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Covid-19 Internment Camps Being Set Up In Washington!

Your government has precedence of placing it’s citizens into involuntary internment!

By Shari Dovale   –  May 14, 2020

It was revealed today that yesterday’s conspiracy theories are today’s headlines!

Internment camps are being set up at county fairgrounds in Washington State to house Covid 1984 patients.

The truth was announced though Rep. Matt Shea with an eyewitness coming forward and providing a photograph of the camps being assembled.

The witness confirmed that she spoke to the Mayor of Goldendale and it was, again, confirmed that these camps are being set up for Covid 19(84) patients.

These mandatory camps are being set up through what can be called a mandatory grant of money, as these counties are being required to set up these camps before they can open any new businesses, yet cannot afford to do so.

Trailers, as well as tiny homes, can be set up at the Fair Grounds, and hotels/motels could be used in some cases.

And it is required that these Internment camps are to be in place before the counties can move to “Phase 2” of Governor Inslee’s plans.

Governor Jay Inslee said, in his press conference of May 12th, that if you cannot isolate safely at home (as determined by the state health officer) then you will go to a place of the state’s choosing.

Washington State is also advertising jobs for people to care for children in the camps.

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  1. Why would they continue with this, when we can clearly see that we are beginning to get back to normal? At least where I am. Doesn’t make sense. These are not needed for the COVID-19. Must be for something else. Shady as always.

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