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Voter Fraud? An attempt to steal the election?

by Fed up 5th generation California Voter

I have never worried about voter fraud. I knew that in the past it had occurred but in the modern age of technology I believed in election integrity.

I have always voted in person as it is an honor and a privilege. More importantly it is my civic duty to vote my conscience. If I did not vote I relinquished my right and ability to complain!

In 2018 my wife and I walked the 900 feet to the school that is our polling place. My wife went first. She stated her name and address and was promptly rewarded with a ballot after the poll worker had scanned her name on the roster, scanned the ballot, and had her sign. Then they asked my name and address. The poll worker then thanked me for my mail in ballot. I responded immediately and loudly, “Voter fraud!”. This gained the attention of a supervisor who came over and inquired why I had said that?

I stated that I always vote in person and have never voted absentee or by mail. Any mailed ballot is absolutely fraud! The supervisor instructed the worker to scan my ballot and name and have me sign. I voted and left thinking that they would disregard the mail-in ballot.

Recently with all the controversy regarding the upcoming election, I went online to ensure that I was indeed registered to vote, I was. Further examination of voting status revealed that the mail in ballot, the fraudulent ballot, had been counted and my true, in-person ballot was not counted. Election fraud!

But wait, there’s more! Yesterday there was a Facebook post that stated that Governor Newsom had signed an executive order mandating mail in ballots for everyone. He further closed over 90% of the polling locations statewide. I followed the provided link and found that my voter registration had been changed to permanent mail-in status. I started over and did the same for my wife only to find that her status also had been changed to permanent mail-in.

I slept on this information and when I woke up, searched for voter information then typed in that address. It confirmed the information from last night. I was ensuring that the provided link was not some sort of scam.

It offered to change my registration. I followed the prompts and spent almost 45 minutes filling out all required fields on five pages. It finally stated that the form was required to have a signature. It asked if I agreed to allow my signature from the DMV for my divers license to be used? I marked yes and clicked submit. I immediately got an error message that stated there was no record of my signature at the DMV! I find that extremely odd considering that I have held various licenses for over 48 years.

Currently I am awaiting the receipt of a signature form to complete this transaction. A safe bet is that it does not arrive prior to the election or to late to change my registration yet again.

This entire fiasco raises more questions than answers. Who fraudulently submitted the 2018 ballot using my name? Who did they vote for? Was this a test run for the upcoming election? Why the California blanket executive order changing and mandating permanent mail-in voter status? Why? Voter fraud? Vote harvesting?

This does not lend any confidence in the current Democrats holding office!





  1. This is a direct attack on our Republic. We should be mandating IN PERSON VOTING using VALID ID.

    We are inviting an absolute fiasco in the upcoming election if this isn’t shut down immediately. Our nation is filled with fascist dictators, not elected officials under constitutional rule. We are losing our nation before our very eyes yet doing NOTHING to shut it down immediately.

    It’s the Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys. The Good Guys want accountability while the Bad Guys want to cheat, rob, and destroy. This has to end or we’ll lose our Republic.

  2. Reply to Craig Coley: President Trump requests an “Absentee Ballot”, so he can vote from wherever he is. People can also do that if they are too ill to get to the polls.

    California is requiring everyone to vote by mail. There is no choice. The regular polling places will not be open. I personally watched voter fraud as a poll observer in Sacramento County, California in 2012. Who will be watching this time to make sure there is no voter fraud?

  3. At some point, we need proof of citizenship and voter ID to vote. Voting at a physical polling place with paper ballots and security measures. A chain of custody for the ballots and a defined counting method. Ballots must be retained for a defined length of time in case of dispute. Anyone else have Ideas? Please add them.

  4. Here we go again. Whenever it’s time for voting, many instances of voter fraud are found and documented. I don’t know a single person who wants their own vote stolen. I have yet to see a report that a person was convicted of voter fraud or that they went to prison. Why is it that the loopholes are not closed?
    I prefer voting in person. I agree with having carefully controlled Absentee Ballots.
    Voter theft goes along with getting rid of the U.S. Constitution, defunding police, emptying prisons, open borders, and more. It appears that a lot of people in America want to break down America, rob it for all they can get, and reduce it to a mess ruled by thieves.
    I pray every day that God will intervene and put forward citizens who will uphold justice, judgement, and righteousness for His glory. “Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.” (Psalm 2)

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