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Have the 1st Shots Been Fired in the Next American Civil War?


USA –  -( Is the new American Civil War here?

For the last couple of years, I have been saying that we have been in a “cold civil war,” but it seems like it is becoming a hot war. On my old podcast (Patriot News), I predicted the next Civil War would start with small scale skirmishes around the cities and then would spread out to the suburbs and finally to the rural areas.

These events are what we are seeing around the country today. The flashpoint was the death of George Floyd that started rioting in Minneapolis after months of being locked in our homes. Democrats were quick to try to capitalize on the end of the man for their own despicable needs. They hate Trump so much that they would rather see the country burn than see our President Trump succeed. It was the perfect storm.

I also predicted that the Black Lives Matter movement would be co-opted by Antifa to push their Marxist values on the mainstream. Make no mistake, Antifa is a violent terrorist group hell-bent on overthrowing the federal government. They are opportunist that will use any cause to push their twisted agenda. They don’t care about black lives. They care about implementing communism in the country. They want to accomplish Stalin’s dream of the “Hammer and Sickle” flying over the White House. They hate our country and they hate our liberty and freedom. They want to control our thoughts and actions.

Democrats have embraced the far-left movement. Biden and Harris cover-up for the rioters and looters because that is a big part of their base of support. They blame “Boogaloo Bois” or rightwing groups such as Three Percenters and Oath Keepers for the crimes of the far left. Oregon Governor Kate Brown even had the gall to blame Patriot Prayer for one of their members being gunned by a violent Antifa member for just because he was a Trump supporter.

“We got a Trump supporter here,” a voice in the video can be heard saying in a video before shots rang out into the night.

Brown claimed that it was the Patriot Prayer’s fault for exercising their right to protest earlier in the day. Antifa terrorists celebrated in the streets as they left a man dying in the streets because of his hat. Brown did not mention that the far-left terror cell that has made Portland their caliphate. Maybe because she is on their side?

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed DHS for the shooting. He continued to reject Trump’s offer to help get his out of control city back under control. Wheeler is another liberal politician that is afraid of calling out the radical left even though they occupied his apartment building. He fears the people that pull the strings of these common thugs.

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  1. Greetings:

    For quite a long time, I was a “leftist”. Even an “activist”. However, after living long enough, and after having deliberately re-examined my own education, understandings, information and motives/purposes, along with more recent contemporary developments, I have had to increasingly and “progressively” (so to speak) back off from any such involvements. The ideologies being used and the manipulative and/or coercive methods have worsened to the point of flatly defying what merits I had thought were the very basis. To the point, where I’ve begun to oppose them, in favor of those they “enemize” but whom I find to be more fair, honorable and trustworthy.

    I have not served in any military. However, earlier this year, in the capacity of entering employment with the Census, I was asked to, and did, take the Oath and for the rest of my life. And I mean to fulfill it.

    Thank you.

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