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Democrats Are Accusing Trump of What They Engaged In

By Michael W. Chapman | October 4, 2019

( — House Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), a former Army JAG officer and former chief justice of Texas’s 12th Court of Appeals, said the drive to remove President Donald Trump from office is an “impeachment circus” to obstruct the Justice Department’s investigation into the Democrats’ “own collusion with foreign governments to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.”

“Ironically, Democrats are accusing President Trump of what they, themselves, have engaged in: colluding with foreign governments to change the outcome of an election,” said Gohmert in an Oct. 3 statement, and now they are trying to stop any investigation of that collusion, which the U.S. Justice Department is actively pursuing under the direction of Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John H. Durham.

“There is a struggle going on in Washington, D.C., which threatens to bring about the destruction of our American experiment in self-governance,” said Gohmert in his statement.

Democrats Are Accusing Trump of What They Engaged In

“Not bound to a party affiliation, it is born of the notion the globalist elites of the world know better how to run the lives of the average American citizen than we do ourselves,” he said. “These elites want to destroy the very idea of a government of, for and by the People and are willing to continue in the light of day their lawless coup attempt against a duly elected president.”

Further excerpts from his statement are published below.

“The whistleblower complaint itself reads like a policy rant written by a partisan attorney focused on facilitating the Democrats’ latest lurch toward impeachment. President Trump is alleged to have done what we know Vice-President Joe Biden admitted to doing. Yet again, it is another example of Democrats projecting their criminal acts on President Trump.

“There is no law that restricts the president’s ability to ask a foreign leader – at the request of his own attorney general no less– to give his or her government’s cooperation in an investigation by our Department of Justice. In the instance of Ukraine, there is ample reason to request their cooperation and documentation, as this was one of the countries through which Democrat senators and the Obama Administration sought to derail then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

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