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Oath Keepers Coronavirus Warning and Advice on How to Protect Yourself

Please donate to support our research and our work to bring the American people the truth about the deadly threat of Coronavirus.   We do believe this is a VERY real, very serious threat to our nation and its people, and we also believe that it will be used by the deep state and the Marxist dominated left to bring President Trump down and solidify their power.   Please take it seriously, and please support us as we fight to ruin their plans.  


We also urge you to help us reach President Trump with the truth about how dangerous this virus really is, how he is being mislead with terrible “advice” from the CDC and other entities that are infected with deep state globalists, how it will be used to take him down, and what he must do to decisively respond to protect our nation and minimize the deaths among our people.

HEADS UP:  Starting tomorrow, 3/6/20, we will be posting daily updates on this website that consolidate the most important daily news on the virus, as well as the results of our own research.  Oath Keepers now has over a dozen members of our leadership tasked with digging into the truth about Coronavirus and putting out timely information you can use to protect yourselves.   Look for the “Oath Keepers Coronavirus Daily Update” on this site (oath  It will be cross-posted on all our social media.

You should also follow us on Twitter, at:  Our username on Twitter is @Oathkeepers

On that Twitter account, members of our Coronavirus research team will be posting throughout the day.  Go there for minute by minute news and updates.   Come here to for the consolidated info and analysis at the end of the day, where our research team will take the most important info and put it all in one place, with their analysis and summary.

NOTE:  A special thank you to our Oath Keepers research team for all their hard work digging into the Coronavirus and related issues.   Thanks to “Squatch,” Scott Dunn, and Steve Sizemore for their write ups for our preliminary written warning and advice, but also thank you to the rest of our research team who do their work behind the scenes.   These are men and women who have a devotion to finding the truth and sharing it with their fellow Americans, out of love of country and concern for their fellow Americans.  l very much appreciate their efforts, and we know that it will help Americans protect themselves and prepare to care for their families.  – Stewart Rhodes


CRITICAL UPDATE 3/5/20:  It is now being widely reported that the official worldwide reported mortality rate for Coronavirus is 3.4%.  That is more than 30x more deadly than the flu.  As we have stated from the start, this is NOT “just like the flu” as far too many conservatives have stated, including officials in the Trump Administration.   Do the math.  Projected out, that will mean millions of Americans dead, as this highly contagious disease spreads throughout our population.   The only answer is to stop the spread, and that will require decisive action and leadership from President Trump.  First step:  Stop ALL flights from any infected nation.   Really, because this virus has spread worldwide, he now needs to stop all foreign flights into the U.S.  Every person entering our nation from overseas is a potential carrier of this disease.  There is much more he needs to do now that it has already begun to spread within the U.S.   But he can at least prevent further spreading from even more infected people being allowed into the U.S. 

UPDATE 2/28/20 12pm Central: We now consider this to be an aerosol (airborne) virus, meaning that it can travel extended distances in the air and linger in the air over time, in enclosed spaces, and infect people who breath the air, just like measles, smallpox, and tuberculosis.  This makes it extremely contagious.  See below analysis. 




(First published on February 27, 2020)

The Coronavirus (Covid19) has become a political football in the United States.  Predictably, Democrats are using it to attack President Trump (they will do so no matter what he does).   But that doesn’t mean it’s not a dangerous virus.

We consider Coronavirus a serious potential threat to your health and to the health of loved-ones because of how contagious it is, because it can be transmitted while the carrier is asymptomatic, and because of the way it attacks the lungs, which is more severe than the flu.  It’s especially deadly for the elderly and for those with preexisting conditions, such as respiratory problems or cardiovascular disease, for whom the death-rate climbs in excess of 8% and as high as 15% (see below analysis).  We also consider the virus a serious threat to our nation because its spread in the U.S. will likely cause serious disruptions in travel, work, school, the delivery of food, medical supplies, medical services, fuel, etc., and will cause a resultant downturn in the economy.

Please note that Saudi Arabia shut down the pilgrimage to Mecca, preventing millions of Muslims from taking planned pilgrimages (we cannot recall this ever happening before), and also banned all travel to the Kingdom by anyone with a tourist visa from one of the infected nations, such as Italy or South Korea.

Here in the U.S., it is long past time to do as Saudi Arabia has done.  Breitbart has reported that a Los Angeles based flight attendant, who worked flights from South Korea to the U.S., has just been diagnosed with Coronavirus.  President Trump needs to stop air traffic to the U.S. from all nations where pandemics are underway, such as South Korea, Italy, or Japan – not just from China.  Frankly, because the virus has now spread extensively in the rest of the world, he should stop all foreign entry into the U.S., and returning U.S. citizens should be quarantined.   He should also deploy our military onto our southern border in sufficient force to lock it down to prevent all illegal entry.  Better safe than sorry!  Let’s take “America first” seriously and act accordingly.

Japan and Vietnam have closed down all schools and no children are going to school in either nation.  Nations do not shut down all schools over the flu or colds.  A school in Washington State has now been closed.  We urge you to set aside politics, take a hard look at facts, and encourage President Trump to do what is necessary.  Whatever impact further restrictions on international air traffic to the U.S. may have on our economy will be child’s play compared to the cascading economic effects of millions of Americans halting travel within the U.S., pulling kids from school, and missing work from fear of becoming ill, or from being ill.

Below are write-ups by two of Oath Keepers’ veteran medical professionals explaining why you should take this seriously, citing information from trusted, neutral medical experts.  Following those write-ups are some recommendations for individual preparedness in case you need to shelter in place for extended periods, and a final write up by one of our Utah chapter leaders.

 Analysis #1

Corona virus or Covid19 by Scott Dunn, retired trauma nurse, Ranger School graduate, and LEO veteran

While this is being written, the numbers related to this virus will have changed. This is an update on the signs and symptoms of the virus, as well as the effects it has on the infected patients. So far, we have 84,077 officially confirmed cases, 2,876 deaths with 36,873 recovered.

This is according to Johns Hopkins CSSE. (keeping in mind that we should NOT trust the numbers reported by the Chinese communist government).

The reported recovery levels have increased. However, the virus is spreading globally even after patients have gone through the 14 day quarantine. This would suggest that the quarantine should be perhaps 28 days as expressed by several scientists.  This virus is highly contagious, and is contagious before the infected person is symptomatic.   This means it can be spread by a person for weeks, and possibly for a full 28 days, before they even know they are sick.  See below for a more detailed discussion of how the virus is spread.


The Effect of the Virus on Human Beings

Most articles talk about the spread of the virus, but don’t talk about what it does to people.  What happens to a person when they are infected?

COVID19 appears to be particularly virulent, meaning that it can cause a lot of disease to the infected, and is hard to beat. Keep in mind that this is a virus, not a bacteria, and what limited treatments there are, in the form of antiviral medications, don’t have much of an effect on COVID19.

The only treatment available is temperature control and fluid support as well as oxygen therapy to take stress off the lungs. In severe cases these treatments would be called for as well as antibiotic therapy to help with any secondary bacterial infections that may take advantage of a stressed immune system and take hold as well.

Some of those infected will progress to a critical state, where the virus has progressed into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) which is actually worse than pneumonia, since ARDS inflames the entire lungs, very quickly (Coronavirus can also cause pneumonia as well, and both kidney and heart failure due to the stress on the entire cardio-vascular system).   ARDS causes the lungs to fill up with fluid blocking the aviolae in the lungs and decreasing the lungs capacity to take in oxygen. Imagine trying to breath jello through a straw, and you’ll have a good idea of what a person with advanced ARDS or pneumonia is feeling.

This video explains how Coronavirus kills:

It should come as no surprise that a respiratory viral infection like this will have a high mortality rate among the elderly (those 50 and above) and those with underlying medical conditions.  As the BBC has reported:

The oldest are most likely to die

There is a marked pattern in the reported death rates from the disease.

Less than 0.5% of patients aged under 50 have died, according to the Chinese Centres of Disease Control.

However, that figure spikes rapidly to:

  • 1.3% in their 50s
  • 3.6% in their 60s
  • 8% in their 70s
  • 15% over 80

These are not the true death rates, as some patients still being treated may yet die and many mild cases are going unnoticed.

And those who were already sick

The death rate for people with no other health problems is 0.9%.

However, this rises to:

  • 6% in people with high blood pressure
  • 6% in people with long-term lung problems such as those caused by a lifetime of smoking
  • 7% in people with diabetes
  • 11% in people with cardiovascular disease”

This means that if you have either elderly or ill people in your family, you must be more vigilant and careful in protecting them from exposure.

However, note the demise of young doctors in China, such as the 30 year old physician who first discovered Coronavirus, who died within two weeks of his diagnosis.  The disease also kills the young and fit.

Iran had reported 26 deaths as of February 26, 2020, but now, as of February 28, 2020, is reporting 210 deaths.

If we don’t prevent a pandemic inside the U.S., our medical infrastructure will be overrun and the fatality rate is going to go up because victims suffering from ARDS or pneumonia must be hospitalized and treated with sophisticated oxygen therapy to keep them alive until the virus subsides.  We have very advanced medical care, but only so many beds in the ICU of each hospital, and only so many doctors and nurses.

How the Virus is Spread (keeping in mind that it can be spread before a person exhibits symptoms)

This virus is transferable through three mechanisms (not two, as the CDC keeps contending):

1. Direct transmission – direct contact with droplets in the air

The first mechanism of transmission is through droplets, meaning that if an infected person sneezes of coughs those infected droplets can carry up to six feet in the air. If you are within that range, you can breath it in through your nose or mouth, and it can also enter through your eyes. Viruses thrive in mucus membranes. This means you need to be at least six feet away from a possibly infected person, and you should have both a mask and eye protection on, and all persons showing flu-like symptoms should wear masks to protect others in case they are infected with the virus.

The big issue with this virus is that regular N95 masks do not appear to be effective. The virus is small enough to penetrate that mask. An N100 mask however is effective, especially when paired with proper eye protection (chemical rated goggles would be best – the goal is to stop droplets from getting into your eyes, so any eye protection is better than nothing. Wear the eye protection that has the best wrap around coverage you can find). If all you have are N95 masks, and you must be around possibly infected people, then wear two of them, one on top of the other to increase the likelihood of blocking entry of the virus.

2. On surfaces

The second known mechanism of transfer is through contact with infected droplets on surfaces, where the virus can live UP TO NINE DAYS. In fact, some viruses in the same class of virus can live up to 28 days in normal room temperatures, but so far, medical experts are stating that they don’t believe this virus can live past nine days on surfaces.

An example of surface transfer is someone coughs or sneezes into their hand, then touches a doorknob, and then you touch the doorknob and then you touch your eyes, mouth, or nose, or you touch your food as you eat.  

Another example is items in a grocery store.  A person sneezes or coughs directly onto an item on the shelf, or into their hand and then touches the item, but puts it back on the shelf, and then you touch it.  And then at checkout, the clerk, who has handled every item that comes down the conveyor belt at the register all day, then touches all of your items, as well as the plastic bag he is putting your items in.  That could do it.  

The only way to really protect yourself if you must go out under those conditions is to clean your hands with 70% or above alcohol hand cleaner or with Dial anti-bacterial soap, immediately after touching any surface outside your home (do NOT touch your face until you have cleaned your hands!).   If you must go grocery shopping, wear gloves or clean your hands once done shopping and before you touch your face, vehicle door handle or steering wheel, and then wipe off the surfaces of food containers with Clorox wipes (or mix up a solution of 1 part bleach, 10 parts water and put it in a spray bottle, to use on food packaging exteriors), and especially clean off the lids and container openings.  

You must use stringent hygiene practices. Washing hands whenever touching a public surface,  as well as carrying hand sanitizer as well as something like Clorox wipes to wipe down any publicly shared surfaces such as shopping cart handles or even table tops in restaurants.

Obviously, to really minimize your exposure, it would be best to do all your shopping now, and stock up, so you can avoid the risk of going to a store later, as the virus spreads.  And cook at home instead of going to restaurants or fast food outlets.  If it gets bad enough, you may have to shelter in place, at home, in self-imposed isolation.  We recommend you stock up now on bulk food items so you can weather out a 90 day self-isolation period if needed.  You really should have the ability to do that as sensible preparedness anyway.   See the list of recommended food storage, medicine, and hygiene items below. 

Those are the two known, widely accepted mechanisms of transfer.  However, there is a possible third – airborne transfer.

3.  Aerosol (Airborne) transfer

Aerosol (airborne) transfer means that the virus can float in the air over time in enclosed spaces and infect whomever it comes into contact with.  You could become infected by breathing in contaminated air or by it entering your eyes, just like measles, smallpox, or tuberculosis, which are far more contagious than a flu.  For example, it could linger in the air and move from room to room inside a school, office building, church, hotel, store, apartment building, airport, etc., as well as from room to room inside a home, infecting anyone in that space.

On February 8, 2020, Chinese health officials reported that the virus was transferable through THREE mechanisms, including aerosol (airborne): 

“Confirmed transmission routes of the novel coronavirus include direct transmission, contact transmission and aerosol transmission, a Shanghai official said on Saturday.

Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which causes infection after inhalation, according to medical experts,” said Zeng Qun, deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

As such, we have called on the public to raise their awareness of the prevention and control of the disease caused by family gatherings,” said Zeng during at a daily media briefing by the municipal government regarding efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

Experts explained that direct transmission refers to infection caused by inhalation of air close to a patient who sneezes and coughs, while contact transmission occurs when a person touches an object tainted with droplets containing the virus before infecting himself through subsequent contact with the membranes of his mouth, nose and eyes.

The government has urged residents to avoid gatherings, open windows to help with ventilation, practice good personal hygiene and regularly disinfect their homes, especially areas like door handles, dinner tables and toilet seats.”

Then the Chinese state-controlled media walked back on thatsaying there is “no definitive answer” whether the virus is airborne.

“The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also corrected the announcement saying coronavirus was not known to be an airborne virus.”

However, on February 20, 2020 Thailand Medical News quoted a Chinese official briefing from Peking as also stating that the virus can be transmitted via aerosol (airborne) transmission:

“Speaking at a press conference Thursday in Beijing, Dr Wang Guiqiang, director of the infectious disease department of the Peking University First Hospital, explained the changes in the sixth scheme (6th edition after amendments), which is China’s version of official clinical guidelines for the diagnostics and treatment of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus which causes the Covid-19 disease.

Besides elaborating on the new changes in diagnostic criteria, Dr Wang said that the new clinical guidelines accepts that not only can the coronavirus be airborne but also that the virus can be transmitted if someone was exposed to high concentrations of aerosol in a relatively closed environment for a long time.
Dr Wang stressed that “The aerosol transmission happens conditionally.” He stressed however that it is very important to know that aerosol transmission is not always possible.
The aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which can float for long distances and cause infection after inhalation.
This is an about turn when China had refuted this in the first week of February when a leading  Shanghai virologists had announced that the coronavirus was airborne. He was also reprimanded by Chinese government authorities.”


This was also reported by the Singapore based newspaper, The Straights Times:


“China’s health authorities also said that the coronavirus can be transmitted when someone is exposed to high concentrations of aerosol in a relatively closed environment for a long time.

Aerosol transmission was newly added in the latest edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan issued by the National Health Commission and National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Wednesday.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) emphasised on Thursday that the publication recognised close contact and respiratory droplets are still the predominant mode of transmission for the virus.  MOH said the publication also contained three caveats for aerosol transmission: That it is possible with prolonged exposure, through high concentrations, and in a closed environment.  An example of such an environment would be an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).”

We do not trust the Chinese government, or its state-controlled media, to say the least.  Nor do we trust The World Health Organization (WHO), which still refuses to list the Coronavirus as an aerosol (airborne) transmittable virus, despite the fact that WHO’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated that “Corona is airborne” in a Feb. 11, 2020 press conference:

The Director stated that Coronavirus is more contagious than Ebola, because Coronavirus is airborne.   Ebola is transmitted via body fluids, either directly (direct contact with body fluids, including droplets coughed up by victims), or through surface contact (droplets left on surface).   The man did not make a mistake when he said the Coronavirus is more contagious than Ebola because it is airborne.   But since then, this public admission has been shoved down the rabbit hole.   Apparently the Director slipped for a moment and forgot the party line.

Evidence from The Diamond Princess incident would also suggest that the COVID19 is airborne.  The cruise ship quarantined in Japan had 705 confirmed cases among its passengers, with four dying. The passengers were confined to their rooms once passengers became ill. This leads me to believe that the virus IS airborne and therefore passed among the passengers through the ship’s ventilation system.

Airborne transmission would also explain the case of a single infected woman in South Korea infecting a large number of people at a religious gathering.

There is also the rapidly emerging community clusters in Iran, Italy, and other European and Middle Eastern countries, with a large number of people contracting the disease in an area.

Despite all of the above, both the WHO and CDC continue in their failure to warn of the distinct possibility or near certainty that this virus is airborne, and are still reluctant to call this a pandemic, but Dr. John Campbell, an epidemiologist in the UK, is of the opinion that the Coronavirus actually is already a pandemic and that world-wide measures should be taken now.   In the following video, Dr. Campbell describes not just how the Chinese officials have admitted it is transmitted through aerosol spread (airborne spread), but additional reasons why he believes it is airborne (the Diamond Princes incident, and an example of spread through sewage systems in an apartment building), and what that means for how easily it can travel through the air from one room to another:

And in this video, Dr. Campbell goes into detail on the difference between droplet and airborne (aerosol) transmission:

We find Dr. Campbell to be very credible.  He has no skin in the game when it comes to domestic American politics, and doesn’t even say anything about politics in his country, aside from simply stating that the response has been inadequate.  He is an epidemiologist, and it is clear that his only interest is in helping people, and keeping disease from spreading.

As Dr. Campbell notes at 4:20 of the following video, the United States is still allowing flights in from South Korea and Italy, which he considers a serious case of “under-reaction.”  In other words, the United States government is NOT doing what it should be doing to stop this virus from spreading further into the U.S.:


With the CDC failing to tell the American people the truth of how contagious this virus really is, we believe that President Trump is not being told the reality of this virus and what must be done to protect the American people.  And because of that, he is NOT doing what he should be doing – stopping international flights into the U.S.

Again, it is best to presume the worst.   The only way to protect yourself from an airborne virus (or one spread by sneezing and coughing) is to stay away from other people and especially where they are in enclosed spaces, such as in schools, office buildings, churches, theaters, stores, hotels, apartment buildings with shared air systems, elevators, airports, airplanes, train stations, trains and subways, buses, etc.   Minimize your exposure, stock up, and prepare to self-isolate, especially if you are elderly or have weakened lungs or heart (see below).

Special considerations for airline travel – with input from retired test pilot, Col. John Siemens (US Army RET):

Avoid flying if at all possible, as it is just as dangerous as driving down the road in a car with a sick person in the car.  In airplanes, pressurized fresh air is pumped into the cabin from the engines.  That air travels through the cabin and is ejected back into the atmosphere through outflow valves (usually at the back of the aircraft).  So, the air that comes out of the overhead air vent above each passenger is clean, but then it will travel throughout the cabin, picking up any droplets from someone sneezing or coughing and carrying that toward the rear where it is finally ejected out.   A person sitting up at the front of the cabin is the safest, in that case, unless the sick person is also sitting up front.   So, while it is NOT true that the air is recycled inside the cabin all through the flight (you do get constant fresh air flowing in) it is true that the air does travel all through the cabin before being ejected out through the outflow valves.  So if a person up in front of you sneezes or coughs, you should expect to be breathing in those particles.   And, of course, surface transmission will be a very real problem in a commercial passenger aircraft, with people from all over the nation, and possibly from all over the world, touching hand-rests, seat belt buckles, overhead compartment latches, seat back tray tables, audio/visual controls, etc.   It is not at all realistic to expect that the airlines will wipe down all of those surfaces with bleach between flights.   Expect all such surfaces to be possibly contaminated.

Now, if the virus is in fact aerosol (airborne) transmitted, then you will be breathing in those aerosol particles from the infected person for the entire flight, since that individual will continue to emit aerosol particles with every breath, and the closer you are, the more particles you will breath, or take in through your eyes.  Even though fresh air is being pumped in, that air will still pick up the aerosol virus particles from the disease carrier, and carry those particles through the cabin.  This would mean that an airline cabin, where you are crammed in with many other people in an enclosed space for hours, is one of the worst places to be if your goal is to avoid this virus.

A crowded subway car, bus, or train would also be a terrible place to be. And remember, even if you are wearing a mask, the virus can enter your body through your eyes.   Best practice is to avoid any such crowded enclosed space.

When a person has been infected with COVID19, they become infectious 4-5 days after their infection begins. This is often before they themselves have become symptomatic. This is unusual since commonly the infectious period for a virus starts when the patient shows symptoms and a fever has started.

Now here is the problem. The United States is in the middle of flu season, and therefore COVID19 may go unrecognized initially. The officially reported infectious rate is currently 2.6 (with some experts arguing it is even higher), which means that one person could possibly infect roughly 3 people and those 3 would infect 3 more, becoming 9 people infected, and so on, and so on.

Remember COVID 19 is virulent and has no effective treatment as of this writing, other than controlling fever, administering fluids, and oxygen therapy to help the patient breath.

Now here’s the good news. If you live in a rural setting, your risk of infection drops drastically depending on your interaction with other people. Those in the cities are more at risk.  If you haven’t travelled internationally and neither have the people you most socialize with, then your odds are better. Using the hygiene methods mentioned earlier will help protect you also. That being said if the city closest to me had a confirmed case, I would stay home as much as possible, effectively self isolating. COVID19 presents like the regular flu. Stuffy head, cough, and fever above 100. As of yet the only sure way to confirm COVID19 infection is a CAT scan of the lungs. It doesn’t show up in blood work or a flu swab (note that CDC has admitted that only three states had working test kits, with the others having faulty kits, and CDC is now sending out new test kits that it says will be able to detect the virus).  At this time, I still recommend a CAT scan, regardless of what test kits the CDC sends out.

I would advise that if you have any plans to travel out of the country that you cancel and stay home. Avoid flying if at all possible considering that even if it is not airborne, you can be directly exposed to the virus by an infected passenger who coughs or sneezes, or who touches something you then touch.  Avoid large crowds, especially indoors. If you are showing flu like symptoms, seek medical treatment sooner rather than later and wear a mask so as to not spread whatever you may have to others.

The truth is that COVID19 has a 90% or better survival rate, at this time (presuming good medical care).  If you have any kind of respiratory or cardiovascular issues you greatly increase your risk of ending up seriously, if not critically ill, requiring life support.

In conclusion I recommend hygiene above all else, coupled with avoiding crowded, enclosed spaces. Be ready to self isolate and have food and water stores put away ahead of time, for at least 90 days, but longer if you can obtain enough supplies to do it, in anticipation of severe economic effects.  Don’t wait to be seen by a doctor if you exhibit flu like symptoms as the COVID19 can progress rapidly when it takes hold.

If someone in your family is ill, of course contact local medical professionals.  But whenever they are in the home, do your best to isolate them in one room, away from others, seal any air vents in the room, and open the windows in that room to allow fresh air in, and to allow infected air out, and do your best to seal that room off from the rest of your house to reduce the chance that the virus will just infect everyone in the house.  Change shoes, cloths, and gloves when going into and out of that room, wear a mask, gloves, and goggles, and be very careful to use bleach to clean anything they come into contact with.

There are cases in this country already. This will more than likely get worse in that we are 4-6 weeks behind the rest of the currently effected countries.   I also recommend that you take extra vitamin C, echinacea, and any of the other supplements that boost your immune system.


Analysis #2  By OKSquatch, US Army Special Forces medic veteran:

Fellow Oath Keepers, 

 We have been closely monitoring Covid19 developments around the world and obviously here at home.  The CDC and US government seem to constantly downplay the threat and fact that Covid19 is here, in our homeland.   Government personnel are actively repatriating Americans with the coronavirus, often against President Trump’s wishes. Americans abroad are literally lying their way out of isolation in foreign countries and boarding commercial airliners to return to the states.  One couple who lied to officials and boarded a flight in Japan bound for Omaha became highly symptomatic over the Pacific. They landed in Omaha and took an Uber home from the airport. 

One man escaped quarantine in a Cambodian hotel, taking a taxi to the airport in flying home to Washington state.  His reason? He “had work to do”. His vital line of work? Stand up comedian. 

It is believed that each coronavirus carrier can infect up to 6.5 people.  Let’s take the couple who boarded the flight to Omaha. They infected 13 people around them.  Those 13 infected 78 people. And so forth and so on.  

 In a rural south east Kansas town, a 20-year-old assistant teacher dropped dead suddenly a few days ago.  The diagnosis?  Flu with “aggressive pneumonia”.  Her younger brother? In a Kansas teaching hospital on life support with the same diagnosis.  Her 24 year old husband? On life support at an undisclosed location.  Diagnosis influenza B with “aggressive pneumonia which lead to massive septic shock” The superintendent of the school district said they cancelled all classes in order to “decontaminate” the school and said “we helped stop the flu”.  Anybody heard of a county wide school system shut down and an entire elementary school decontaminated for the flu?

 Are you following the latest information? Some places I check for information are Reuters, for worldwide information including staggering numbers of suspected cases here in the US and 24/7 Crisis News Live on twitter

 The CDC announced recently that it has issued flawed test kits to 47 states and 30 foreign countries.  Only California, Nebraska and Washington State received functioning test kits. How many spread the virus after receiving false negatives?  The CDC stated it is only capable of intercepting 1 in 4 persons infected with Corona Virus at our Nation’s international airports and that we may need to close businesses and schools.  This is a far cry from the “nothing to see here, move along sheeple, it’s a foreign problem” and from the early February CDC statement that “Corona Virus wont affect any of our lives.”   Now its “get ready to close schools and businesses.”

 Oath Keepers, are you doing all you can to prepare for a pandemic?  Are you doing what you can to stock food like rice, beans, canned meats, grains and other protein sources?  Do you have unscented bleach to disinfect and purify water?  Have you stored drinking water? Vitamins for your family’s immune system? Medical and trauma supplies? Toilet paper and hygiene items like soap and toothpaste? Do you have a plan in place to leave a major urban area to safer grounds?  Do you fill your vehicle’s fuel tank when it gets below half a tank?  Do you have fire extinguishers in your home?  A communications plan with your family?  A meeting place if you must escape your home in an emergency?

Believe me when I say get it now while you still can. Rice, beans and canned meats are still very available in my Midwest community and I’m buying every chance I get, but shortages in bulk food are starting to occur.  Online suppliers of emergency food storage are sold out.  My fiancé and myself are foregoing things like cable and meals out to buy more and more preps.  We are discussing at the end of every day whether or not to go into lockdown for a minimum of 60 days to see how this plays out.  My recommendation now is that you buy as much food as you can, and stack it high and deep.  If this gets really bad, it can cause a near total shutdown in the availability of food, medicine, fuel, etc., for months.  

Prepare now Oath Keepers, while we still can.

Squatch out.



If there is a breakdown in supplies, or a need to quarantine/isolate yourself for extended periods of time, you will need food, water, medicines, hygiene items, emergency heat and light, an alternate way to cook, and a way to purify and store water.   This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but to get you thinking.  Every family is a bit different, and especially when you have children you have to adjust to take into account some comfort foods/favorite foods.

Emergency Food and Water Reserves

All of the below requires only water and heat to prepare, or just heat (for the canned soups)

Rice and beans.  Provides protein and carbs.   Mixed, you can have a fairly satisfying meal (much of the world uses rice and beans as a staple in their diet).  You can buy 5o lb bags of rice at Costco or Sam’s, and 25 lb bags of Pinto Beans (put in freezer for 3-4 days and then a couple days to defrost before storing them up).  If you can do it, put them in 5 gallon food grade bucket and 5 gallon mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.
Crisco or butter flavored crisco
Canned meat at Walmart, Sam’s, or Costcto, such as ground beef, beef slices. canned chicken, canned ham, tuna, etc. 
gravy mix packets
large bags of corn tortilla mix/. basically just add water  (50 lb bags from Sam’s, for example).
Kodiac pancake mix (high in protein as well as carbohydrates).
Pancake syrup.   Pancakes are a great comfort food for kids.
sugar or honey
powdered milk
powdered eggs
dehydrated fruit
peanut butter (provides critical fat and protein)
powdered protein mix
(it takes allot of calories and allot of protein for a body to fight a virus)
Popsicles.  Helps with sore throat, fever, hydration and helps add some calories when you have a low appetite while sick.
Advise AGAINST ice cream or sherbet, or other dairy products, which build up phlegm, and put you more at risk of respiratory issues
Canned soups.   For example Chunky soups.  Just add some rice and beans for a decent meal.
beef and chicken bullion cubes
taco seasoning, garlic powder, chili powder, or whatever other seasonings you and your family use
Pasta and canned sauce
nuts (good source of healthy fats)
Flour and corn meal  (to make flat bread)
Ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese in boxes with cheese packets.  Just add hot water.   Good comfort foods.
Whatever comfort foods and treats you may need for children.   Stock up.
Water Storage containers. (bigger the better, and the more the better, in case there is a disruption in the normal supply)
Unscented bleach to purify water
An alternate way to cook, ie propane BBQ with extra tanks, camp stoves, and/or rocket stoves that can cook with crap wood, twigs, etc.  Plan on being able to cook for three months.
NOTE:  If you can afford high dollar freeze-dried foods, like Mountain House or similar, by all means get it.  Is very easy to prepare.  Just add hot water. No cooking required.   But if you are not able to buy such “survival food” the above cheaper store bought items will work.  You will just have to spend more time preparing them.
DOG and CAT FOOD – don’t forget you pets!  Store up the food they will need for the time period you plan on sheltering in place.   Don’t get in a spot where you have to go out to buy more dog food in the middle of a pandemic.
Have emergency lighting – solar powered camping lanterns, candles, battery powered emergency lights with spare batteries, flashlights with spare batteries, and a way to purify water – can be done with bleach, or by boiling.   Alternate heat sources, such as propane heaters, or wood heat if you can do it safely.  Extra wood if you have wood heat stove or fireplace.
Plan on one gallon of water per person, per day.   Store extra water now.   Even if you have a water source nearby, store some extra treated with eight drops of bleach per gallon to keep drinking water safe (if the water is cloudy, double it).
vitamins and minerals multivitamine  (if over 50 get an over 50 vitamin)
fish oil
Flaxseed oil
Vitamine C  (EmergenC powdered drink mix is good)
Vitamin D
Elderberry (for immune system)
Acai berries
echinacea & goldenseal
Olive Leaf extract  (for immunity booster)
(other immune boosters)
thermometer (with disposable covers) to take temperature (keep temperature below 101.5.  Anything above that needs Tylenol or Motrin to bring it down.  Remember, fever helps the body fight infection, but if too high, it can cause brain damage).
Motrin or Advil (ibuprofen) for reducing fever
Tylenol (acetaminophen) for reducing fever
Aleve (naproxen sodium) músculo-skeletal pain, such as normal aches and pains in your joints and muscles from activity.
Aspirin (useful for heart conditions, and will also help bring a fever down, but don’t use in children because of the risk of Rey’s syndrome.  Over 18 only for aspirin)
Children’s Motrin and Tylenol
Zinc tablets
Imodium tablets
Benadryle (for allergies or reactions)
Cough expectorant such as Mucinex
Coough drops for sore throats
A broad spectrum anti-biotic, if you can get it, for secondary bacterial infections, caused by the virus (won’t do anything for the virus itself).
Electrolyte replacement.
Gatoraid or similar (you can water it down to make it easier on the stomach if needed) or Pedialyte for kids or adults.
tissues or Clorox wipes to touch public buttons, door handles, etc.
70% or higher alcohol hand sanitizer
rubber or nitrile gloves to protect hands while handling groceries, for example, before you decontaminate surfaces of packages
antibacterial soap (such as Dial).
Baby wipes.
Diapers (if you have babies or toddlers)
Toilet paper.
Paper towels
Feminine hygiene products
Alcohol and alcohol wipes
Spray bottles for bleach mixture to decontaminate surfaces
Trash bags
Duct tape
Plastic sheeting to quarantine someone within a home (if a family member is sick) and a change of clothing/gown for when you go in and out of that room
paper booties
Spare buckets
Paper plates and plastic utensils (good for feeding sick people, to cut down on chance of contamination – just throw it away when done).  Also good to have on hand in case water runs out and you don’t have luxury of washing dishes.
Fire extinguishers.   Under emergency conditions, fires are more likely to happen as people use alternative cooking or heating methods, or using candles for lighting.
Additional thoughts by USMC veteran, and Utah Oath Keepers Assistant State Chapter Leader, Steve Sizemore: 

I’m no Chicken Little. I usually identify international events that have what I believe to be high potential for rendering catastrophic results and then portend what I believe most likely results.  I don’t think I’ve been wrong about my previous forecasts in so identifying world events in that regard (North Korea’s a good example) in terms of potential, but I certainly never believe I am beyond mistake in my forecast for results.  Sociopolitical events are most often unpredictable, if only because we are limited in terms of information to what things news agencies provide, and can’t access intelligence data available to government agencies. Results, I freely concede, are the province of psychics and ouija boards, and remains unpredictable to any of us.  

Other matters offer enough information to make some good analysis in terms of cause and results, because we very often have historical records that allows better insight. Outcomes aren’t always predictable for any of course, but aside from actual “whens” of such things, my calls have enjoyed significantly higher success rates in majority. Ultimate results are always open to questions until they actually play out of course. All these considered in caveat, I proceed to subject of C-19 virus:

I contend and maintain this virus is beyond any chances of containing. I certainly don’t think myself prophet, a scientist or infectious disease specialist, nor beyond mistakes in my analysis. None of those things however, relieves me of ability to make a common sense analysis based upon available data either. There’s things presented to us now as fact, and I base my forecasts upon them. If we are possessing the true facts now, I daresay results I forecast will be unavoidable: 

Authorities now tell us C-19 has multiple ways of transmission, and they further state they believe (perhaps know) other methods are presently unknown: 

*Person to person by a person already sick, by those infected but not yet showing symptoms.

*Infection by those already infected, with symptoms too mild to detect. 

*  We know it’s communicable by fomites (surface transmission), although not how long virus survives on surfaces. 

*We know virus is aerosol present, since it’s been transmitted to people without projectile source of cough or sneeze droplets. 

*We know virus has spread to every continent and large land mass areas (Australia, New Zealand, etc.). We know virus has already made several species jumps in both reptiles (snakes, according to China) and mammals. 

We also know China has been highly irresponsible in viral outbreaks of the past (SARS, MERES and others), and there’s enough available evidence now to believe they are now with C-19. We know China has greatly minimized both virus information and statistics of case numbers and morbidity. We know China’s reaction to virus have been highly disproportionate with their domestic reactions (building hospitals, area and number of quarantines, based upon statistics reported) to C-19. We further know China has severely restricted citizens and others from passing information about true numbers of cases, as well as infection rates of healthcare workers. 

We know videos have circulated showing frustrated and angry healthcare workers in China railing about her mishandling of the virus, her outrageously low statistics in relation to actual known case numbers, and information about virus’s true virulence. We cannot rule out possibility of some or all of those videos being fraudulent, but with things as they are, those videos seem to be chillingly accurate and credible! We also have long known China is not honest with information released to outside nations, nor with her own citizens in state controlled media and complete lack of free press. China has already sanctioned and deported western journalists that to reported outside countries facts China doesn’t want published. China has recently threatened healthcare workers with prosecution for “rumor mongering” and like relative laws in that country. It takes no genius to deduce China has been lying like a Persian rug to her people and the rest of the world about the true facts regarding C-19.

What I find terrifying is todays report indicating several infectious disease experts have publicly stated discoveries of virus incubation periods almost twice what was initially believed. Although that remains an unfolding development, a couple cases have been discovered to take as long as 27-days incubation time. Given the fact this virus does indeed spread while host is still within incubation period but not yet showing symptoms, this very recent discovery would prove all previous U S and world quarantine measures have been a completely ineffective. 

Adding in factors of asymptomatic carriers, carriers showing symptoms too mild to detect, and identify and carriers not yet experiencing symptoms but still at large, I foresee absolutely no chance of preventing mass U S outbreak now. South Korea and Japan both have found cases with no direct ties to people traveling to China or being around infected people, and hence cannot explain source of infections.  Another factor that is as yet verified by public health authorities is how large spread infections from this type of vector can be. Previous statements by WHO and CDC indicated a 2:1 infection propagation rate in China’s population, but this new information would exponentially increase to >10:1; meaning a single infected vector will infect 10 other people. Number could be much greater than that.

One additional factor that has not yet been discussed in either national or world news is potential for species jumping to domestic pets. If that proves to be the case, dogs, cats and the like could become infected and bring it into their household. If domestic animals become vectors of C-19, that will drive up infections to much higher numbers. Such species jumps are commonly found in every influenza outbreak. It also adds an additional inroad to households with pets.

I submit my continuing hope of everyone focusing on a major preparation effort for themselves and those within their home, by ensuring you have adequate provisions to endure at least 60-days of quarantine. I also believe it imperative to have tools to prevent infection on hand for even longer periods of time, such as masks, surgical gloves, eye protection, hand sanitizer and like preventative measures.  In addition, I highly recommend you anticipate loss of electrical and energy services by having adequate reserves of batteries, radio for local information broadcasts, camp stove and stereo cups for basic cooking and like items. Should this virus become widespread as it could, it’s highly foreseeable we’ll lose a lot of key people running services we depend on by either quarantine, illness or both. While essential services personnel are usually last to be quarantined, this virus could make anyone too sick to go to work, no matter what they do.

I know we are constantly receiving updates from healthcare authorities, but I caution you their efforts have already proven far too short sighted. I also reemphasize point that we might well have been uninformed of key facts in hopes of preventing mass panic.  You have time now to make preparations for a very serious epandemnc, but time is growing short! I also offer if we are lucky enough to escape that situation this time, it’s only a matter of time before bad or worse one arrives. 

Steve Sizemore




Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. That tip about wearing double layered masks instead of one mask sounds good. I’ll be doing that – that is if this doesn’t fizzle out like
    the cold and flu season does. We do have a kind of virus mania / germaphobia going on around the world. I’m so glad you didn’t recommend the type A/B flu vaccine (there is no type A/B flu this season). Yet, everyone seems to think it will help (Is that just marketing poop, or what!?). Thanks for not recommending the pneumonia vaccine also (It has a lot of dangers in itself).

    I am taking this seriously though. Prepping with food, water, fuel, medicine, sanitiser and information. One of the things I have
    prepped with is extra MMS (chlorine dioxide). There is even a protocol for elimination of COVID-19. I’ve managed to get info
    on this long before big Pharma managed to have it scorched and blacklisted from the internet. I use genesis2church(dot)ch.

    Great article! Thanks!!

  2. I wonder if vaporising colloidal silver in a nebuliser will eliminate the corona virus. I’ve managed to eliminate lung tumors
    using this method in the past. Got the tip from Art Bell online. He swears by it.

    Anyone know how and/or if colloidal silver can help and how to administer it?

  3. ‘If national public health agencies CLAIM that 35,000 people a year die of ordinary flu, why don’t they call that an epidemic? And why do they call 15 “coronavirus cases” in the US an emergency? The age-old theme of .Order from Chaos advances from chaos of a pandemic new layers of control will be imposed. This COV operation is an experiment, exercise, test. If you’re going to launch a phony epidemic the ideal place for it is mainland China as that govt will lock down that country quicker than a missile fired from a drone. Then nobody will be able to figure out what’s going on. Which is exactly what they want. Public health officials & govts know they can SAY anything they want to, thereby exacerbating the fear & the lies. They can declare emergencies & quarantines & lockdowns & closure of businesses & cessation of trade. They can bring police or troops to an area to “secure order.”

  4. PS The symptoms so far attributed to COV are the same as those for pneumonia. FYI. The tests for COV are the same tests they use for pneumonia, not a virus.

  5. Get nano colloidal silver from amazon – take 1 tsp. every morning – literally tastes like water. Nano can go into every cell because it’s so small.

  6. I am a past lobectomy patient and a 56 year old registered nurse. I have a great concern about this virus and what is not reported or not known yet. I am behind the president 100% and feel he doesn’t know all the truth about what is happening in China. As always alot of what goes on is kept secret. Therefore some way he needs this brought to his attention and act upon it before it gets beyond control. If it continues to surface in America it will be to late to control.

  7. About the colloidal silver I also carry it in a spray bottle to disinfect my hands instead of alcohol. It also makes a wonderful nasal spray.

  8. All great info. Knowledge and advanced preparation should allow us to minimize stress and avoid panic, both of which can harm our immune system making us more vulnerable to ANY and ALL illnesses.
    Personally capitalize on the crisis by maintaining or regaining a healthy lifestyle.

  9. jimmcdaniel – Of course the FDA is condemning companies promoting Colloidal Silver despite the fact that hospitals have incorporated Silver as an antiviral and antibiotic into many facets of their facilities. What did give me concern is a couple days ago I read claims that CS can cause inflammation and therefore should not be used for the attack on our respiratory system. Regardless, I will be starting up my CS generator for daily preventative, harvesting and storing Peppermint and relocate my Elderberry wine for ready access.

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