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US Attorney: ‘No one in their right minds thinks this is OK’

Media allowed inside the fence at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

by: , KOIN 6 News Staff  –  July 24, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — More than 1000 people protested outside the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland Thursday night. While there were many peaceful protesters, there were some agitators setting fires and throwing projectiles. Several times federal officers came out to break out the crowd using tear gas.

But protesters kept coming back.

Around 2 a.m., Portland police declared an unlawful assembly and the group dissipated over the next few hours. No one was arrested.

At 9 a.m., officials allowed media inside the federal courthouse for a look at the damage.

US Attorney: ‘No one in their right minds thinks this is OK’

Inside the fence surrounding the Hatfield Federal Courthouse are bags of feces, commercial grade fireworks, CS cans used by officers, bricks, glass bottles, fluid cans for Molotov cocktails.

“I saw a walker like a senior citizen, disabled person’s walker thrown in here,” said Scott Asphaug, the First Assistant US Attorney for Oregon.

The federal courthouse still smells like tear gas, affecting those who work there.

“This building is supposed to represent justice and it’s drowning out the voices that should matter, which are the voices of social and racial justice taking place in Portland, and instead we’re talking about riots,” Asphaug said. “So the people who are doing the rioting are drowning out the voices that really need to be heard and that’s just heartbreaking.”

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  1. Isn’t amazing just how much destruction peaceful protesters leave behind? To hear the Democratic Commie Rat Bastards tell it, none of these things have happened, and we have it all wrong.

  2. Rioters have no legitimate ground to stand with protesters. They are law-breakers and as such are against America. They are traitorous to their nation and should expect to be ruled by good and decent-minded, peace-loving, law-abiding Americans. They are ruinous to the cause of protest and if persistent in escalation of wrong doing should be willing to accept the just consequences. As an aside: local law enforcement has a right and duty to engage citizen volunteers to assist in local matters of civil unrest. Who better to separate wheat from chaff in local circumstances.

  3. As a former Portland Police law enforcement cadet 1996-1997 I am very sadden on watching my old central precinct get hit by these socialist far left regimes , and what saddens me even more? There is nothing I can do about it, I wish there was some way how they can go around brown and wheeler and deputize former law enforcement former cadets and former officers and join up with the active duty officers and defend. They need to hold there ground and protect central precinct at and all precincts at all cost with or without that democrat Socialist mayor and governor consent, I think those socialist should step down and jailed for what there doing., I took a oath along time ago to serve and protect our communities and defend the Oregon and United States constitutions. I still honor my oath. I joined up today to take that oath once again! Because I need to take the stand, I cant standby and watch these socialist try destroy of what my ancestors have fought for. And as for the federal court house, DHS and other federal law enforcement is there because it is there jobs to protect all federal buildings and federal facilities. they wont give that up or leave quietly. As oath keepers non of us cant standby and let this bs continue, I support my brothers and sisters in blue. and our brothers and sisters in the military.

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