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Trump Visits Kenosha to Give Support

Trump Visits Kenosha to Give Support to Law Enforcement and Residents Hard Hit by Riots

by Nick Arama  –  September 1, 2020

President Donald Trump is in Kenosha today, lending support to the people and the city which has been so badly hit by the BLM rioters.

The town announced that according to their calculations, so far, that there had been at least $2 million in damages in city-owned property. That doesn’t even include all the other damage to privately owned property. The mayor said that the city is seeking $30 million in aid from the state of Wisconsin.

Trump went to an area that had been secured by the National Guard.

He met with law enforcement and National Guard at a local high school.



Initially, the governor only asked for a limited deployment of National Guard with restricted powers that clearly weren’t enough. It was after talking with the president and after the demand of local officials that the governor was convinced to call in more National Guard and that stopped the rioting in Kenosha.

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