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Registered Nurse Threatens to Deny Trump Supporter Coronavirus Treatment

Paul Joseph Watson

A self-proclaimed registered nurse took to Twitter to suggest that she would not give someone emergency medical treatment for coronavirus if he was a Trump supporter.

The nurse was responding to a man called George S. Martan who posted a photo of himself wearing a face mask with ‘Trump 2020’ embroidered onto it.

“My wife sewed this face mask today to protect me from the Wuhan Virus and show support for President Trump,” commented the man.

’ll see you in ER. Please wear your mask so when we have to decide who gets the vent, it’ll be easier. Thanks

— Erika Waters (@NaplesAlleycat) April 6, 2020

“I’ll see you in ER. Please wear your mask so when we have to decide who gets the vent, it’ll be easier. Thanks,” responded Erika Waters, who describes herself as a registered nurse practitioner in her bio.

Waters has several anti-Trump hashtags in her bio, including #Resist, #GunReform and #BLM (Black Lives Matter).

She immediately faced the wrath of other Twitter users, including one who pointed out, “Medical homicide via negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States.”

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  1. She needs to be reviewed for unethical nursing and have her license revoked. Anyone with such an attitude should never be allowed to “care” for the infirmed.

  2. We are seeing an upsurge in Law Enforcement violating citizens rights to peacefully assemble. In Missouri Police wrote $500 tickets to churchgoers who were not in violation of any Social Distancing requirements. In fact, they were all in the church parking lot, sitting in their cars, listening to their Pastor who gave his sermon over a loudspeaker.

    I think Americans need to be reminded that, at the moment, there still is a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. There is much more than a virus at work. There is a concerted effort to subvert our rights, and to install a Police and Surveillance State. What many have feared is nearly upon us. Soon will come the cashless monetary system. And most of us know what that will entail. 5G is being built up to meet the requirements of the Surveillance State. Soon we will all be tracked from the cradle to the grave. No Cash, means ALL transactions will be monitored. And we haven’t even begun to address the chip implantation and vaccine tagging that they intend to roll out within the next couple of years.

    Some of you who read this now will think I’m a little off. But if we keep sitting around, obeying like sheep, in a year we will all be sheep. We are not under Martial Law., so remember, the Bill of Rights is still the law of the land. Law enforcement and Military: Do not follow orders Blindly.

    Good Luck to US all.

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