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The Perils of Pretending a War is Something Else

Time to end the charade.

David Horowitz
David Horowitz is the founder of the Freedom Center

If you haven’t noticed yet, our political life is rapidly descending into a series of charades with the potential for catastrophe. In case you think that a “charade” is just a parlor game, here is a dictionary definition: “an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.” The peril created by false appearances in the current political climate is blindness in the face of the evil that threatens us.


Here’s an equally scary current charade: the straight-faced claim by Democrat leaders and their media enablers that there are only “peaceful protests” in the streets of our 400 torched cities – no riots, looting and arsons, no rioters, looters and arsonists associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa communists. Instead, the denial that the mayhem which has injured thousands and cost more than a dozen lives are only possible because of the support of lawless Democrat mayors and city councils who are preoccupied with disarming the police. Or the accusation by top Democrats that federal security officials sent to protect federal courthouses from immolation are actually “Stormtroopers” (Pelosi), or “Gestapo” and “terrorists” (Clyburn).

In regard to this “peaceful protesters” charade by the Democrats, Martin Luther King led actual peaceful protests openly committed to non-violence. His marchers wore suits not Ninja outfits, helmets and flak jackets, did not loot stores, or torch buildings or blind people with lasers, or physically attack police with explosives and clubs. It is true that the nightly violent protests (about which Democrats are still in denial) were often preceded by non-violent marches in the day. But how difficult would it be for a non-violent protest leader to assert the principle of non-violence, as Martin Luther King and his supporters did, dissociate themselves from the violent protests, and select places to protest that were socially distanced from the rioters and looters, and therefore did not provide cover for the criminals? The fact that there have been no serious attempts by “peaceful protesters” to denounce the violence and the organizations that perpetrated it – speaks volumes to the effect that they consider themselves allies of the rioters and share their agendas. Defunding the police, leaving the most vulnerable in society without protection against criminals is the goal of rioters, arsonists, looters, and so-called “peaceful protesters.” The charade protects the criminals and their crimes.

Republicans collude in these dangerous charades. Democrat leaders like Pelosi call Republicans Nazis, Russian agents, traitors. And Republicans respond: “Democrats are playing politics.” No they’re not. This is not the language of politics; it’s the language of war. It’s designed to destroy you. From the moment Trump emerged as victor in 2016, Democrats declared war on the president and therefore America, whose duly elected commander-in-chief he was. They also declared war on everyone associated with the White House and supporting its agendas. Republicans need to wake up. The most important decision they can make as we approach the November elections is to end the charade, accept that it is a war we are facing, and return the Democrats’ fire with fire.

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  1. So who is going to arrest the treasonous charaders that are truly disrupting the nation with overthrow comments and actions? When is something going to be done by those in charge responsible for it, because when we the people get involved they won’t even be around anymore to ask about – that’s how we plan on handling it if that is what it takes to put our country back on track.

  2. I agree completely. Why haven’t the oath keepers fought back against these BLM and Antifa attacks. It is clear that these democratic leaders won’t let police intervene, isn’t this what the Oathkeepers organized to do? We need to protect our cities and if you come in a large group and devastate these looters and rioters, who would stop you. It is obvious that the police are going to stay out of it. Is it time for patriotic Americans to bring control of our cities back to the citizens of these cities? I agree with you, when do you call what these terrorists are doing war?

  3. I’ve never belonged to any group like this before. I’ve never served, but I respect and thank those who have. Don’t really want any one to know or see how my family and I live. But I’ve just turned 65 and I’ve never in my life seen our nation decline so fast. I fear for my children and my grandchildren, So I hope I’ve made the right decision in joining this organization.

  4. very well said. Good points although I have come to regard the R and D’s as two wings of the same bird. ( the bird is a stylized phoenix and in its talons you frequently see the telltale Fasces ) It sure appears to me that they work in concert more often than not. That presumption often seems to be the only explanation for actions that seem inconsistent and at odds with stated values and goals. Even more telling are the Lack of certain actions, without which this cart can never be fully righted. We often see rumor and hints that these measures are about to be implemented at any moment, but the hope and good faith disappear as predictably as a far off horizon. I can not fathom Trump who is either a much better actor by trade than I would have guessed, run by different factions than we have previously been exposed to in this venue, or perhaps, just perhaps, hes the real thing. Not perfect but real and a damned sight better than what we’ve become used to. Hes not a creepy pedophile with advanced dementia who admitted on video that he blackmailed a US ally with taxpayer funds to get his nepotistic addicted son off the hook for some (added) criminal malfeasance while laughing it off as if it were …child sniffing or child groping or the norm for him in other words. He aint THAT! thank God. Youre right, its all out war and to think otherwise is just lethal optimism we can’t afford to indulge it. Game faces on. Facebook has crossed the line by removing oathkeepers and other conservative messages. They are evil at the core and need to be stopped they are disenfranchising our rights as are so many others unchecked.

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