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Please Support Oath Keepers Security Volunteers Protecting Trump Supporters

Our banner is on the ground in Minneapolis protecting people at the Trump rally. We are providing escorts to and from the rally. Please support our vetted volunteers by donating to help us cover their expenses. We will also be at the Trump rally in Dallas, Texas next week.

We are there to do what the police will not do which is to provide escorts back to vehicles for Trump supporters. That is when Antifa or another radical leftists like to attack. This is an important mission, please support us by donating what you can. Every little bit helps.

We thank all of our volunteers who stepped up to put boots on the ground to protect people, and our donors who help us make it happen. Without you we could not do what we do. 

God bless America and God bless bless our Republic





  1. Donated 4K to give Stuart Rhodes and OK the travel mobility, the lodging, and the options necessary to have a very credible and very forceful presence at the Minneapolis Trump Rally. These selfless all volunteer citizen hero’s were the primary “Guardian Angels” putting themselves in harms way to provide critical safety and security against bodily injury for innocent law abiding family oriented Trump supporters going to and from the rally to their cars all while having to run the very dangerous “JACOB FREY GAUNTLET” of self professed anti-capitalist joker/skeletor faced hammer and sickle flag flying, urine, rock and can hurling, spitting, snarfing commie mask wearing despicable leftist sows.
    Just their stench, body odor, and spilled “throwing” urine and the insects circling the heads and bodies of these DFL drunkards, stoners, Antifa, RevCom, and BLM members likely posed a very dangerous biological health hazard risk to anyone that they came into physical contact with.

    “Silence in the face of leftist tyranny, is “your consent” to that tyranny”

    “Failing to stand-up, failing to volunteer, and failing to donate, in the face of blatantly obvious leftist tyranny, is your literal consent to that tyranny”

  2. Thank you very much, Rich, for your huge donations! And thank you to everyone else who has donated and/or will donate in the future. We are only limited by the funds available. There is a need to protect Trump supporters after rallies, and we’re doing again in Dallas on Thursday. American citizens shouldn’t have to worry about their personal safety as they leave a political rally! But they do. Our volunteers will be there to help as much as we can.

  3. The Only Way This Will Go Away is When He (Trump) DIES. Hopefully Soon.
    – Gerald Sisnette, CNN Field Production Supervisor –

    This is example is one of the reasons why I choose to get off my butt and exactly why I freely choose to stand up and to get involved.
    This is why I “freely choose to donate my money” to this patriotic cause instead of keeping it to myself.

    Commie Pigs like Gerald Sisnette, CNN [Communist News Network] Field Production Supervisor being in charge of the FAKE NEWS that is being rammed down the throats of American citizens should in itself be enough motivation for you to see the need to volunteer and to donate in a meaningful way.

    CNN [Communist News Network] , ABC [Always Been Commies], NBC [National Broadcasters of Communism], MSNBC/COMCAST [Communist Broadcasting], and others are all uber-leftist communication TOOLS of the DFL and the leftist SWAMP that will never be satisfied until they can curtail all constitutional conservative voices with force and the CONTROL afforded to them by a militarized, left-wing weaponized police state, weaponized IRS, and weaponized Judicial system. This CAN happen, and the DFL can make it happen very quickly if you don’t help to stop them.

    No one should have any illusions about what would happen to our republic and to our constitution and bill of rights if these clinically insane DFL leftists were ever allowed to appoint any more Supreme court Justices. Game-over. 90% taxes on you and your wealth could be confiscated, no if’s and’s or buts. It will be taken from you at the end of the barrel of a Tank if necessary, but you WILL work primarily for the State, and not for your family. If a today’s leftist gun grabbing police state ever took hold of the judiciary and the IRS, nothing short of civil war and their death could ever remove them or rein them back in. Don’t EVER take the chance of finding out if I am right.

    Commies like Beto will gleefully kick in your doors to confiscate your guns and he has boldly and publicly stated that if the leftist’s WIN, that is exactly what he intends to do. Constitution “Be Damned”. Leftist’s like this don’t care in the slightest about individual constitutional rights or the rule of law. They piss on it. They crush or kill you if you oppose them.

    Are you willing to sit on your butt and to “do nothing” and wait to see if Beto is professing to you the truth about the DFL, the far left, and the SWAMP??

    So please, please rise up and please get involved before that choice is taken away from you by force.
    Rise-up and volunteer, but at least donate what you can to those that do put their boots on the ground to defend us and to fight for us.

    “Silence in the face of leftist tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

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