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If you’re wondering about racism in America, watch this video

By Andrea Widburg   –  August 4, 2020

In August 2019, Millie Weaver (AKA Millennial Millie) went to a Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She carried with her a microphone emblazoned with Alex Jones’s InfoWars logo.  Whatever one feels about InfoWars is irrelevant.  What is relevant, instead, is a 50-second-long clip of the video revealing that it is Trump’s supporters, not the left, who truly embrace the idea that “love trumps hate.”

Millie’s goal last year was to get some of the anti-Trump protesters to walk over to the Trump-supporters and see if they were as bad as the protesters claimed they were.  Eventually, Marco, a black American, took her up on the challenge.  After he spent time with the Trump-supporters, Millie asked Marco to escort her back to the anti-Trump protesters so he could compare his experience with Trump-supporters to Millie’s experience with the protesters.

The resulting video lasts 44 minutes and, if you have the time, is worth watching.  The difference between the welcome Trump’s supporters offer Marco and the spittle-flecked, obscene, threatening invective that the protesters hurl at Millie is shocking.  It certainly shocked Marco.

But for many people, 44 minutes is a long time to commit to a video, especially one that’s almost a year old.  It scarcely seems relevant enough to justify the time commitment.  Even though the Black Lives Matter movement, Marxist though it may be, has thrust racism to the forefront of everything happening in America today, people might still find it hard to bestir themselves to invest time in the video.

At Twitter, though, BIGDAVE did something clever.  He reduced the video to a mere 50 seconds.  In under a minute, anyone can see the generosity of spirit and the colorblindness on the Trump side and the frightening hatred radiating from the leftists.


More, including the entire video, at American Thinker





  1. I can’t believe this so called “Southern Poverty Law Center” labeled you as “hate group” and put you on it’s “hate watch” list!!!

    I think federal government needs to look into them and maybe even abolish them!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately there are people who believe the lies and think they are not welcome in Oath Keepers. Of course, the SPLC will never mention that we have minority members on our Board of Directors.

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