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1984 – Big Tech Controls Your Thoughts

“America’s Frontline Doctors” is a group of Doctors who challenged the rhetoric and spoke Truth to Power.

by Shari Dovale

If you have never read Orwell’s 1984, you should. You can read a free online version here: Orwell’s Ninteen Eighty Four. This original work of fiction has become so prophetic that it could now be turned into a current events list.

Consider the following discussion question and answer:

How does the Party maintain its power?

The Party maintains its power primarily through language, technology, fear, and isolation.

Taking each point, you can see how this applies to today’s world.

  1. Language – The language of political correctness. Words you cannot use or even think, lest you be labeled racist, or worse.
  2. Technology – Big Tech controls the narrative, censoring and banning for crossing them. Only their preferred information is allowed to be shared with the public.
  3. Fear – Covid 19(84) has put fear into the country, and the world. Regardless of what science truly reveals, they have counted on the majority of the populace not verifying for themselves.
  4. Isolation – Lockdowns and Social Distancing. Need we say more?

Do you need more examples? Let’s talk about the recent shutdown of a group of Doctors who challenged the rhetoric and spoke Truth to Power.

Watch the video here:

1984 – Big Tech Controls Your Thoughts

America’s Frontline Doctors” is a new group of doctor’s and health professionals that have determined that the Covid-19 scare stories are all propaganda. Founded 0n 07/16/2020, the website lasted less than 2 weeks before Big Tech shut them down.

On Monday, 7/27/20, these doctors held the “White Coat Summit” in Washington, DC to discuss their real world findings. During a press conference, they spoke of their own patients and how they have prevented and cured this virus with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax.

Dr Stella Immanuel, a Houston GP, was the highlight of the press conference. She said that she had personally treated more than 350 people with coronavirus using hydroxychloroquine, with complete success.

Welcome to 1984

Why would Big Tech react so intensely over a bunch of doctor’s disagreeing with them? Why would they coordinate an attack on the websites that shared this information? They have taken down the doctor’s website, banned the videos on Facebook, YouTube/Google, and Twitter, and even limited Breitbart News because they wrote too much about it.

In a free society, people are allowed to make their own choices. They are allowed to speak their thoughts, share contrary information, and decide for themselves.

Not anymore. The public is only allowed to read what Big Brother tells you to read, think only what they tell you to think, and react only if they allow you to do so.


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America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit

[Redoubt News] Editor’s Note: Since Big Tech took the original video and web sites down, they produced a new video:


Posted in full with permission. RedoubtNews




One comment

  1. The anti-American plan we can see being implemented today also has its methodology revealed in the book “Animal Farm.” A new course for us Americans has been decided by those who say they know better than we. In their eyes there is no need for God and His Holy Bible which gives us the wisdom from on high and understanding from the Ancient of Days.
    They say there is no need for opposing views or discussion at any level. I remember how President George Herbert Walker Bush spoke of the New World Order which would improve our lives as we would be directed how to live from one centralized, unelected, world leadership. This takeover appears to have been building for many years, nurtured by both Republicans and Democrats, presidents, congress, judges, governors, state legislators, mayors, and in the curriculum of our schools and colleges. We see them effecting the break down of nationalism in the United Sates of America in order to render us merely another state owing our allegiance to the unelected central government of the world.
    The New World Order does not want America to be a leading example to the rest of the world. They do not like our founding documents, especially our U.S. Constitution, because our documents acknowledge many rights that God alone can, and has, given to men and women, rights seen in the Bible.
    The New World Order must be resisted. We can believe that the New World Order ultimately will not have its way because of what we can read in God’s word about His will and His workings in the past, the present and the future. God’s people will be directed by His word, and will not shrink from the wicked. I pray for God’s all powerful help for all His people.

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