confronted on three separate days by a mix of 3 types of Antifa members, as a part of their command structure, predominantly of demonized locals (relaxed zombies) are what we are confronted with. There have been sketchy reports that Christian have dealt with demonized people at night to quell the violence in a limited number of cities & circumstances. What I am trying to get at here is their command structure is complex. They are busing commanders in to lead the locals on white unmarked buses, I have seen them here in Salem. I got further confirmation of this during a discourse with a medium level rioter who was called to confront me and demand I “fix it” by going to Portland (the City I was born in 1966) & seeing what is actually happening. 3 anarchists confirmed during a honk survey likely texted him that I needed to be confronted. I told him Antifa had marched twice on the other side of Lancaster Dr. where I minister from on separate days during my ministry time. He also revealed he could call higher up individuals to come and confront me or he could even call a mob. I said no to all those suggestions. They supported anarchy on the 339th time I was at Market & Lancaster in mid August 2020. See some of my videos including on occasion open carrying while preaching. The police have only responded to me doing so 3 times in 25 times I have done so since 2015, in the State Capitol of Salem. Although some of these times were at other locations, mainly before the Civil War football games at either Eugene (the Ducks) or Corvallis (the Beavers) over the last 14 years, where I don’t open carry. We face a escalation of danger & we know we sit on a powder keg about to blow. Like at Marion Corner, April 19th, 1775 we are reluctant to engage. We keep vigilant in many ways preparing for the inevitable.

  4. Thousands of killers and looters in the street: peaceful but fiery protest.
    Thousands of calm, armed citizens in the streets protecting people from the killers: RIGHT WING RACIST MILITIA.

    That’s what 90% of all media will say and that’s what the uneducated lazy left will believe. And that’s the problem. The media is the real enemy but its a protected class just like non-whites and (somehow) white punks wearing ANTIFA shirts and hiding their faces. Yes, we’re in a civil war – of that there’s no question – but we must not be the ones to escalate things. All we have to do is wait until November and when Trump wins overwhelmingly the left will give us all the justification needed to end this and make sure it can NEVER happen again. The Marxists won’t back down because their convinced that as long as the media is supporting their agenda they can do whatever they want. Let them keep right on believing that until its too late. I take NO pleasure in the near-certainty that I’m about to live through America’s bloodiest days since Fort Sumpter, but I take some comfort in knowing that sanity WILL be restored and the freedom will endure.

  5. It’s a coordinated plan put in place to destroy our republic and replace it with a socialistic/communistic/totalitarian regime. This is done by a “top down – bottom up” strategy where the provocateur rioters demands are met and complied with by the top political regimes, in this case antifa/blm at the bottom and the now radical controlled democrats comply with legislating tyrannical dictates. All this is promoted by a complicit media. Combined with the fear of a pandemic and using emergency powers has resulted in control and intimidation of the sheeple, It is very clear that very few stand up and refuse to wear a mask. And those who do not comply are intimated, arrested in some cases and threatened with their lives at risk. And who enforces these dictates?

    The fix is total annihilation of both the bottom and top who are a very small minority group but will otherwise win. Very messy, but otherwise history will repeat. If the current democrat party wins this war, there will be retribution against all patriots on the right. And they will do as they profess. Thy will use firearm purchase records to target the armed. They will force vaccines, create vaccine proof ID, shut down bank accounts,, confiscate wealth and property et cetera. Our global enemies are drooling at the opportunity to see this federation of states collapse.

    We absolutely need law enforcement to adhere to their oath and not use “just doing as ordered” excuse. No law, rule or dictate trumps the constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Clear and simple.

    Thank you to those actually doing something. Kyle Rittenhouse Brigages et al.

  6. Wow, years ago before all of us were born there was this thing called the Constitutional Militia, its mentioned 8 times in the constitution. Just saying. I agree let a battalion of patriots (former service) roam them streets and BL M and Antifa will run. The big thing is money… take out their money supply and those who are sending it and I would say the problem would be solved.

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