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Comey, Brennan, Other Officials Lied ‘to protect Obama’s policy’

By Jennie Taer  –  May 11, 2020

Sara A. Carter told Fox New’s host Steve Hilton on Sunday that there’s now evidence that malign actors within the Obama administration lied to the American public when they said there was evidence that Trump and his associates colluded with Russia. According to new testimony released last week, those officials had testified before the House Intelligence Committee that they found no evidence of Russia collusion.

“Everyone that was involved in the administration from James Comey to John Brennan. These were people that were directly targeting President Trump and Flynn as well… and they were doing this mainly to protect the policy, to protect Obama’s policy. And they all lied,” Carter explained.

She added, “It wasn’t just Adam Schiff, Steve, it was every single one of them. It was James Clapper. It was John Brennan. It was Susan Rice. It was Evelyn Farkas over at State Department. Every single one of them, behind closed doors, said they had no evidence of Russia collusion. They had no evidence the Trump administration had ever conspired with Russia. And then they come out in public and say the opposite.”

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff released Thursday the transcripts of 53 witness testimonies from the Russia investigation shortly after U.S. officials told Carter that Schiff was planning to “selectively leak” the transcripts amid a standoff with Republican lawmakers urging their release.

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