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Gun Control End Game – Bloomberg Groups Launch Campaign to Close Gun Stores

Monday, April 6, 2020  –  NRA-ILA

The mask is off (so to speak), and it is now clear beyond any reasonable dispute: America’s largest and most well-funded gun control advocacy group is systematically trying to ban law-abiding Americans, en masse, from acquiring firearms. And this at a time when Americans in record numbers have decided for themselves they need guns more than ever.

Events have been unfolding so quickly with respect to the constitutional right to acquire firearms during the COVID-19 outbreak that it’s difficult for the public to keep up with them.

First, Americans across the country swarmed to gun stores in March to exercise their rights during the early stages of the unfolding emergency.

Then, gun stores were ordered to close by several anti-gun governors and local officials who were horrified that so many first-time gun buyers had gained a newfound appreciation for the Second Amendment.

Next, the Department of Homeland Security issued guidance to the states that gun stores are part of America’s essential infrastructure during emergencies, and the NRA and others filed lawsuits challenging the closures.

Several closure orders were then reversed.

Now, as the third week of lockdowns across the nation has begun, and numbers showing record firearm sales in March have emerged, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has reversed his earlier determination that gun stores are essential and ordered them to close throughout the state.

In the midst of this new development, a memorandum emerged from gun prohibition advocates Everytown for Gun Safety, a group whose chief funder is none other than failed Democrat presidential contender Michael Bloomberg. The memorandum urges governors and mayors, despite the DHS guidance, to feel confident banning gun sales. It also purports (but ultimately fails) to provide legal justification for this clear infringement of Second Amendment rights.

Ironically, the gist of the “argument” put forth in the memorandum is that at a time when unprecedented incursions against a host of constitutional rights are underway as an asserted response against the coronavirus, the Second Amendment is receiving preferential treatment. The right to keep and bear arms should also, the memo argues, be subjected to infringements.

Even less convincingly, the memo argues that any burden imposed by the closure orders is minimal because “states and localities are ordering businesses to close temporarily—delaying the ability to acquire a gun—not barring anyone from gun possession permanently.”

Needless to say, however, if a first-time gun buyer seeks to obtain a firearm because of the dangers posed by the COVID-19 emergency, it would be ludicrous to say the person’s rights remain intact because he or she might be able to buy a gun after the emergency ends.

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  1. I have to agree with ole mikey, second amendment is getting preferential treatment. We should be enjoying all of the rights given to us by the Holy Father and guaranteed by the constitution of the United States., not just the second.

  2. The supply and distribution of arms to the unorganized militia and the citizen militia of the Constitution as well as law enforcement comes through the interstate commerce which includes “gun stores”.

  3. Can someone tell me at what point do we start holding these anti-constitutional communists responsible for their actions? If it talks like a communist,walks like one and supports others of like minded it is one.Is it after we have been weakend to the point no defence?

  4. Exactly my question. Time for America to rise up & lock these anti-Constitutional tyrants up. We shouldn’t be begging to bring Anerica back from the brink of death. Thos virus is one of millions, & one of trillions of microorganisms in our bodies & all around us. The human body has survived &thrived for millions (or is it billions?) of yrs with the immune system…which is weakened by isolation &inactivity &indoors. #FireFauci is evil. Not saving lives. Destroying millions!

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