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Oath Keepers Call to Action: Veterans, Patriots, Stand Up & Defend America From Leftist Violence!


The Featured photo above is of  of Natalie, owner of Natalie’s Cakes and More in Ferguson, MO, with one of our veteran volunteers (a MARSOC Marine vet).  Natalie was the first small business owner we protected in Ferguson during the 2014 riots.

Oath Keepers, veterans, patriots!  Duty calls.  Announcing the launch of Operation Defend America (now on our own secure servers!).

We all must stand up and defend America from a violent leftist insurrection that has gone far beyond peaceful assembly and protest, and is now engaged in not just looting, but arson, assault, desecration of monuments (even the WWII memorial in D.C.), seizing of territory (such as Seattle’s recent “CHAZ,” where leftists declared a “no police” zone and imposed a Bill of Rights free zone on the terrorized local residents), attempted murder, and murder (such as the murder of Federal Protective Service Officer David Patrick Underwood; the murder of veteran St. Louis PD Captain David Dorn; the murder of two teenagers in the Seattle “CHAZ”; and the murder of an eight year old girl in Atlanta at similar protester-imposed barricades).

This is a coordinated, intentional, national and international terrorism and insurrection campaign, intent on destabilizing our nation and throwing it into chaos to further their radical Marxist goals (to not just defeat Trump, but to also destroy our nation and our Constitution). The insurrectionists are hijacking protests against police abuse of power and have made it clear they intend on spreading the rioting, looting, assault, and arson into suburbs and small towns, BY DESIGN.

Remember, the Founders’ declared that We the People – all of us – are the militia, and are meant to be the “security of a free state.” We the People have both a right and a DUTY to defend our communities.  It’s not just the job of the National Guard (part of the militia) or the police.  It’s our job as well, as the rest of the militia and as the posse of our local sheriff.   Time to step up and do it.


To help you organize for mutual defense nationwide, down to your local community, Oath Keepers has set up a free, “Defend America Now” Public chat system on our Oath Keepers National server.   There is a national “Defend America Now” public chat where you can talk to patriots nationwide, and “Defend America Now” public chats for each state.   This is free to all patriotic Americans.  You do NOT have to be a member of Oath Keepers to participate.  This is our contribution to the cause.

On this free “Defend America Now” public chat system, local residents can link up, team leaders can find volunteers, and volunteers can find teams.   Business owners, residents, local LEOs, Fire-Fighters, EMS, pubic officials, and concerned citizens who need help can ask for it here.

To join this FREE channel open to the public, go here:

Click on the link and follow the instructions on setting up your free account.  Once your account setup is complete you will be in the Oath Keepers National “Defend America Now” Server.  You will have automatic access to all of the free “Defend America Now” public channels.  Please enter your state “Defend America Now” chat and introduce yourself.

  1. NOTE:  Unless you are a member of Oath Keepers you will not have access to Oath Keepers members-only channels or training opportunities.  If you want that access, please join Oath Keepers here:   You do NOT have to be prior service to join. All are welcome because we are all in this together.  If you are not prior service, it is our duty to train you.  But you do not need to join Oath Keepers to participate in the Defend America Now chat system.
  2. If you are currently a member of Oath Keepers, please log into your account at  and select the Forum tab on the left to be connected to our members only forum chat.

Our experienced military, police, Fire, and EMS veterans within Oath Keepers will be there in the free “Defend America” chats to advise you and to support your defense of your local businesses, homes, towns, and counties.  Our members will also be happy to come to your town and assist you in training up your neighborhood watches, town watches, and county watches (we are likewise available to assist local sheriff departments in standing up a sheriff posse).  Our members will also, of course, respond with boots on the ground direct support if they can (depending on our availability, as we are understandably stretched thin with ongoing security operations nationwide).

We have limited manpower, but we are here to advise you (that’s a key purpose of Oath Keepers and of this chat system), based on our extensive operational experience in the U.S. which includes our successful rooftop defense of businesses and apartments in Ferguson, MO, where we prevented arsonists from burning the buildings to the ground during the riots in 2014; five hurricane relief operations, were we delivered food and water and defended against looters, as well as providing security escorts to relief caravans and field teams of doctors and nurses; countless successful security operations against Antifa violence, including two operations in Downtown Berkeley; recent operations protecting Trump supports from violent assault outside Trump rallies nationwide; and our current ongoing operations to defend businesses all over America (there are Oath Keepers on the streets right now, defending against arsonists and looters).

However, we also call on all of you who are prior service military, police, fire, emergency medical, etc, to step up and take lead in your local community and state, whether or not you’re a member of Oath Keepers.   You have valuable training and experience.  Time to put it to use where it matters most.

WARNING:  Please note this is a public chat, just like a public Facebook or Twitter page.   Practice good personal security and sound operational security.  Be aware that bad guys are likely to be observing, as is possible on any public chat.   Use the “Defend America” chats for networking and initial contact, but go to Personal Messages or phone as soon as you can for more secure communications.

We also recommend that you vet people you meet on this pubic forum by asking them to PM you links to their social media accounts. Use your best judgment in making sure the person is legit and trustworthy before you share personal information or operational information.

We will be setting up separate, more secure chat rooms for each state as part of this Operation Defend America, for vetted people and leaders only.  It will be up to the moderators to invite people into those more secure chats.  Each state chat will have a “leader’s round table” where the verified leadership of all patriotic groups in a state can communicate freely, as equals.  It’s high time that all groups come together in the critical mission of defending our towns and counties.  Open communication among group leaders is the way to get that done.

Calls for unlawful violence, or racist/discriminatory posts will not be tolerated.   This is about defending life, liberty, property and our Constitution for ALL Americans through lawful self defense and defense of others, in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.  Please report any posts or forum participants who violate the rules to a moderator or admin.  Copy the post and PM it to the mods.

Oath Keepers Call to Action: Veterans, Patriots, Stand Up & Defend America From Leftist Violence!

Oath Keeper veteran volunteer stands watch on rooftop
during the Ferguson , Missouri riots.

Oath Keepers Call to Action: Veterans, Patriots, Stand Up & Defend America From Leftist Violence!Oath Keepers standing guard at Shelley Luther’s Dallas salon
after arson threats

WHAT MUST BE DONE- Preliminary Advice for Operation Defend America:

We will go into much more detail in the free “Defend America” chats, but here is some preliminary advice:

Form up buddy teams (two men), fire teams (four men), and squads of eight to twelve men (two fire teams or three fire teams per squad).  Do this in each neighborhood, and in your town and county.  It is best to NEVER have a person working alone.

You need both a neighborhood/community watch that protects your homes and a town/county watch that protects the whole town and county and acts as a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) to rescue those in dire need, and to directly back up/protect local police, Fire, and EMS when needed.

We highly recommend that you go door-to-door in your neighborhood and town, calling on the residents to come together for mutual defense.

Call a muster of the residents in your community and form up an armed neighborhood/community watch.   Primary mission of a neighborhood watch is to spot and report potential threats to police, like neighborhood watches are designed to do, but also be prepared to defend against violence (and arson is deadly force, since it can kill) if/when police are not available to respond in time.

Anyone can participate in the neighborhood watch, to help spot and report.  The older and less fit residents can protect the homes as a fixed position “home guard” in the neighborhood watches while the more fit deploy out as the town watch.  All need to be armed with rifles or shotguns.   Prioritize:

  1.  Family Safe.  Protecting first responder homes and families with a “Family Safe” program (we will provide more detailed guidance).   Your local police, Fire, EMS, search and rescue, medical personnel, etc cannot leave their homes and go out to do their jobs unless their home and family is safe.  Your neighborhood and town watches must commit to defending them.   We call this “Family Safe” and we have been doing this for years.   You can do it too!  We know that Antifa is actively identifying police and other first responder homes and photographing them for later targeting.   You must be prepared to post up armed guards outside first responder homes if they need your help.
  2. Back the Blue.  Directly backing up local police, Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue, city workers, etc.  A common tactic of arsonists and terrorists is to fire on responding officers and responding fire crews/repair crews to deter them from keeping the peace and safety of the community.  Be prepared to back them up and to provide armed escorts.  We have done this countless times.   It works.   We call our direct support of police “Back the Blue.”   This can include simply pulling over at a sufficient distance to overwatch a police officer while he does a stop, or while he gases up his vehicle (several police officers have been assassinated over the years at gas stations), or it can go as far as directly assisting an officer in need.   We can and will advise you on how to do it right, in coordination with your local police.   NOTE: When police do the wrong thing, we call them on it.  Always have, always will.  But when they do the right thing, we support them, including with boots on the ground, to help them.  Support them in doing the right thing.
  3. Securing gun shops.  Bad guys obviously want to take down and loot gun shops to obtain more weapons and ammunition.   You must secure your local gun shops against looting and arson.
  4. Protecting critical services, like power plants, power lines, etc. Expect radical leftists to try to take out a community’s power grid.
  5. Protecting local businesses against looting, arson, and assault.  We highly recommend putting men on rooftops to deter arsonists, and to fight any fires started during a riot.  Prepare with fire extinguishers and other methods for suppressing the fire threat.   We will post up detailed advice in the Defend America chats.
  6. Protecting neighborhoods and homes against violence, arson, and home invasions:  Be prepared for a worst case scenario where you have to block entrances to the neighborhood/community with vehicles backed up by armed men.
  7. Make sure your town watch is mobile, trained, and well organized to act as a strong QRF (Quick Reaction Force) that can back up/rescue people who are being attacked, and can also directly backup a constitutional sheriff and good guy cops who respect the rights of the people.  This body of organized men can become the sheriff’s posse if sworn in by the Sheriff (ideal) or as an auxiliary to the police if sworn in by your local Chief of Police or Constable.   Put military and police veterans in leadership of this town level unit until they come under the direct command of your Sheriff or Police Chief (but always refusing unlawful orders, of course).

Let it be known to everyone that you support peaceable assembly and protest but you will not tolerate unlawful violence, looting, and arson.

Try to have less than lethal and less lethal self defense tools available, such as pepper spray, CS, etc.

Be prepared to fight fires, and to suppress fires when first set.

Make sure you have emergency communication, such as HAM radio, or at least some CB or FRS radios (like hunters use) that are readily available at any local Walmart.  You need communications on the street, in the neighborhoods, and among your town watch members.   Be prepared to deal with long-term interruptions in phone and internet service during civil unrest.

Coordinate closely with local law enforcement on what your overt team members will be wearing as an identifier (such as specific colored vests or arm-bands).  We do recommend that you use both overt and covert personnel.   The overt personnel act as a deterrent.   The covert personnel enable you to observe potential bad actors without their being aware they are being observed, which can increase the chances of responding LEOs catching them in the act and apprehending them.   The knowledge that you have covert personnel out will also act as a deterrent to bad actors.   We strongly discourage your attempting to take suspects into custody, or attempting to pursue and capture. DON’T DO IT.  Obviously, there are exceptions, such as where you take down and incapacitate an active shooter.  You cannot let him go.   But short of that, focus on deterrence and defense – protecting the innocent from violence.

NOTE:  Oath Keepers agreed from the start that the killing of George Floyd was a homicide, and that the police officers involved should be prosecuted.   We also agree that there is a systemic problem of abuse of power by bad cops who are not being purged out of the police ranks like they should be, and who are not being held accountable.   We support significant reform to fix that problem, which cuts across all racial and social lines – it’s a problem for ALL Americans as all Americans, of all races, are vulnerable to abuse by those bad cops.

This systemic problem of bad cops being sheltered and retained in the ranks needs to be fixed.  I have tasked two of our current serving “good cops” within Oath Keepers leadership to lead a team of Oath Keepers police in writing up recommendations for meaningful, REAL reform within the police ranks.   As Frank Serpico said back in 2014, this situation of unaccountable bad cops will change when the bad cops fear the good cops – and we aren’t there yet.  He’s right, but it’s high time we get there, and get it done, finally.

Oath Keepers will do all we can to help make that happen, but burning down our cities and towns, looting small businesses, desecrating our monuments, and assaulting and murdering innocent people is NOT the answer and will not be tolerated.  Neither will attempts to overthrow our republican form of government guaranteed to each state by our federal Constitution and our state constitutions.

This we will defend, as our oath requires, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


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