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“The New Normal”…message from a friend.

When I first heard the term “New Normal” I really did not give it much thought. I was caught up with the pandemic. Trying to get through each day and try and plan for the long haul seemed all consuming.

As time went on, and I kept hearing the term, it made me think. Will our world ever go back to “normal”? Are the evil ones going to keep us in fear? Information and disinformation came out on a daily basis. This caused more fear not only within me but apparently in the vast majority of people. The propaganda media kept pushing fear, but why?

The people who have lost their livelihoods, or are about to, began to push back. People began to look to the Constitution and use it as a guide.

The Governors, Mayors, Attorneys General, District Attorneys, Mayors, Chief of Police, and in some cases even Sheriffs began warning and threatening good citizens to comply. We the People ignored them and went forward. All over the country, I began to see small groups of resistance.

Back to the “New Normal”! I am beginning to embrace the “New Normal”! I am seeing the GREAT AWAKENING! So the “New Normal” will be us, We the People, awake, on guard, and vigilant to protect our rights.

We will no longer allow tyrants to bully us. That is the NEW NORMAL!


"The New Normal"...message from a friend.





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